Tuesday, 29 December 2015

REVIEW - Snowed In with the Bad Boy by Sylvia Pierce

The Book
Release Date: December 2015
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“Santa lost my address a long time ago, Cupcake. The only present you’re getting tonight is my face between your thighs.”

Former black ops mercenary Ronan Steel doesn’t do Christmas—not anymore. And he abso-f*ckin-lutely doesn’t do damsels in distress, banging on his door in the middle of a blizzard. Give her a ride? Hell, no. With her big blue eyes, innocent smile, and f*ck-me-senseless elf costume, that girl is nothing but trouble.

Sweet, sexy trouble that leaves him aching for a taste of what’s hidden under those candy-cane-striped tights…

Georgie Taylor will not miss another Taylor family Christmas—not after last year’s disaster, and especially not after shelling out $500 for the perfect elf costume. But a freak storm puts her holiday travel plans on ice, leaving her stranded at the secluded mountain cabin of a cocky, sexy-as-sin recluse who makes Scrooge look like a fuzzy pink teddy bear.

If only his filthy mouth didn’t make her so hot…

As the blizzard rages on, all Ronan wants for Christmas is to f*ck that good-girl smile right off Georgie’s face. And all Georgie wants is to punch Ronan in the snowballs... until he pins her down and gives her a full-blown Christmas miracle right there on the kitchen table…

High up in the Colorado Rockies, cabin fever never felt so good. But when Christmas morning dawns, what does Santa have in store for the naughty bad boy and his nice little elf?

** A sexy, standalone Christmas novella with an HFN and no cliffhanger! **

My Opinion  5 STARS
*My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the first book I have read from Sylvia Pierce and it certainly won't be the last after reading this HOT little number.

Ronan and Georgie do not hit it off straight away.  Georgie is dressed as an Elf and talks a lot, Ronan is ex military and has been retired for six months in his cabin on the outskirts of a town with his dog Bella where it is very quiet.

However the attraction is there right from the very moment they meet and it continues to sizzle every page thereafter.  This is a very sexy read that will make you wish that this was a fully-fledged book instead of a novella the writing is so good.  It really  draws you into the story and connect with the characters.

I will certainly be off downloading some more of her books :)

Sunday, 27 December 2015

REVIEW - Serafina and the Psycho Sous-Chef (Serafina's, #4) by Marie Treanor

The Book
Release Date: 6 May 2014
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A lust more addictive than spirits...

Whisky-swilling vampire Phil has his own reasons for returning to Edinburgh. They don't include rescuing beautiful amnesiac damsels in distress, and yet one night after escaping from an old enemy, that's exactly what he does. At first his motive is curiosity because of Linnie's apparent connection to his enemy, but once he involves his old drinking companion Blair, who comes these days with a gaggle of wacky humans from Serafina's Psychic Investigations, everything gets out of hand.

While hunting his old enemy, Phil gets side-tracked into helping psychic human Sera in her bizarre cases involving a missing child, a designer drug for Hollywood celebrities, and a psychotic chef who heals her victims - maybe. But he has mysteries of his own to solve - is Linnie's amnesia real, and if so, how did she lose her memory? Who is she? Why does her blood taste so much more delicious than anyone else's? And why has she interested the reclusive Founder?

For Linnie, since her accident, every day is one of self-discovery. One of the few things she does know, is to fear vampires. Especially the fun, sexy Phil, who melts her bones and shows her all the excitement she secretly craves.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Marie Treanor for an honest review**

This book is told from many points of view, however they all add to the overall story and you never feel like there are too many speakers telling you what is going on.

The book is full of paranormal beings and investigations and romance between our two main characters Phil and Linnie.  If you have read the previous books you get lots on the previous characters that make up Sera's friend and work base so you get continuation their stories too.

Sera of course still has a main part to play, as she heads the investigation team and seems to the be central person behind all of our characters lives and we still follow her path as her business grows.

Fast paced and full of drama, this is a very good read.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

REVIEW - Tycoon Takedown (Lone Star Burn #2) by Ruth Cardello

The Book
Release Date: 10 March 2015

Melanie Hanna has finally worked up the courage to travel to New York and tell an old flame that he’s the father of her young son. She’s done hiding and apologizing for her one impulsive night. When her best friend asks her brother to watch over Melanie, her emotional trip takes an unexpected and sizzling detour.

Charles Dery is at the top of his game, but all he can think about is bedding the woman he was asked to protect. When she’s almost killed, he takes what he’d been denying himself and discovers he’ll do anything to keep her—even break his own rules.

When it comes to love, two wrongs may just finally make a right.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This book is the second in the series and although you do not need to read the first, it certainly helps to have some background information on the characters.

There is lots of emotional angst between the characters, along with the fact that both Melanie and Charles have a past that confines them which they have to learn to let go of.

