Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin #11) by Jennifer Estep

The Book
Release Date: 22 July 2014

Gin Blanco is hard-nosed, sexy, and lethal. Nicknamed “The Spider,” she’s a stone elemental assassin who brings her unique mix of magic and tact to every assignment, no matter the target.

There’s a new drug on the streets of Ashland, and its name “Burn” sums up the potent effect it has on its users. When one of her restaurant employees is threatened by dealers of the drug, Gin steps in to set things straight...

My Opinion  4 STARS
**Copy Provided by Netgalley and Threshold Pocket Books for an honest review**

Another peek into the life of Gin Blanco a.k.a The Spider.

Gin is carrying on with her usual routine, going to work, killing the thugs hired to kill her in the alley behind the pork pit yet she seems a little out of sorts.

But there is one thing you should know about Gin.  NEVER go and threaten or hurt a member of her family or one of her friends, and unfortunately for the Drug Lord Beau Benson Gin is on his tale.   He rules Southtown Ashland and he is responsible for the distribution of a new drug called burn, although he doesn't make it.

Yes there is still a lot of respitition to facts that we have already learned in some of the other books so far but we do finally find out who the allusive M.M Monroe is and get a nice close up of their personality.  Oh and we get a glimpse at the new villains in town along with old enemies and Gin makes a new friend.

Gin publicly lets people know that she is The Spider in this book and gains more notoriety in Southtown for her actions against Benson

Its another must read in the series and I really can't wait to see what happens next in Black Widow.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Engaging the Boss (Heirs of Damon #3) by Noelle Adams

The Book
Release Date:  15 March 2014

For years, Jonathan Damon has buried himself in his scientific research, but now his uncle threatens to pull the funding for his lab unless Jonathan makes strides toward marriage and family. So he decides to bring a fake fiancee to his cousin's wedding to mollify his uncle. And the only convenient candidate for this particular experiment is Sarah. 

Sarah has been Jonathan's assistant for years, and she knows he's never thought of her in any other way. She's happy to play the part of his fiancee, but being thrown into unusual intimacy with her brilliant, sexy boss stirs up feelings she has never been able to admit before. 

If only those feelings could be returned...

My Opinion  4 STARS
I read this book in ONE sitting as I just could not put it down.

Jonathan Damon is a science geek who's main focus is on his genetic research, so when his uncle threatens to pull the funding from his projects he thinks his priorities is wrong he makes up a fiancee.

Sarah is his right hand woman, his best research assistant and, although they hardly talk, probably his best friend.  She has had a major crush on her boss but has alway maintained her professional stance, especially as she had major body issue and thinks a man as hot as him would never notice her in that way.

Jonathan's lack of talking makes everything harder, but having worked with him for so long body language helps them communicate, also with the new way Sarah is dressing Jonathan can't help but notice her.

Of course the truth comes out and he makes a serious gaff in how he handles the situation and he is left without Sarah, a girl he has seriously fallen for.

Of course we get our HEA, an we also get an introduction in this book into Benjamin Damon, the last Damon Heir to be covering the next book Stripping the Billionaire.

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by Shoshanna Evers

The Book
Release Date: 28 July 2014

After her brother and his wife go missing and are presumed dead, Lauren Peters plans to raise their infant daughter. Her brother's will, however, stipulates that baby Callie can only be raised by a married couple. Lauren’s as single as they come.

Mack Hansen can’t stand idly by while his business partner’s baby is thrown into a foster home. As he sees it, there’s only one solution—he and Lauren will marry for the sake of the baby—and he’ll keep his attraction to her at bay.

Lauren knows that Mack is all about business, including their marriage of convenience. But her unexpected feelings for him have her turned upside down. With passion sizzling between them, can Mack keep Lauren from stealing his heart…and becoming his wife for real?

My Opinion  3 STARS

** Copy provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

This is a very modern marriage for convenience book, however both parties have lusted after the other for years without giving it away.

Getting married and looking after her brothers baby and his goddaughter however very quickly feels like a real family and they fall into a comfortable pattern.  They also fall in love whilst saying it is a marriage on paper only.

When her brother and his wife are found, both struggle with their feelings for the other and both struggle.

The epilogue is sweet and ties the story up nicely in the way you expect the story to end.

