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REVIEW - A Beauty Uncovered (Secrets of Eden #2) by Andrea Laurence

The Book
Release Date: 1 October 2013
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A beastly boss is tamed in this Secrets of Eden book from Andrea Laurence…

CEO Brody Eden is a loner. The brooding billionaire has secrets that he refuses to unveil to anyone …until he meets his new assistant, Samantha Davis. She's temptation personified, and she's sitting right outside his door. 

Samantha's never met a man as guarded and gorgeous as Brody. She doesn't want to fall for her boss, but there's something about Brody…. Beneath his gruff manner, Sam senses tenderness and an intense passion waiting to be unleashed. And she'll make it her mission to enter his lair …and his bed.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and St Martin's Press, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a retelling of beauty and the beast for the modern world, but this beauty has a little more sass and bravery than the story books.

The beast is also more insecure and isolated than the beast.

It's just a cheesy as you would expect from a Harlequin romance and we get a bust up with a big romantic finish in order that we get our HEA.

REVIEW - Reunion Pass (Eternity Springs #11) by Emily March

The Book
Release Date: 5 April 2016
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Six years ago, Chase Timberlake bought an engagement ring for his high school sweetheart Lori Reese. Then ... life happened. Chase's adventure photography career took off, Lori's dream of getting into veterinary school came true, and their happily ever after never came to pass.

When Chase's jet-setting life takes a tragic turn, he returns to Eternity Springs a damaged man. Who better to help mend his spirit than the woman who has dedicated her life to healing broken wings? Long summer days spent together rekindles the love that never died and Chase dares to dream of a future he'd thought lost. But Lori can't help but wonder whether this high-flying man really wants a small-town girl with roots sunk deep into the Colorado Rockies. Can she and Chase turn back the hands of time and pick up where they left off -- and give forever a chance?

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and St Martin's Press, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is very much a second chance romance and can be read as a stand alone book.

The book is sweet and funny at times, but does explore the darker side of things with Chase going through PTSD and when he flashes back to what he experienced when he was abroad for his job.

This book is better than the last one where too much was thrown at it and mainly just focuses on Chase away and then in recovery mode and Lori moving back home to take over the vet practice.

The book certainly had me in tears a few times, and you did have to feel sorry for Lana with the way that Chase treated her.

After reading this book i am more inclined to read the beginning of the series to catch up with the other members of Eternity Springs.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

REVIEW - Southern Nights & Secrets (The Boys Are Back in Town #4) by Robin Covington

The Book
Release Date: 19 September 2016
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Being a doctor is everything to me, but I’m not going to let bureaucrats tell me how to practice medicine. It’s about saving lives no matter what, screw them and their paperwork.

When the one woman I could never forget, Ginger Crawford, shows up as my boss all bets are off. The heat between us is tough to ignore but I have to if I want a future at this hospital. It isn’t easy. Every time we argue, I want her even more.

But I’ve got secrets she can never know, and she’s always going to be way too good for me. So it’s best if she hates me…at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Beck is a man with a past, a past that he would rather stay there.  But as with all murky pasts, they come back to test your strength and Beck is truly tested.

Virginia (Ginger) has started her dream job only to find that one of the staff members is a former lover of hers who truly hurt her and has never been forgotten.

Both Beck and Ginger have not been able to forget their time together and very quickly the chemistry between them cannot be denied.

Ginger learns a completely new side to Beck that shows just how much he cares and shows how big his heart really is and how far he has crawled to be the man he is today.

We certainly get drama in this book, hot liaisons, true friendship and a romance that is sure to last.  I can also be read as a stand alone book as it has been a long time since i read the previous books and was unable to remember the previous characters that well.

Well worth reading.

REVIEW - Heartsong Cottage (Eternity Springs #10) by Emily March

The Book
Release Date: 3 November 2015
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Daniel Garrett is no stranger to heartache or tragedy. Once a successful detective, his world fell apart with his son's murder and his wife's suicide. Leaving the police force, Daniel devotes his life to finding missing children, but when a case goes sour on the anniversary of his personal tragedy, he returns to Eternity Springs hoping for some of the town's fabled healing.