Both Tony and Sarah feature in this book as support roles and help to add some levity to the story, and Melanie's son Jace is really cute as he come out with some sweet sentences and tells us the world as he see's it.

It's a love conquers all, should you be brave enough to let go of the past and let it in kinda story.

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Friday, 4 December 2015

REVIEW - Filthy Wicked Games (Dirty Twisted Love #2) by Lili Valente



Filthy Wicked Games
Lili Valente
Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 3rd, 2015


Warning: This book is rough and raw, sick and twisted, and hot enough to set your panties on fire. Read with caution (and spare panties). Harley’s been through hell before, but she’s never met anyone as wickedly sexy as the man her ex has become. Clay is one twisted bastard. The only thing more twisted is the way her body ignites every time they touch. She can’t say no. He won’t say yes. And both of them are determined to be declared the victor in the filthy, wicked game they play. But sometimes even the sexiest games turn deadly, leaving innocent lives caught in the crossfire…

  * *Filthy Wicked Games is the second installment in the Dirty Twisted Love romance series. It is a spin off of the Bought By the Billionaire series, but can be read as a standalone romance. This is a SERIAL story, with a CLIFFHANGER ending. If you don’t like being teased, steer clear.* *  

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My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Part two in this series starts where part one finishes and really focuses on the love hate relationship between Clay and Harley.  Both have a battle of wills and both a unwilling to be the one that gives in, no matter what.

Be warned though this book ends on a cliff hanger that will have you just NEEDING the next part NOW.  I SO want to know what is going to happen next, especially as to if the issues between Clay and Harley can be resolved as the lust between them just heats up the pages.

Another must read.

Dirty Twisted Love
Book 1

Author's Bio:
Lili Valente has slept under the stars in Greece, eaten dinner at midnight with French men who couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouths on their food, and walked alone through Munich’s red light district after dark and lived to tell the tale. These days you can find her writing in a tent beside the sea, drinking coconut water and thinking delightfully dirty thoughts. Lili loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her via email at lili.valente.romance@gmail.com
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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sourcebooks Casablanca

Sourcebooks Casablanca has a free daily email called Free Romance Reads. They serialize some of their best books so you get a snippet of the story each day in your inbox.

Starting on December 7th they will be serializing a prequel novella to a highly anticipated romantic suspense series that’s coming out in 2016 by debut author Katie Ruggle. The novella, On His Watch, doesn’t come out until January, but if you sign up for the email you can read it before it’s released! Then after On His Watch is finished, they move on to another great title.  

Now this is very important, in order to start getting the emails from the very beginning of On His Watch, you need to sign up before 5 p.m. CT on Friday (12/4). That way you will be in their system so you can start digging in when the first email arrives in your inbox bright and early on Monday morning.

Below is more about On His Watch and here is the link to sign up for Free Romance Reads: eepurl.com/bvOR45 

On His Watch is the pulse-pounding prequel to the riveting Search & Rescue series by Katie Ruggle.

In the remote Rocky Mountains, lives depend on the Search & Rescue brotherhood. But in a place this far off the map, trust is hard to come by and secrets can be murder…

Ice rescue diver Derek Warner never meant to be a hero. But when two little girls go missing, he’s the first in line to bring them home—even if that means scouring the wilderness with the woman he once loved and lost, Artemis Rey.

Artemis has never stopped wanting Derek. Now, racing to find the girls before it’s too late, minutes turn to hours. Night falls. Old flames rekindle. And a danger grows in the darkest wilderness that may be more than even the Search and Rescue brotherhood can hope to face…

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

REVIEW - Rescue Me (Men of Honor #3) by Lara Van Hulzen

The Book
Release Date: 3 November 2015
Goodreads Link

Keith is a soldier with a wounded heart. 
Torie’s secrets haunt her. 
Can they trust love enough to mend what’s broken? 

Torie Walker is a police officer with a past she’d like to stay hidden from. Staying at her best friend’s cabin in the mountains over Christmas is just what she needs. However, when a handsome cowboy saunters into her life, she takes the risk and trusts him with her secrets. 

Keith Scott is a United States Marine. Home for the holidays, he intends to spend a quiet Christmas with his family. What he doesn’t plan on is Torie Walker, a woman who mends his heart and makes him want to love again. 

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This book is the third in a series and can very much be read as a stand alone story without feeling like you have missed half the story of any other characters. You get the information on them that you need.

It has a very light Christian theme through out the book that you hard notice it until the character talk about praying.

It is also a very clean romance with only a little kissing, nothing heavy at all for those of you that don't like that kind of thing.

Both characters have issues with their past that they have trouble dealing and talking about, however they both show strength of character they are when they just accept the others past with no questions.

The story leads into the holidays, but then skips over it a little, but the gift that Keith gives is sweet.

A very light holiday read.