Girls Out Late (Girls #3) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Book

No. 167 - The BIG Read

Ellie has a boyfriend! Interested in her - not in her best friends, Magda and Nadine! She and Russell are made for each other - drawn together by their shared enjoyment of art. If only Dad thought Russell was perfect too... And as Ellie runs into trouble with a parent who thinks his daughter is too young for after-dark trysts in the park with oh-so-gorgeous Russell, Magda has a crush on a teacher - and Nadine's falling for slimy Liam again. What they need is a girls' night out - Girls Out Late!

My Opinion  3 STARS
Another quick read, where the series picks up where it left off in the last book.

Maga is still totally boy crazy, Nadine has that who emo thing going on and Ellie is there for her friends but still feeling very much fat and frumpy.

Ellie gets her first boyfriend and gets the inevitable 'who me' when he wants to talk to her and not her friends.  Although her friends don't seem so supportive in the beginning they are they when she needs them, and even help her in her rough patch.

All the girls find themselves in trouble and it is only with Ellies quick thinking that get them out of it, however there are in trouble with their parents the next day.

It has the inevitable growing up problems of wanting to be independent at south a young age, you feel like an adult and want to do all the adult things, however, you only find that maybe you were a little too young after all.

I would so hate to be this age again!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

So I Married a Werewolf (Seattle Wolf Pack #3) by Kristin Miller

The Book
Release Date: 28 July 2014

Carter Griffin, enforcing officer for the Seattle Wolf Pack, has a problem. He's been offered the promotion of his dreams…if he can find a wife to prove he's over his playboy ways. But Carter's already walked the matrimonial road and bought the stinkin' T-shirt. Besides, a werewolf only gets one fated mate. Been there, done that.

All werewolf dog trainer Faith Hamilton wants to do is earn enough green stuff to put her younger brother through college. Okay, okay, so she also totally wants Carter, her sexy next-door neighbor, to look at her as more than a friend. It's too bad size 12 and plain isn't his type. At all.

The two friends strike a deal to help one another out. They must face a variety of challenges from a psycho ex-girlfriend to a Yorkie with a shoe fetish...and that pesky problem of only having one-fated mate in a lifetime. Will a relationship ruin their friendship…or spark a love neither anticipated?

My Opinion  5 STARS
** Copy provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

Another winning book in the series.

You have to love Carter, the totally clueless and insensitive alpha male born werewolf who just doesn't get it until right at the end.

Faith is a dog trainer and blogger as well as a bitten werewolf who has been in love with her neighbour since the beginning but has been content with just being friends.

A chance for promotion has the need for Carter to get married which also helps her pay for her brothers tuition to Yale.

Carter struggles with his connection to Faith, but her personality has her making friends and soothing his way to the promotion he wants.

A quick and easy read that I couldn't put down.

Girls Under Pressure (Girls #2) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Book

Magda is tall and glamorous, Nadine is willowy and 'gothic' and Ellie, well, Ellie is just plain normal. The three girls have been best friends 'forever' but now Ellie is convinced she's fat; Nadine wants to be a model; and Magda worries that her appearance is giving guys the wrong idea... They all long to change their looks and they're all under pressure!

My Opinion  3 STARS

Whilst this book covers the normal teenage boy issues it also looks at eating disorders. 

For a teenager i can see how it beings being normal and the fact that these disorders are out there it doesn't cover the deeper issue behind them. You also don't magically get better, with these types of disorder it takes a long time to get better. Ellie's dad also didn't help much with her issues treating it all as a joke.

It was good how the girls still were there for each other, each helping each other out with their own issues. It still seems to me however that Ellie is the glue that holds the girls together as friends.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Meeting His Match (Match Me #1) by Katee Robert

The Book
Release Date: 21 July 2014

A satisfying category romance from Entangled's brand new Lovestruck imprint…

When New York matchmaker Addison St. Claire is tasked with matching her best friend's new brother-in-law, she almost refuses. But the sexy southern CEO turns out to be a challenge she can't resist, because if anyone needs to meet his soul mate, it's this man. And if matching him with someone else removes the temptation of being near him? Even better.

The last thing Caine McNeill needs is a matchmaker—especially a gorgeous redhead who spouts nonsense about soul mates, critiques what he drives and how he dresses, buys him a dog, and pesters him about a million little things he couldn't care less about. It's a crying shame he has to keep his hands off because chemistry like what's flaring between them ought to be explored. Thoroughly.

And so the battle begins. Addison is determined to stick to her plan of setting him up on dates with other women, and Caine is equally determined to ignore these women and seduce her.