Shannon O'Toole isn't looking for romance. After her fiancé's death, she closed off her heart. But she can't deny the spark between her and a sexy stranger at a friend's wedding. Shannon has her own secrets and has no place in her life for a private detective, even one who moves her as much as Daniel. But when the pair are thrown together on a case, the magic of Eternity Springs just might give them a second chance.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and St Martin's Press, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the first book that i have read by this author and it can certainly be read as a stand alone, everything you need to know about other characters is explained to you so you don't miss anything.

With a cover geared up for Christmas however, i did expect more of the book to be centred around the holidays, but there was hardly a mention of the holidays.

The other thing i had a little trouble with is that it felt like the book was going on for ages and that at times things were over explained or that everything was being thrown at these characters.

Both have had a devastating loss and are trouble by their pasts, both having given up on a relationship like they had before.

This is an extremely clean book in which you have them kissing, but the sex scenes are very much glossed over.  Certainly a major change from the books that i have been reading, which was a little disappointing.

Otherwise its a good read, i certainly brings you in, but some of the internal monologue can seem to repeat itself.

Monday, 21 November 2016

REVIEW - Snowed in With The Boss (Master Me Book 1) by Lili Valente

The Book
Release Date: 21 November 2016
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A white hot Standalone novella from USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente

"Bend over and lift your skirt. I'm going to show you what it's like to spend Christmas on the naughty list..."

Let's get one thing straight--I'm not your usual bad boy billionaire. I'm actually a nice guy. A very nice guy who also enjoys turning a woman over my knee and spanking her ass until she begs for mercy--AKA a good, hard, hold-her-down-and-teach-her-who's-boss f*ck.

I'm a gentleman in the boardroom and a Dominant in the bedroom. I've also been secretly in love with my sweet, sexy, too-innocent-for-her-own-good executive assistant, Jane, for the better part of two years.

But like I said, I'm a gentleman. Any woman on my staff is strictly off limits.

Until the night I'm snowed in at the office with Jane...

The same night I discover she's a submissive looking for a teacher...

The night I decide to make her mine...

"Are you ready to be possessed? If so, get on your knees, beautiful. The game is about to begin. Tonight, you're mine."

WARNING: This red hot holiday read contains spanking, dirty talk, and a Dominant alpha male who will melt your panties off--he doesn't care how cold it is outside. Hotness level--five hot toddies, four roaring fires, three turtleneck sweaters, two chestnuts roasting, and a spanking with a switch from that old pear tree.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Wow, this is a VERY hot holiday novella based on colleagues that have worked together for years.

Jane is finally going to explore her sub self with someone she met online, however Ten finds the communications at work and his Dominant self flares after he realises what she needs, and he wants to be the one that teaches her.

They have a brilliant dynamic and you can't help but get sucked into the story and grow ever increasingly warmer with every sentence and turn of the page.  By the end of the book your panties will be on fire.

This is a must read for the holidays in front of a fire.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

REVIEW - Montana Rescue (The Wildes of Birch Bay #2) by Kim Law

The Book
Release Date: 23 August 2016
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Championship bull rider Nick Wilde is the face of Montana Pro Rodeo, with all the acclaim and fans he can handle. But is that enough? Contemplating his next career move, he’s come home to his family’s cherry orchard—and to his childhood crush, helicopter pilot Harper Stone. But Harper’s not quite the sexy, badass girl he once lusted after. Recently widowed, she’s broken in two. Wanting to help her move on, Nick finds himself aching for the kind of stability he never had as a child.

True love comes once if you’re lucky, and Harper already had her shot. An accident took her husband eighteen months ago and left only pain and guilt in his place. Now Nick is waking up her body and heart to everything she might still have to gain…or lose. A second chance is more than she thinks she deserves. But with a man like Nick doing the persuading, maybe it’s time to try.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the second book by Kim Law that i have read and helped to cement her as a brilliant author and a must read on my book shelf.

This can be an emotional read a times, especially if you are like me and cannot help to feel what the characters go through and their stories.

Nick Wilde is the brother of Dani who was in book one and he is just as conflicted about his past and how his mother behaved as his sister, however unlike his sister he saw and remembers more of what she was like.  He too has his demons because of her even if he thinks he hasn't at first.

