Tuesday, 30 October 2018

REVIEW - Stranded on the Beach (Holiday Acres #1) by Noelle Adams

The Book
Release Date: 16 September 2018
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A forced vacation on the beach. The man who broke her heart. A second chance at love.

Rebecca Holiday's sisters force her to take a two-week vacation on the beach for some much needed rest, but then she runs into the man who broke her heart, the only man she's ever loved. When they decide to spend time together, it's supposed to be closure, but what they discover is a second chance at love.

The Holiday Acres series

Stranded on the Beach (Book 1, Rebecca and Phil)
Stranded in the Snow (Book 2, Olivia and Scott, published in the Snowed in for Christmas anthology)
Stranded in the Woods (Book 3, Penny and Kent)
Stranded for Christmas (Book 4, Laura and Russ)

My Review  3 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a second chance at love novella that happens when the couple meet up four years after they split up.

Rebecca has lost her father and six months ago she lost her mother, however she and her three sisters have been heading up the business, but the sisters felt that Rebecca needed a break and stand her in a house on the beach, only the sisters have something else planned too.

Phil left home four years a go as an angry boy and has been living a shell of a life until Rebecca turns up on the pier that he fishes on.  

A chance at closure for the pair has them spending time together again, however they get more than they bargained for.

The novella is everything i have come to expect from this author, sweet, sexy and with an optimistic HEA with the start of getting to know at least two other the other sisters who will also get their own HEA.

REVIEW - Systematic Siege #1 (Siege Serial #1) by N. Isabelle Blanco

The Book
Release Date: 31 October 2018 (First released 15 July 2015)
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Includes the first ten chapters of Mortal Siege, the conclusion to the Siege Series! 

Life separated us.
Destiny tied me to her.
Obsession drove me mad.
I knew they all hurt her. What I didn’t understand is how deep . . . 

Seven years ago, they ripped her from me—my father. The friends I made at school. Jealousy drove all of those bastards into conspiring against us. 

And they won. 

I almost killed myself after losing her. 

Now I live for only three things:

I will destroy everyone who hurt her.
I will find her.
I’ll become the biggest monster ever known to accomplish those things. 

I’m at the head of my father’s empire now. A corporate king. I’m ready to finally put in place the plan I’ve been working on for years. 

I’m ready to find my Lexi. 

What I didn’t realize is that she had already found me. 

Warning: this series is not for everyone. As the story progresses, dark themes are explored that might be a trigger for some. Please read at your own discretion. Definitely 18+.

My Review  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Andrew and Lexi have a past, one that was taken from them by Andrews rather nasty father.  Now after the death of his father, Andrew is looking for Lexi only to find her working for him.

The chemistry between Lexi and Andrew is off the charts and there certainly is a very dark theme running through this novella that may be a trigger and upset some people (rape).

The author really got both perspective down well so we really feel the emotions of both characters and how damaged they both are as a result of their pasts.  

I really enjoyed this novella and look forward to reading the next revised book.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

REVIEW - Shameless by Cherrie Lynn

The Book
Release Date: 23 September 2013
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This title originally appeared in the SOME LIKE IT HOT anthology.

It's a vacation Meredith Taylor will never forget. A sunny beach, good friends and good times. But when she overhears a couple having a passionate interlude on the balcony above her one night, she can't get the man's sultry voice out of her mind. Especially when she figures out exactly who that man is... 

Cameron Moore always had an eye on his best friend's little sister but considered her strictly off limits, choosing to satisfy his lust elsewhere. Now Meri seems to want to annihilate every wall Cam's put up against her. The beach is hot, the drinks are cold, Meredith is irresistible, and something has to give. Will it only be the walls between them, or their hearts as well? 

My Review  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a very sweet friends to lovers book.  Although Meredith and Cameron are friends, Cameron is Meredith's older brothers best friend.  But they have been apart of each others lives for many, many years, both fighting attraction to the other until a catalyst brings the pair together whilst on vacation.

Meredith make the first move, however it is Cameron making sure that ta relations hip is what she really wants as he has always struggled to keep his hands to himself.  

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

REVIEW - The Baller by Vi Keeland

The Book
Release Date: 17 January 2016
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From New York Times & USA Today Bestseller, Vi Keeland, comes a sexy new standalone novel.