My Opinion  4 STARS
** Copy provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

This another good read from Katee Robert and I have her on a must read list.

Both Addison and Caine work long hard hours and it is only with the 'assistance' of her best friend Regan and his sister in law that things happen between them as she asks Addison to be his matchmaker.

Both are used to getting what they want, and Caine wants Addison, however she is a firm believer in soul mates and is convinced her dead husband was hers and nobody else will fit.

The chemistry really flies between them, but Addison's soul mate thing does get a little annoying.

On the whole though, this is another winner.

Under Construction by Mila Rossi

The Book
Release Date: 3 June 2014

When Lessi Decker finds her marriage crumbling as much as her house that's under construction, there is nothing to do but ask Carlos Oller, the Puerto Rican contractor, to step in. Carlos shaves his head, sports tattoos and makes her melt with his signature dimple and full lips. He is everything her husband is not. 

Carlos agrees to take on Lessi's home renovation to keep his workers and company afloat. Having to deal with an opinionated, artsy woman comes with the job. When his work turns from pouring cement to keeping an eye on the dark-haired bella, he knows he's in trouble. 

She picks the flooring, he picks the dinner. She drives him mad while he tempts her fate. It's an unlikely match that is most inconvenient but highly desired.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**Copy from the author for an honest review**

This was a novella size book that is quick and easy to read.

Lessi is in an unhappy marriage and when remodelling of their home is taking place her husband walks out.

Her sexy contractor Carlos picks up quickly that things are not right and the sexual tension is strong.  However it is only when he sees the husband kissing another woman that he starts to make his move.

I liked the fact that Lessi stayed strong to her marriage vows until she knew things were over and she was strong enough to resist Carlos until then.

Also liked the fact that after giving her husband the boot she took a little time out to adjust to see what she really wanted.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Go With Me (With Me #2) by Elyssa Patrick

The Book
Release Date: 19 June 2014

I, Daphne Fox, have a few things to confess:

1. I hate Nick Brady. Loathe. Abhor. Can’t stand him 95% of the time.
2. That other 5%? I’m not talking about that at all.
3. People think I’m lucky for surviving the car crash. I disagree.
4. Nick is the only guy who makes my nightmares go away.
5. I won’t love him, though. Love is not worth the pain.

I, Nick Brady, have a few confessions of my own:

1. I don’t hate Daphne Fox. At all.
2. I find her scar sexy. Just like the rest of her.
3. I may be her older brother’s best friend, but that’s not going to stop me.
4. I love her.
5. And I’m going to do everything I can to have her.

New Adult/Contemporary Romance - Recommended for readers 17 and older

My Opinion  5 STARS
My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review.

OMG.  This book had me in tears so many times with laughter and the sad parts with Daphne.

I think my favourite parts though are the telephone scene and the part where Daphne practices asking Nick out with Hailey.

So many times I wen to highlight a passage on my kindle its a wonder the book wasn't highlighted.

Nick was a very strong alpha male who really went for what he wanted proving to Hailey how patient he was, but letting her know firmly that he was not going to let her go.

Both have a fun smart mouth that complimented each other and it was goo to see Kate brought in better as another character, especially as they all seem to act like one big happy family.

Next in the series is Jamie's story and I really can't wait to het my hands on a copy.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bound to the Sea (Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins #1) by Lyra Fawn

The Book
Release Date: 15 July 2014

Two brawny surfers from a foreign realm hold a secret that only she will share…

Thrust into a web of intrigue, Mona finds herself at the center of a centuries-old conflict between two rival pods of dolphin shifters known as the Dolphinae. Marked as a ‘Descendant of Neptune’, she first catches the eye of Lucan, a dark and handsome prince who admires her curves. But when his blond and regal companion, Dario, lays claim to her, the two suitors insist upon a duel of honor. However, a greater danger lurks beneath the sea, and Mona discovers she must reconcile the passion of the two alpha dolphins, or watch their entire race be destroyed.

‘Bound to the Sea’ is the first book in the BBW paranormal romance series, Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins.

Explicit language and mature, uncensored love scenes are featured throughout. Periodic moments of romance, intimacy and lovemaking involve multiple partners actively participating in their human or supernatural forms. Discretion is advised as this book is only for sophisticated readers over the age of 18.

My Opinion  3 STARS
**Copy Provided by NetGalley and Victory Editing for an honest review**

I'm on the fence with this one. Parts of it i loved, whereas others i didn't.