Harper is one very strong independent woman, however she is struggling under her burned of grief even after 18 months.  It is only Nick that manages to help her with her grief.

Nick is a persistent young man who is there when Harper needs him and is patient and kind and worries for her even when she does not want it.  It is Nicks slow and careful worming into Harpers life that changes things for the both of them and they both come to some revelations about their lives and how they want to live them.

Its a brilliantly woven story that had me crying at times and smiling at others and was a pure joy to read.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

REVIEW - Her Billionaire Rancher Boss (A Cowboy of Her Own #1) by Genevieve Turner

The Book
Release Date: 20 August 2015
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She's handed in her resignation—but this wealthy rancher has another position in mind...

In three months, Pilar Lopez will be free: free of the charity she’s always had to take from the Merrill family, free to live where she wants, free to be her own person. The secretarial job Benedict Merrill gave her five years ago has allowed her to support her younger brother and she’s indebted to the wealthy rancher. But soon her brother will be on his own and she’ll leave the tempting Benedict—and her powerful attraction to him—behind forever.

When she hands in her resignation, Benedict reveals plans of his own—ones that involve Pilar in his bed. She can handle a three month affair, no sweat. But when she starts to fall for Benedict, will she be able to handle loving him for always?

My Opinion 4 STARS
A good book based upon a young mexican woman who lost her parents aged 21 and took the responsibility of raising her 13 years old brother who will shortly be around college age.

Benedict has had a thing for Pilar  from the moment that she came into his office and asked for a job but has suffered in silence like he always does, but with the possibility of her leaving him he finally makes his move.

Pilar is a very strong woman and they both help each other in ways they didn't know they needed it, they help balance each other out.

Its a sweet read that can pull on your heartstrings as you read and see the pain that they have both endured, but then they find the pleasure of each other and Pilar falls very quickly.

Its a fast read, but an enjoyable one all the same.

REVIEW - Once Upon a Royal Christmas by Robin Bielman

The Book
Release Date: 20 October 2016
Goodreads Link

Colliding with a prince while dog walking isn’t how Rowan Palotay pictured meeting royalty, but then lately her life hasn’t gone according to plan. With one teensy tiny mistake, her job as a news reporter took a turn for the worse and now she’s lucky to have a small pet column in the local newspaper. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and magic, but she feels like she’s forever stuck on the naughty list.

Prince Theodore Chenery is in Marietta shortly after the death of his mother to meet his grandparents for the first time. When an accidental run-in—literally—with Rowan leads to an unexpected friendship, he finds himself enchanted with the outspoken, feisty country girl. She’s unlike anyone he’s ever met and her special brand of kindness and honesty make it harder and harder to remember his obligations back home.

Rowan can’t afford one more mistake, and Theo’s future is already mapped out, but when they find it impossible to fight the passion and deep-rooted emotions between them, they discover what matters most. Until their relationship makes worldwide news…and Theo must decide whether or not to follow his heart or his royal duty.

My Opinion 4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Tule Publishing, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Another brilliant book to help get you into the holiday spirit.

Rowan is one of those people that just like to help everyone around her and is not that great with thanks.  However her first meeting with Prince Theodore does not go as she had hoped.  In fact her colleague is getting to write an article on him that should have been hers.

Prince Theo is a down to earth kinda guy and has gone to his mothers home town after her death for a month to get to know his maternal grandparents and never acts like a prince.  He always seems like one of the people.

Its a really sweet story and you can't help but get swept up in the story and fall for the two characters.

Although it is part of a series it can certainly be read as a stand alone book.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

REVIEW - Christmas at the Castle (Ever After ) by Melissa McClone

The Book
Release Date: 18 October 2016
Goodreads Link

A royal wedding. A meddlesome mother. An unexpected union.

A European getaway during the Christmas holiday is exactly what veterinarian Katrina “Kat” Parsons needs. She can’t wait to be a bridesmaid in her childhood friend’s royal wedding, but she hopes to steer clear of the bride’s arrogant older brother.

Crown Prince Guillaume wants his younger sister’s wedding day to be perfect, but he’s suspicious of Kat. He and his mother on are on high alert, afraid Kat is not just there for the wedding, but also to find a prince of her own.