The first time I met Brody Easton was in the men's locker room.
It was my first interview as a professional sportscaster.
The famed quarterback decided to bare all.
And by all, I don't mean he told me any of his secrets.
No. The arrogant ass decided to drop his towel, just as I asked the first question. On camera.
The Super Bowl MVP quickly adopted a new hobby--screwing with me.
When I pushed back, he shifted from wanting to screw with me, to wanting to screw me.
But I don't date players.
And it's not because I'm one of the few women working in the world of professional football.
I'd date an athlete.
It's the other kind of player I don't date. 
You know the type. Good looking, strong, cocky, always looking to get laid. 

Brody Easton was the ultimate player. 
Every woman wanted to be the one to change him. 
But the truth was, all he needed was a girl worth changing for. 
Turned out, I was that girl. 
Simple right? Let's face it. It never is. 
There's a story between once upon a time and happily ever after...
And this one is ours. 

Author's note - The Baller is a full-length standalone novel. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18

My Review  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Brody Easton is your typical hot ball player with the ego to go with it.  He is very sure of himself, cocky and built like you would expect a pro athlete   However the man has a heart of gold and is fiercely loyal to those he cares about.

Delilah Maddox is a reporter, sports fan and her father was a pro player.  Her first initiation into the after game locker rooms heats up when Brody tests her by dropping his towel in front of her, however the pair soon hot up and with Brody chasing, the pair soon heat up the sheets.

Working in a mans world Delilah keeps up and after finding out that both have a problem in their past to overcome, it is Brody that manages to breach the  gap and push the pair into their HEA.

I really enjoyed this book and that Brody was sweeter than the cocky man that he first appeared to be.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

REVIEW - The Librarian's Vampire Assistant, Book 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

The Book
Release Date: 23 October 2018
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From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a humorous, standalone mystery, The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 2. (Yep! It’s a standalone. The boring title is just to mess with you!) 


Michael Vanderhorst has always been a lone wolf. Or lone vampire? Whatever. Point is, this ancient gentleman vampire is obsessed. She’s quirky, a horrible dresser, and the cutest librarian he’s ever seen. The question is, why her? In four hundred years, no one has ever captured his attention like this. He must find out, which is why he just signed on as her new assistant. 

The problem is, she has no idea vampires exist or that she’s just broken one of their laws. As the leader of his territory, Michael has been ordered by his council to turn her or kill her. “Over my dead body!” 

To overturn the ruling, Michael needs the council on his side, and right now they’re asking him to hunt down and execute five hundred vampires no one can seem to locate. Unfortunately, his assassin days are long over, and he’s not so sure he can go back to killing. 

But with Miriam’s life on the line and their unusual bond growing stronger each day, will he dust off the old sword or give her the bite that will make her his forever? 

My Review  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Every time i read a book by this author i am reminded why she is up there on my one click, must read purchases.

This author has a quirky style of writing that combined with her humour has you devouring the pages as you just HAVE to know what happens next.  You are so entertained with the story that the pages just fly past sucking you in and spitting you back out at the end.

This book is a stand alone, but you would get more benefit by reading the previous book and watch as questions pop up and are solved, or more questions arise and we have to wait for the next book, in this series case, to see what is going to happen next and how our questions are going to be answered.

This book was just as awesome as the rest of her books and i am just a little sad that i am such a fast reader as the book just finished far too quickly .  If only i have the patience to read a little slower or a chapter at a time to prolong my joy of the book.

I seriously recommend not only this book, but this author.

Monday, 22 October 2018

REVIEW - Trailer Park Heart by Rachel Higginson

The Book
Release Date: 23 October 2018
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Trailer park born and raised. It’s my legacy. That’s how my mama lived. And that’s how her mama lived. It’s the life I was born into and it’s the life I swore I would leave the second I was old enough to make it out. 