The series has promise and i loved the fact the world consists of shifter Dolphins, Sharks and orca's. So different from the other shifter books you get. The history given about the race was also interesting and well thought of.

Some things i didn't like: who follows home two strange fit looking men who shift into dolphins. No woman would do that. Who would just give up herself to a man who had been rude to her before and was only nice once her had seen her eyes, and why would she not even think of a condom. He's a stranger!

When told she would need to complete a trial at see where there was a 50/50 percent chance she would drown straight after she went? Not me thats for sure.

I'll read the rest of the series as i want to know what happens, but i almost expect it to carry on the love hate relationship.

Ricochet (Renegades #3) by Skye Jordan

The Book
Release Date: 14 July 2014

After a tragic incident in Afghanistan leaves Master Sergeant Nathan Ryker the only man standing in his tight-knit team, he spirals into an alcohol-and-sex induced escape. A call from his lifelong buddy pulls Ryker from the shadows with a request for help with his stunt company’s latest blockbuster. If Ryker can survive the next three weeks of leave and get back to his remaining men, he might just be all right. But a sexy woman who can take his mind off his trauma is too hard to resist, and when he hooks up with Renegades’ sultry, snarky office manager, his sanity takes a backseat to the first glimpse of a future he isn’t sure he deserves.

Still reeling from a bitter romantic betrayal, Rachel Hart wants nothing more than an uncomplicated hookup. So when the mysterious Nathan seduces her with a little dirty talk and one delicious kiss, Rachel drowns all her good sense in a Mandarin and soda and gives herself over to a night of sexual bliss. But her memories tarnish in the morning light when Rachel discovers his real identity and his link to Renegades. Her job and her friends are the only thing holding her life together, and she won’t be ruined by one sultry night with this damaged and dangerously sexy man.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**CopyProvided by NetGalley and Cygnet Books for an honest review**

OMG this book had me crying at Ryker's PTSD. Such a brilliantly written book that really pulls you in and grips you hard, i could hardly put the book down.

With our feisty Rachel coming to terms with the fact that her man had been cheating on her with her sister, Rachel who has that loving helping nature wants to change. Her night with Nathan Ryker does just that.

The chemistry is hot, but when Rachel finds out who he really is she feels betrayed but still they can't keep their hands off each other and every little thing more she learns about Ryker makes her want to help him more.

Ryker is struggling with his fractured mind and visits a friend who helps his struggle a little, but Rachel does help a lot. However the road is FAR from smooth and they both hurt each other.

The ending was a little on the soft side but i still enjoyed it and very much hope to see more of them in future books and really look forward to reading Troy's book next.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

BLOG TOUR (Excerpt) - Rescued by Larynn Ford

Release Date: 14 July 2014
Fiercely independent and determined to be taken seriously in a man’s world, PI Rose Baxter will do whatever it takes to find the kids who are disappearing from the streets and bring them home safe, even teaming up with PI Marty Brown, a man hot enough to burn whatever part of her gets too close – her fingers, her sheets, her life, and her other nature’s whiskers.
But her other nature knows whiskers grow back and will accept nothing less than this man as her mate for life, a plan Marty’s all in on. Sparks fly when she refuses to be the little woman. Besides, those kids need her and their time’s running out. But, thrown together 24/7 can she fight it?

The mattress moaned slightly in response to an unseen and unexpected movement. Her eyes snapped open and focused on the room, moving up, down, side-to-side. She didn’t recognize a single thing in her line of view. A rush of air flooded her lungs in a panicked gasp. She wasn’t where she should be. In her own bed. Alone. Damn. Where am I and how did I end up here? Double damn. Her last memory? The bar. Jed’s Place. She’d received a tip from her source that her suspect had slithered inside. Arriving a few minutes later, she kept an eye on him and his cohorts for a couple of hours. Posing as a customer, she shot a couple of games of eight ball with some of the regulars. Her eyes narrowed. Her head pounded as she recalled the next events. Nothing stood out until . . . the asshole from the pool table sidled up way too close behind her and tried to score points by offering shooting tips. She stretched up on her tiptoes to line up the winning shot. His groin pressed tight against her bottom. His hands slid down her arms to her wrists as he whispered, “Let me give you a hand there, little lady.” Without flinching, she purred, “I’m not little, I’m nobody’s lady, and I don’t need your help.” She slammed the butt end of the cue stick into his ribs, and with the same smooth motion came back to make a perfect shot and win her third game of the night. She straightened from the table with a satisfied grin. Buy Rescued on Amazon Today for only $2.99 during release week!!