But when Kat’s kindness and generosity prove them wrong, the prince realizes there’s more to her than he ever imagined. Can he trust his heart or will he lose the one woman he can’t live without?

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Tule Publishing, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Kat has only gone away as her friend of fifteen years is getting married, her friend however happens to be a princess that she met at camp along with her brother, a brother who has never seemed to liked her.

Gill has never trusted Kat.  He has always thought she set her sister astray and believes her to be coming to the wedding only in order to bag herself a royal partner for her very own.  With Kat at the castle, Gill takes it upon himself to oversee that Kat does not have the chance.

But what Gill see's in Kat is not what he expected and he learns a few things along the way that very much changes his opinion of her.

With a meddlesome mother in the way Kat shows them what she is made of and sticks by her friend whatever happens and.

Its a lovely holiday romance that will help put the holiday in good cheer.

REVIEW - A Royal Christmas Princess by Scarlet Wilson

The Book
Release Date: 11 Oct 2016
Goodreads Link

After a tough year losing her mom and bills mounting, Holly Yates is in for a lonely Christmas. But when she hears a news report that the small principality of Coronia is looking for their lost princess, she recognizes her baby photo on the news and is astounded. Felix – the could-be Prince – is delighted to find her and whips her off to a snow-covered Coronia to meet her real-life ailing father where he persuades her to fall in love with the people and the place. 

Holly is so shell shocked by everything that she agrees - as long as they keep her identity secret until she makes up her mind. But can a shy girl from Baltimore really become a fairy tale princess?

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Tule Publishing, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This book is every girls dream in that she dreams she is a lost princess and is finally found and gets her moment to be the star role in the fantasy, except in Holly Yates' case it happens to be true.

Holly lost her father many years ago and only recently her mother died and the cost of the medical bills has left her with mounting debts and three jobs.

Her world is shaken upside down however when a photo of her in childhood is aired with the news that this is the lost princess of Coronia.

Felix has never wanted to be the Prince, but if he cannot find the lost Princess he has said he will take the job when his friend and mentor Prince Albert dies.

Neither Felix or Holly expect the attraction to each other and Holly gives Felix a whole new way of seeing the place that he grew up in with a realisation that he does not want to leave.

We have our villains who try and stop both Holly or Felix from getting the crown, but as i all happy endings things turn out for the best.

A brilliantly written holiday royal romance.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

BLOG TOUR - Incredible You by Lili Valente

Incredible You Author: Lili Valente 
 Release Date:October 25th 2016 
 Genre: Contemporary Romance
From the USA Today Bestselling author of Magnificent Bastard comes a sexy, flirty, dirty standalone…on ice.
They say Jake “The Dragon” Falcone earned his nickname by setting fire to the ice his first season in the NHL. But just between us ladies, I’m pretty sure he earned it for the dragon in his pants.
Lord have f*cking mercy, but the man’s been given a gift. (And I’ve heard he knows exactly how to use it.) From my first hug as his fake girlfriend, it’s clear he’s packing below the belt. After a few fake dates I realize he’s packing…everywhere.
Heart, brains, sex-vibe, and the ability to make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants—Jake is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.
He’s also my client and OFF LIMITS. Oh, and he has an ex who’s completely crazy and out for my blood.
I should steer clear, and I would, if my dragon weren’t so completely incredible…
The name sounded like a joke. Who in his right mind wants a “Miraculous Mess” running damage control on his f*cked up love life?
Well…me, it turns out.
By the time I leave her apartment on day one, I’m halfway gone on Shane “Miraculous Mess” Willoughby. By the end of our first date, I know my life won’t be complete until I’ve had this beautiful, sexy, perfectly wild woman in every filthy way I’ve imagined since our first kiss.
I want her, all of her, from the smart mouth that makes me smile to the wounded heart I know I can heal. If she’ll let me.
Can a Madison Avenue princess and a dragon from the wrong side of the tracks live happily ever after?
If I have my way, the world is about to find out.
Warning: Incredible You is a sexy, standalone romantic comedy told from BOTH the hero and the heroine's point of view. No cliffhanger. Lots of hot steamy sexy times, laugh out loud textual healing, and an aw-out-loud happily ever after.