Only legacies have a funny way of sneaking up on you. An innocent decision the night of high school graduation led to a series of complications in my plans to escape. 
Seven years later, I’ve resigned myself to this small town and the roots I’m tied to. Nothing could make me leave. And nothing could make me spill the secrets that keep me here. 
Until he walks back into town with a chip on his shoulder and a stupid hunch nobody else in town has been smart enough to follow. 
Levi Cole is my opposite. Born on the right side of the tracks with family money to spare, he’s the kind of black sheep that can afford to be rebellious—because his family will always pay for his mistakes. He’s also the only living heir to Cole Family Farms, after his brother Logan was killed in duty seven years ago. 
He sees something in my life that he thinks he has a right to. But he’s wrong. And obnoxious. And he needs to take his stubborn good looks and that intense way he looks at me and go back to wherever it was he came from. 
I know better than to trust men like him. I was born and raised in a trailer park, I know nothing good happens to girls like me—girls with trailer park lives and trailer park hearts. Especially from gorgeous, kind, pigheaded men like him. 

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He stared at me, unspeaking, unmoving. The hurt in his eyes and the frown on his face devastated my already broken spirit. 
“And I don’t even know what to tell you,” I cried some more. “Because my mistake led me to Max and for that reason I can never really regret it. But I hate how I hurt you. I hate that my mistakes meant pushing you away. I hate that I finally know how I feel about you and it’s too late.” 
His eyes flashed with something so intense I gasped for breath. “How do you feel about me?” How could he ask me that now? How did he not know? How had he not always known? “Don’t make me say it,” I whispered, my voice dragged over gravel. “It hurts too much.” “Ruby,” he pleaded, his voice just as fragmented. “Say it. Please.” 
I didn’t bother brushing away the tears, there were too many of them, my grief was too heavy. “I love you,” I whispered. “I’ve always loved you. I’ve just been too afraid to say it.” 
To admit it.

My Review  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Holy Cannoli, this book was epic, and has left me with a book hangover!

The chemistry between Levi and Ruby is certainly juvenile during high school, but when Levi comes back into town and finds Ruby still there and single, the game is on and the secrets that have been hidden come out.

Ruby is a very hard working woman like her mother, but because she was raised in a trailer park, she never believes that she is worth much and fences herself off from those that could have been her friends.  She becomes blind to  what others could have really wanted if only she put herself out there and took a risk.

Levi is a strong character and challenges Ruby from the moment he see's her in high school. When he comes back to town he is the only one that makes a connection that known else has about her son and forces Ruby to open not only her mind but her heart to new possibilities and the fact that she is worth more than what she has settled for and believed she could have.

This book was honestly one of the best books that i have read this year and certainly had me in tears at one point.

I would certainly recommend this author and cannot wait to see what she comes out with next.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

REVIEW - Going Down on One Knee by Christina Hovland

The Book
Release Date: 19 October 2018
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Number-crunching Velma Johnson’s perfectly planned life is right on course.

That’s a lie. Sure, she’s got the lucrative job. She’s got the posh apartment. But her sister nabbed Velma’s Mr. Right. There has to be a man out there for Velma. Hopefully, one who’s hunky, wears pressed suits, and has a diversified financial portfolio. He’ll be exactly like, well… her sister’s new fiancé.

Badass biker Brek Montgomery blazes a trail across the country, managing Dimefront, one of the biggest rock bands of his generation. With the band on hiatus, Brek rolls into Denver to pay a quick visit to his family and friends. But when Brek’s sister suddenly gets put on bed rest, she convinces Brek to take over her wedding planning business for the duration of her pregnancy.

Staying in Denver and dealing with bridezillas was not what Brek had in mind when he passed through town, but there is one particular maid-of-honor who might make his stay worthwhile.

Velma finds herself strangely attracted to the man planning her sister’s wedding. Problem is, he ticks none of the boxes on her well-crafted list. Brek is rough around the edges, he cusses, and doesn’t even have a 401(k). But trying something crazy might get her out of the rut of her dating life—so long as she lays down boundaries up front and sticks to her plan…

My Review  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is an opposites attract story.  Velma is an investment portfolio manager and Brek is a band manager who is there for his sister and looks after her wedding planning business while she is on vert pregnant bed rest.

Velma is a 'good' girl who does not like swearing and has a five year plan, along with a crush on her sisters now fiance.  It is only when Brek arrives on the scene that things change for the better for Velma.