Author Bio Larynn Ford began reading romance in her early teens and became interested in writing in high school. She's a daydreamer and a romantic who is intrigued by the paranormal and loves to let her mind wander, always searching for a happily ever after ending to her dreams. At home in East Central Alabama, she worked as a cook and cashier before becoming a wife and mother, earned an education degree, taught school and worked in customer service. All the while her daydreams stacked up in the archives of her mind. She finally put some of those ideas on paper and began writing in 2009 hoping her dream of publication would one day come true. In 2010, she joined Romance Writers of America and enjoys her support group, the Southern Magic chapter in Birmingham, Alabama.

STALKER LINKS: Facebook ~ Website ~ Twitter

$25 Amazon Gift Card

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The Soldier's E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek #2) by Cora Seton

The Book
Release Date: 22 July 2014

Staff Sergeant Austin Hall has a brilliant record in the Special Forces—except for one disastrous decision that cost his best friend’s life. Now he’s heading home to Chance Creek, Montana, where he’d like to spend the rest of his days in the obscurity of his family’s ranch. Too bad Great Aunt Heloise won’t hand the ranch over unless all four of the Hall brothers marry and one of them produces an heir within the year. Austin is too broken to marry for love, so he places an online ad for a fake wife. What could possibly go wrong?
Ella needs to leave Hollywood—fast. It’s bad enough another actress stole her fiancĂ©—on national television. Now she’s ruined her comeback by decking her ex on a morning talk show. Pursued by paparazzi, Ella needs a new life, a new name and someplace to hide. When she reads Austin’s ad for a stand-in wife, she knows she can act this part perfectly. To the rest of the residents of Chance Creek, they’ll be a happily married couple. In private, they’ll just be roommates. In a year when she’d old news and the Hall brothers secure the ranch, she and Austin will quietly divorce and she’ll go on her way.
Or will she?
Austin’s already finding it hard to remember his promise never to love again. Ella’s finding it hard to keep her hands to herself. But when they’re asked make a back-up baby, Ella realizes she may have stepped into a lifetime role.
Can this pretend marriage go the distance?
My Opinion  5 STARS
** Copy provided by Netgalley and CrushStar Multimedia LLC for an honest review**

Another book that follows the tried and tested winning formula by Cora Seton.

Army man Austin Hall has suffered terribly with survivors guilt since the mission he and his friends were killed on of his best friends Ben Donovan.  He always thinks he should have been able to save both of his friends and therefore is only living a half-life.

Ella has been utterly betrayed by her fiancĂ© in front of everyone at the Oscars and has fled Hollywood to get away from all of the press getting into her private business.

The pair team up after he places his own add for a wife and it very soon becomes apparent that they have some very explosive chemistry that simply will not got away and they constantly find themselves losing themselves to it, even if they say it will never happen again.

Of course, along the way we get them falling in love, family members and other members of Chance Creek pop up and introduce themselves again and we watch their journey from strangers to lovers that could never love another partner as they do each other.  Both also do a bit of soul searching and growing up and help each other along the way to get to the place that they really want to be.

Stay With Me (With Me #1) by Elyssa Patrick

The Book
Release Date: 30 August 2013

New Adult/Contemporary Romance - recommended for ages 17 and up.

With one look, I’m his . . .

With one touch, he’s mine . . .

With one kiss, it changes everything between us . . .

I’ve been famous since I can remember. Singing, acting, dancing—I’ve done it all. The tabloids cover my every move, but I don’t want that anymore. I want to be normal, whatever that is.

When I leave Hollywood for college in Vermont, I’m on my own for the first time in my life. This is my chance to figure out who I am and what I want in life.

But it’s a lot harder than I expected. I can’t escape my image. Classes are difficult, and I’m struggling. And then there’s Caleb Fox.

Sexy, intriguing Caleb Fox.

Caleb is the one man who doesn’t want to use me. He breaks down my walls. He challenges me. He wants me. And I just don’t know if I can give him the same—or if he’ll stick around when he finds out my shameful secret that the tabloids haven’t managed to uncover.

Dating him is risky enough, but loving him could break me.

My Opinion  5 STARS
My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review.