Magnificent Bastard Cover

“You’re not a klutz,” I say, guiding her closer. “I love the way you move.”
“Yeah?” She bites her lip, bringing to mind that list of bitable body parts I hope to be getting from her later.
“Yeah,” I say, my gaze fixed on her sexy mouth. “I could watch you walk across a room all day long. Just the way your hips shift beneath your clothes drives me crazy.”
“Real life crazy,” she says softly.
“Real life crazy,” I confirm. “So crazy that on the way up in that elevator, it was all I could do not to flip the emergency switch.”
Her lashes sweep down and back up, heat flickering in her eyes. “And what would you have done after you flipped the switch, dragon?”
“I would have kissed you, princess.” I don’t bother to hide the hunger in my voice. “I would have pushed you up against the wall and kissed every part of you not covered by that sexy as fuck dress. And then I would have gone after the covered parts, just to see how far you would let me go before you told me to stop.”
“And what if I didn’t tell you to stop?” Her tongue sweeps across her lips and my cock jerks hard in my pants, losing the battle against what this woman does to me.
“Then I guess our first time would have been in an elevator.” I pull her closer, jaw clenching as her stomach presses against where I’m hard enough to slay dragons with my cock.
“Good God,” she mutters, her breath rushing out with this sexy little moan that destroys the last of my self-restraint.
“I would have had you up against the wall,” I say, speaking low so my words are for her and no one else. “But first, I would have made you come, princess. On my fingers, my mouth, my tongue. I’ve been dreaming about fucking you with my tongue since I left your apartment that first afternoon.”
“Me, too,” she whispers, arching closer. “But you have to stop.”
“No, I wouldn’t have stopped,” I promise, deliberately misunderstanding her, because I need to make that blush staining her cheeks spread across her entire body. “I wouldn’t have stopped until you were completely fucking useless, Willoughby. Until you’d come so hard your knees were weak and I had to carry you out of the elevator.”
“Jake, I—”
“But I wouldn’t have carried you into the party,” I push on. “I would have hit the ground floor button, carried your fine ass straight into a cab, and told the driver to break every traffic law required to get us to my place in five minutes. Because I wouldn’t have been able to wait more than five minutes to have you, to be inside of you.”
She trembles against me as her forehead falls to rest against my shoulder. “This is so wrong. So wrong.”
“No, it’s not,” I insist. “It’s the rightest thing I’ve felt in so damned long. And as long as you want me, too, I don’t—”
“Oh, I do.” Her words send a fierce wave of relief rushing through me. “I want you, Jake. I want you so much I can barely think of anything else.”
“And I want you. I want to be inside you so fucking bad, princess,” I whisper, my balls aching miserably between my legs. “I want to feel you come on me. I want you naked and wet and—”
“Screw the pictures.” Her breath rushes out as she grabs a fistful of my shirt and pulls me to a stop at the edge of the dance floor, her eyes hungry and wild. “I need to be alone with you, Falcone. Right fucking now.”
And that’s all I fucking need to hear.
Without another word, I wrap my arm around her waist and aim us both toward the cocktail lounge.


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Meet the Author: Lili Valente has slept under the stars in Greece, eaten dinner at midnight with French men who couldn't be trusted to keep their mouths on their food, and walked alone through Munich's red light district after dark and lived to tell the tale.
These days you can find her writing in a tent beside the sea, drinking coconut water and thinking delightfully dirty thoughts.

Connect with Lili: 

My Opinion
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

We met Shane in the previous book and she was fab then and she is fab now.

Shane has agreed to help Bash with his consulting business for free in order to help Jake 'The Dragon' Falcone with his crazy ex girlfriend.

Both Jake and Shane are the most perfect couple together and their texting had me in stitches.

The book is from both points of view, but mostly from Shane's side, and its witty, sexy and dirty and you just cannot stop from turning page after page.

Lili Valente has for a lone time now been a complete one click author for me who i know will hit another book right out of the park and straight into my favourite books section.  She has not written anything yet that i have not loved.

This is another book that must not be missed.