Brek is a bad boy.  Swearing, covered in tattoos, however he has a heart of gold, this their for his sister and gets Velma to branch out and try things out of her comfort zone.  Like wise Velma is there to help him organise a few weddings to help out his sister.

Both characters change their lives and take a new direction when they finally discover that they want each other more than they want to stay as they were.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Review - Montana Dreams (The Wildes of Birch Bay #4) by Kim Law

The Book
Release Date: 25 September 2018
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Sometimes dreams change…and sometimes it takes a dream reader to make it happen.

When Jaden Wilde’s girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal just months before he receives his master’s in counseling, he’s convinced that it’s cold feet. Until he learns that her no came at the advice of a new age “dream reader.” But Arsula’s hardly the woo-woo hippie his scholarly mind imagined. She’s charming, smart, and uncannily perceptive. And before long, he’s drawn to her—despite his ongoing skepticism for how her practice works.

Arsula’s intuitions led her to Birch Bay not to guide Jaden’s girlfriend—but to guide him to his best life possible. As the odd one out in an unsupportive family, Arsula can relate to the struggle to find one’s path, and she wants to see Jaden with the woman of his dreams. Although she’s cautious of being the rebound girl, what she’s starting to feel for him is too real to ignore.

When Jaden’s own volatile family issues come to a head and his doubts are made resoundingly clear, Arsula worries she’s misread the signs. Maybe they’re all wrong for each other. Maybe he should be with his ex. She’s supported him, but if he can’t believe in her, how will they ever find out if they’re truly meant to be?

My Review  5 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the fourth book in the series and although it could be read as a stand alone, i feel you would miss too much of the family dynamic and the larger plot if you do not read the previous books.

Jaden is a scholar and is studying to get his master’s in counseling, however when his meets Arsula after the breakup of his almost fiancée because of her meddling in his life, its safe to say that he thinks her talents reading dreams is a big load of rubbish.

Arsula is used to being made fun of, however she only finds out why she is in Birch Bay when she finds Jaden, who has only come back for a wedding.

The emotions pull at you, especially with Jadens family past and Arsula acts well considering who childish Jaden sometimes acts, even if she does throw a few things at him.

I enjoyed this book immensly and get the feeling that the next book in the series is going to involve Nate.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

REVIEW - Bitten: The Bite Series by Lynn Best

The Book
Release Date: 31 October 2017
Goodreads Link

What if the guy of your dreams tells you he's a vampire?

When Stephanie packed up everything and moved across country with her boyfriend, she wasn't expecting him to turn into a total jerk the minute they were settled. Crying into her coffee, she's surprised when a tall, handsome stranger tries to cheer her up. He's gorgeous and way out of her league. His flirtation can't possibly be real. But when she bumps into him again (not so accidentally) and he offers her a job, she can't refuse. Now she finds herself growing closer to this mysterious, wealthy man.

But is there any bark to his bite, or is it all in her imagination? 

For fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood, A Shade of a Vampire, and Dark Stranger. It contains hot vampires, page-turning action, and steamy romance. Guaranteed HEA. Mature content. Not suitable for readers under 18.

My Review  3 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This book pretty much ends on a cliff hangar and is so short that the story is over before it really goes anywhere.

Stephanie followed her boyfriend to Texas, however things have gone south very quickly, it is only the tall, dark, mysterious handsome man that comes to here while she is crying into her coffee that turns things around for her, however he is holding a secret.

Francisco is protective of Stephanie and has a really sweet heart and does not really act like most vampires you read about.

I would have loved for this story to be more fleshed out and more developed, but i guess this is a good novella to give you an idea at the authors style of writing.

Monday, 8 October 2018

REVIEW - A Naughty Little Christmas by Lili Valente

The Book
Release Date: 16 October 2018
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I figured moonlighting as a Santa stripper was the most exciting thing on my docket this holiday season. 

But that was before Macy Clayton, my first love and the one I never wanted to get away, careened back into my life. Before the avalanche and the hike through a blizzard. Before getting snowed in at a secluded ranger station with nothing but a fire, a few fleece blankets, and each other to keep warm. 

And yes, it turns out what the survivalists say is true—you really do stay warmer, and happier, when you’re naked. 