I have to say that I am impressed with this book.  There was so much angst and self talking from Hailey that the story really did feel real and that you really did to see all her emotions and thought processes.

Caleb was a very supportive guy who went for what he wanted but he never did anything but support Hailey when she needed it or didn't realise she needed it.  A very sweet and thoughtful chap.

This was a story more of growing more self aware of what she wanted with her life and being more comfortable with who she is as she makes strong friendships along the way in college.

Hailey is the artistic type where music, art and in her previous job acting all do well with her but college life or schooling in a structured environment is a very new thing for her.  So is eating carbs and dessert.

Really looking forward to Nick and Daphne's story.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Girls In Love (Girls #1) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Book

No. 98 - The BIG Read

Magda is tall and glamorous, Nadine is willowy and 'gothic' and Ellie, well, Ellie thinks she is unattractive and boring and that no boy will ever be interested in her. The three girls have been best friends 'forever' even though they don't seem to have much in common. But one thing they all want is a boyfriend!

Join the girls as they work out how to deal with all the surprises that being a teenage can bring. Sometimes sad, sometimes scary and often funny, don't miss this unputdownable and hugely popular trilogy for teenage readers by the award-winning Jacqueline Wilson.

My Opinion  4 STARS

Jacqueline Wilson really knows how to het into a young girls head. The book did have me giggling a few times at how thirteen year olds act. WELL past it now it was different seeing how things are, as you never really remember being that age.

The book focuses on three best friends Nadine, Magda and our narrator Ellie. We get the issues of growing up, step moms, pesky siblings and the issue of boyfriends. 

It was a laugh reading as an adult remembering how awkward that age is as things change from ugh boys, to giggling about them and wishing you too had a boyfriend and being jealous that your friend had one when you didn't.

It also shows the friendship that the girls have created and that even though you can fight at times, a true best friend will always forgive you.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Temptation by Robin Covington

The Book
Release Date: 5 August 2014

She needs to be good.

Five years ago, Kit Landry was homeless and alone at sixteen. Determined to ditch her crappy life, she moved to Nashville with only $200, her guitar, and a notebook full of songs. She hit it big as America’s country sweetheart, but a year of living like a rock star plus a stint in rehab has killed any good will she had with her label. The suits have ordered Kit to shape up or ship out of the limelight. The last thing she needs is a hot, sexy distraction with a sinful smile.

He doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

Max Butler is as far from a celebrity as you can get and he likes it that way. A Nashville firefighter, he’s living the single life with a revolving door of parties, friends, and a different woman in his bed every night. When his normal life suddenly collides with the girl on his favorite Rolling Stone cover, he sees the perfect chance to fulfill his ultimate fantasy and see just how bad Kit can be.

Sometimes bad is so very good.

With three weeks until Kit leaves for her big tour, Max promises to give her a break from being the good girl--no strings attached. But when hot days lead to sultry nights, the lines get blurred and suddenly three weeks of bad might not be good enough.

My Opinion  4 STARS
** Copy provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

It was hard not to like this book from the first page.

Kit and Max both have charisma and charm.  Kit is a very successful musician and is picking her career up again after a year out.  Max is a very sexy fireman with a serious commitment problem.

Both have been seriously hurt in the past and are not looking for anything serious, however when Max rescues Kit from the burning studio where she is working, the sparks fly between them.

They have a sizzling chemistry together and very quickly realise that a agreement for a friend-with-benefits arrangement turns into something more that scares and shakes both of them.  Both at times have their butts kicked by theses around them for being stupid.

With the press hounding them, a nasty manager and a pushy label against them, both find reasons for and against their fledgling relationship.  However sometimes it when things are at their worst you realise how much you want and care for someone else.

Its always a pleasure to read a robin Covington book :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Blonde Date (The Ivy Years 2.5) by Sarina Bowen

The Book
Release Date:

A blind date. A nervous sorority girl. A mean-spirited fraternity prank. What could go wrong? 

As a sorority pledge, there are commandments that Katie Vickery must live by. One: thou shalt not show up for the party without a date. Two: the guy shall be an athlete, preferably an upperclassman. 

Unfortunately, Katie just broke up with her jerkface football player boyfriend. Even worse, her last encounter with him resulted in utter humiliation. She’d rather hide under the bed than attend a party where he'll be. 

Yet staying home would mean letting him win. 

Enjoying herself tonight was out of the question. She could only hope to get through the evening without her blind date noticing that he was spending the evening with a crazy person. 

Andrew Baschnagel is living proof that nice guys don’t finish first. He’s had his eye on Katie since the moment her long legs waltzed into his art history class. So when her roommate sets Andy up to be Katie’s date, he’d be crazy to say no. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a lot of practice with either girls or parties. Yet. 

BLONDE DATE is a 24,000 word novella. ALSO INCLUDED: an exclusive preview of the third novel in the Ivy Years series, THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR.

My Opinion  5 STARS
Copy from the author for an honest review.

We get a snippet of an idea that the date goes well in book two with Andy and Katie (K1 otherwise known as blonde katie), however this novella lets us know exactly how well it went and what transpired.

Andy was really sweet in how he treated Katie who had been feeling really down on herself after breaking up with Dash and we also find out why.

Both are suffering from nerves, but find that they actually get on really well together and find that actually there really are some decent people out there that make you feel like a better person and bring out the best in you.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

BOOK BLITZ - Checked (Checked #1) by Jennifer Jamelli

The Book
Release Date: 17 December 2013
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Checked is the first book in a new trilogy.

Callie spends countless hours staring at appliances to make sure they are really unplugged. She wastes obscene amounts of time checking for murderers in various corners of her house and entire sleepless nights performing pointless checking rituals. 

Then every spare minute is filled with inspecting doorknobs, chairs, floors, etc. for minuscule traces of germs. Oh, and she does all of this as she counts to three over and over again in her head. She does this every day. Without fail. Dr. Blake just doesn't fit into her schedule. Until he does. Until Callie begins to trust him. 

Until she starts to need him. And want him. And . . .

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Calista. That quiet voice pulls me around yet again.
I freeze. He’s looking at me. Sorrowful eyes…heavy…inconsolable. A tragedy in blue.
I can’t look away. I begin to feel a dull ache in my left side. {Damien Rice fills my head with “The Blower’s Daughter.
            His eyes hold mine. They are relentless. The sharpening pain in my side weighs me down, cementing my shoes to their place on the floor. My lips part slightly as my body tries to remember to breathe.
            In slow motion almost, he releases me, closing his eyes and clenching them shut. The blue eyes that open back up to me are hard, stony.
            He swiftly spins his chair to grab the box of tissues on his bookshelf. Without meeting my eyes, he turns back around and holds the box out to me.

            To help you out of here, he says in an almost inaudible voice. What?
            Th-thank you, I stammer. I clutch my purse and take six slow steps toward his desk. Three steps at a time. One two three. One two three.
            He stares past me, blankly looking at the door. I pull three white tissues from the box he’s holding and turn back to his point of focus. When I get to the silver doorknob, I quickly cover it with the three tissues spread out in my left hand.

            And I’m out.

Jennifer Jamelli has spent most of her life reading and writing; she holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English, and she is an 8th grade English teacher.

She also directs a musical production each school year. Her most recent show was Beauty and the Beast.

Jennifer lives with her husband and her four-year-old son.

She, like the main character in her debut novel, has a rather hopeless case of OCD.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

One Night in Buenos Aires by Amanda K. Byrne

The Book
Release Date: 14 July 2014

As a reward for a hard-won contract, best friends Drea and Joe head to Buenos Aires for sun, wine, and the tango. But their week of relaxation is off to an ominous start when a reservation mix-up leaves them with only one option: one room…and one bed.

Exhausted from travel, the two friends figure it won’t be a big deal to share a bed for one night—right up until they wake wrapped around each other and seconds away from, well, you know.

When the two decide to follow through on their impulse, they protect their friendship by agreeing that when the vacation’s over, the fling’s over. While Drea’s convinced it’s nothing more than a mutual itch, Joe discovers Drea might be everything he’s ever wanted. Now all he has to do is convince her that what happens in Buenos Aires doesn’t always have to stay in Buenos Aires.

My Opinion  2.5 STARS
** Copy provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

This was OK as a debut novel but was nothing special.

Its a friends/co-workers to lovers story over a free holiday once they have won a contract from the owners.

With the booking missing however they have to share a room and a bed which leads to an accidental morning fumble which stays on their minds the rest of the day.

It seems it is mainly Drea that the issues taking their relationship, however it is also her that pushes him over the edge.