Soon, Macy and I are back on track to being two turtledoves, and I’m happier than any partridge in a pear tree. But crossed signals and old wounds prove that second chances can be tricky, even during the most wonderful time of the year. 

I’ll pull out all the stops to prove to Macy she’s the only one I ever want to jingle my bells, but will it be enough to pull off a Christmas miracle? 

*This book was previously published as the novella "Snow Place Like Home" by Jessie Evans. It has been revised and expanded for this novel-length edition.

My Review  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Macy and Dean were everything when they were younger.  It started as best friends, until one day it was more, but when Dean see's Macy going without for her sister once their father leaves them, one action leads to them being separated for years.

When Macy goes back home to collect her dead fathers belongings it is a bad weather storm and chance that have the pair reuniting and able to clear up their pasts, along with reconnect from a place where they left off.

This little number has you reaching for the ice to cool down as the pair tear into each other and warm each other up along with the pages.

A wonderful holiday read.

REVIEW - Wedding Surprise (Moore Sisters of Montana #4) by Ann B. Harrison

The Book
Release Date: 9 August 2018
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After her mother went off the rails yet again, Mari was offered sanctuary with her high school boyfriend's family, but a cruel misunderstanding had her fleeing yet again. Ten years later, single mother Mari is back in her small Montana hometown to open her own wedding and event business and refurbish the historic Lake hotel. She's also hoping to make amends with the boy she once loved and left, but too many secrets are holding her back.

When contractor Ethan Benson arrives at the Lake Hotel to check out the site he's bid on, he's shocked to learn the girl he'd once loved and imagined marrying has moved back to Cherry Lake. He tells himself too much water's passed under that bridge, but Mari still lights him up. Ethan's heard that you can't go back again, but he's determined to give it his best shot and show Mari what's she's missed all these years away.

My Review  3 STARS
**Copy Provided by Netgalley and Tule Publishing for an honest review**

Although this is book 4 in a series, it can totally be read as a stand alone.  I have not read any of the previous books and totally followed the story with no problems.

Mari is only back home as a dying wish from her late husband and so that her son can see where she grew up.  However it soon becomes apparent that her son is actually has a father alive, the brother of her ex-husband.

Lots of plots secrets are slowly revealed to open the picture fuller and to show that she and her ex-husband had a few wires crossed with family members that could have been exposed by talking to each other.

It's a sweet read and Mari's son accepts his new reality really well.

Monday, 1 October 2018

REVIEW - Accidental Hero (Marriage Mistake) by Nicole Snow

The Book
Release Date: 7 May 2018
Goodreads Link

Accidentally engaged. Then he dared me to make it real.

It was one freaking kiss with a stranger.
I wasn't looking for a hero the day Brent Eden charged into my life.
He saw a damsel in distress facing humiliation.
We played pretend. Swore I was his. Baited sweet chaos.
Blew apart everything.

My dating disaster? Gone.
Our kiss? Electric. Divine. Toe-curling.
His mistake? Oh, boy.
Dropping the ultimate F-bomb: fiancé.
Especially when my gossipy cousin tells the whole family.

Forget how he's badass personified.
The ink. The leather. The abs. The smirk.
The lightning eyes and the growl I can't resist.
Nothing changes the fact that he's my favorite student's father.
I'm risking it all for this charade. And I'm losing.

The closer we get, the deeper I fall.
The louder he vows to protect me.
The more we come undone.
Even my questions have questions.
What if I'm not the only one who needs saving?
What if our marriage mistake gets way too real?

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – two hearts, one lie, and no mercy! Plus a damaged single dad who just can't let his Not Fiancée go. Full length romance novel with everything Happily Ever Afters are made of.

My Review  3 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

A lot seemed be thrown at this book, virgin, bad boy doing good, former M/C member and former military, single dad, etc....

Izzy (Blue) is our virgin and an art teacher fill in who likes the look of one of her pupils father and things escalate when he saves her after a bad date finds her at work and threatens her.

Brent Eden has so many things in his background, bad boy gone good, former military, business owner, single father, blackmail etc.  Its woo much for one story really, but its carried off well enough.

It is a decent read, but Brent did frustrated me at times and Izzy was pushed along by Brent far too easily in my opinion.

Still i did enjoy the book and i would look at reading more of the authors work.