A fast read, perfect for romance lovers.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Along Came a Spider (Transplanted Tales #3) by Kate SeRine

The Book
Release Date: 1 August 2013

Along came a spider…

When Trish Muffet is attacked at a grisly crime scene, the last person she expects to come to her rescue is Nicky “Little Boy” Blue. But since walking away from everything two years before, Nicky’s been doling out vigilante justice as “The Spider,” taking on the vicious predators of the night in hopes it’ll lead him to his ultimate target – Vlad Dracula. And he needs Trish’s help.

Although Nicky’s renegade style goes against everything Trish stands for, she’ll do what she must to bring Dracula down. With danger stalking her, Trish knows the only person she can count on is the one man who has the power to leave her breathless. There’s no way she’s letting this spider frighten her away…

My Opinion  5 STARS

** Copy provided by Netgalley and Kensington Books for an honest review**

This book is the tale of Beatrice (Trish) Muffet and Nicky “Little Boy” Blue.  Being the third book in the series this is not a stand a lone book as you miss out on vital information if you have not read the other two.

Things happened a lot faster between Trish and Nicky as they had already known each other, but it felt like Trish was doing all of the chasing after Nicky and he was just picking up his next girl.

Had a bit of a shock ending with 'ol Vlad, and I really felt sorry for him.  Again we get to see more from the characters of the previous books and their continuing lives and its nice to see how well they are all getting on with their own happily-ever-after in the here and now.

Both character show how totally kick-ass they are especially Trish, another very strong character who does not really know how strong she is.

Looking forward to book four and Gideon's story.

Really hoping we have a book for Al Addin after. 

The Story of Tracy Beaker (Tracy Beaker #1) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Book
Release Date: 1 July 1992

No. 31 - The BIG Read

'I'm Tracy Beaker. This is a book all about me. I'd read it if I were you. It's the most incredible dynamic heart-rending story. Honest.'

Tracy is ten years old. She lives in a Children's Home but would like a real home one day, with a real family. Meet Tracy, follow her story and share her hopes for the future in this beautifully observed, touching and often very funny tale, all told in Tracy's own words.

Shortlisted for the 1991 Smarties Prize, this story aims to be both moving and entertaining. 10-years-old Tracy tells of her life in a children's home, and how much she would like a real home and a real family.

My Opinion  4 STARS
This book is told from the point of view of a very feisty 10 year old who has lived in care homes and foster homes most of her life and is struggling with making friends, she also has a bit of a temper.

Tracy has a very vivid imagination and it would also appear that she likes to write and draw pictures in her diary/autobiography book.  the print is fairly large and the book is also filled will little sketches and letters that she has with a visiting writer.

It is a book most suited to younger readers than The Illustrated Mum, however as an adult is was still an enjoyable book to read, helping me relive what it was like to be that age again.

It was told so well that you could actually believe that a 10 year old had written it as her diary.

Really enjoyed it.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

The Book
Release Date: 2 March 2000

No. 110 - The BIG Read

Dolphin adores her mother: she's got wonderful clothes, bright hair and vivid tattoos all over her body. She definitely lives a colourful life. Dolphin's older sister, Star, also loves her but is beginning to wonder if staying with a mum whose temper can be as flashy as her body-art is the best thing for the girls

My Opinion  4 STARS
This is actually quite a dark book about Dolphin our ten year old narrater, her thirteen year old sister Star and their thirty-three year old mother Marigold.

Marigold is not your congenital mother, she is covered in tattoos that mean something to her and she is also a little nutty.  I'm not sure if I would called her manic depressive or say that she is bi-polar.  Both fit her personality type.

The book focuses on their struggles with coping with their mothers behaviour and the fact that they are looking after her.  Marigold finds the man she pines for (Mickey) where he finds out her has a daughter.  This is where Dolphin struggles with the green-eyed-monster as her mother has never told her much about her own father.

As Star and Dolphin star falling apart and Star goes off to be with her father, Dolphin is left holding the fort together, but tragedy strikes.  With the help of her best friend Dolphin finds her father and other adults that start to help her out and her preconceived ideas on what life is like.

Although the book does end a bit abruptly, is nice to know that both girls find that they have other people that will help and care for them when things get harm, but the issues of where they are going to live are never actually solved.

This book is targeted at young teens I would guess and it does have some very gritty moments, but younger readers could well struggle with the content in the fact that its basically a broken home.  The book also has bullying issues along with the fact that Marigold drinks a lot.

A grittier book than I thought it would be.