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REVIEW - All that Jazz (Butler Cove #3) by Natasha Boyd

The Book
Release Date: 22 March 2016
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There's something totally inconvenient about falling for your best friend's brother. Especially when he's a pompous, arrogant, albeit annoyingly sexy a-hole that you'd like to punch or kiss to death at any given moment. 

("Sexy, romantic, heartbreaking, humorous ... I absolutely gobbled it up!" ~ J. KENNER)

Joey Butler has always had that way about him, and Jazz fell hard for her best friend's brother.

Until he did the unforgivable, the summer of her senior year of high school. 

Three years later Jazz will try everything she can to protect her heart and not fall back in love with Joey. But when Joey finally admits that Jazz is the one he's always wanted, all bets are off. 

Now they'll have to relive the last summer of their love before it all fell apart, and work out if there can ever be a second chance at first love? 

This is a standalone, sexy, contemporary romance that is a spinoff from the Butler Cove/Eversea series. In the series order it appears as book 4.

My Review  5 STARS
Having seen both Joey and Jessica (Jazz) verbally spare with each other in previous books i was pretty giddy to read their story and it was even better than i could have hoped for.

This pair are perfect for each other, however being young they let their fears get in the way of them making it before adulthood.

We get a little bit of the present day before we are sent back to the time where things really changed just before Jazz's eighteenth birthday.  A time that changes them both in many ways, however we see how much Jazz had to cope with in such a short time.

when we come back to the present, Joey has finally decided what he wants and lets Jazz know, unfortunately things do not go quite as planned and there is an extended trip away before Jazz comes back and they can finally be together as they should have been all along.

I really loved this book and their story together.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

REVIEW - My Star, My Love (Butler Cove #2.5) by Natasha Boyd

The Book
Release Date: 4 October 2015
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This novella was previously released in the Mistletoe & Hollywood anthology. 

Movie star, Jack Eversea, has decided to brave his history with England and take the love of his life, Keri Ann Butler, home to meet his mother for Christmas. 

But Jolly Old England does weird things to Jack. And despite his super sweet “twelve days of Christmas” gift-giving, Keri Ann can’t quite work out if he’s about to propose or regrets bringing her home. Is he still questioning whether she can handle a few paparazzi, or is he doubting Keri Ann’s commitment to their future? 

The magnetic couple is back in a fun, sometimes poignant, but super sexy story about acceptance, building a future, and how to make love quietly in a creaky old house with one’s mother down the hall. 

This novella is an extension of the Eversea Series and should be enjoyed after reading books 1 and 2!

My Review  4 STARS
I enjoyed this short story featuring Jack and Keri Ann, when Jack takes Kerri Ann to England for the holidays and to meet his family.

A misunderstanding does happen between the pair, but that is only because Kerri Ann is reluctant to talk about the future, which hurts Jack.

It's a lovely festive read thats not too long and gives us another glimpse as to how insecure both of our characters really are.

Friday, 27 March 2020

REVIEW - Playing With Fire (Phoenix Fire #3) by Cynthia Eden

The Book
Release Date: 26 August 2014
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An Old Flame

Cassie Armstrong has plenty to atone for. The daughter of the most immoral researcher ever to pick up a scalpel, she's determined to use her own brilliance in genetics to repair the damage her family has done to the paranormals. Especially Dante, the first of the phoenixes, the one they call the Immortal. He's been haunting her dreams since she was a little girl, and she's been trying to ease his pain for almost as long. If only he remembered any of it. . .

Dante doesn't know what Cassie's story is. He almost doesn't care. The minute he sees her, all he can think is mine. But there's more to the pretty little doctor than meets the eye. And Dante isn't the only one to notice. He can't trust her, but he can't stay away—and if he wants to learn her secrets, he's going to have to fight like hell to keep them both alive. . .

My Review  3.5 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

In some ways i struggled with this book.  More often than not the book would suddenly be told from someone else point of view without warning and it was often jarring.  I usually love books by this author but this one fall short for me.

This book is full of paranormal antics, government organisations/agents gone rogue and a woman who wants to fix the wrongs that her father created.

Cassie is a scientist on a mission, used as an experiment by her father and now trying her best to fix the damage he has done to humans and paranormals in the world the only way that she know how.  Dante, a man she first met when she was only eight has always played a part in her life.  She finds him in a cage and tries to free him, however she is caught by her father and her life progresses from there.

Fast forward until she is a woman and Cassie is chasing Dante, believing that he is the cure that she needs to complete her work.  Being a phoenix however can cause problems, especially as he does not remember her her time and time again when he rises from the ashes.

So much happens in this book, so many chases, so many near missing, love, revenge, death, intentional hurting.  You almost have to take a breath when the book is finished.

The story itself was good, but i think it would have been better if the book had only been told from two point of view, Cassie and Dante.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

REVIEW - The Best Man by Winter Renshaw

The Book
Release Date: 25 March 2020
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I didn’t know her name, but I heard her laugh, tasted her lips, felt her warm skin as I held her in my arms. Together we watched our young children playing in the sand, the warm ocean lapping the shore behind them as the setting sun painted the sky. She was my soulmate and this was our life, our beautiful forever … 

Then I woke up—alone in a hospital room, connected to wires and machines. 

There was no wife. No kids. Not a single soul waiting for me. That life I dreamt of … never existed.

I’d been in a devastating wreck, a nurse told me when she rushed in. Comatose for weeks. I’d have a long road to recovery, but I was going to make it. 

From that moment on, the dream haunted me. I saw that woman’s face every time I closed my eyes, searched for her in every crowd, ached to be with a stranger I felt I’d known my entire life … and I swore that if I ever found her, I’d do anything to make her mine. 


Then I found her.

And it was both the best and worst day of my life because the woman of my dreams … was about to marry my best friend.

My Review  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I really did enjoy this book and it is quite different to anything that i have read before.

Cainan wakes up from a coma convinced that he has a wife and two children, but is confused when his sister tells him that he is not even married.  The then is consumed with the woman from his dreams, although he gets on with getting better and going back to work.

It is only when his shitty best friend announces that he is getting married and Cainan finally meets the woman, she is the woman from his dreams.  She is also the woman who saw his accident and saved his life.

Most of the book deals with both male and Brielle, and we find out sinister things are happening with Grant.  However Cainan and Brielle fight their attraction for each other.

It is only near the end do Brielle and Cainan get together and we get happily ever after, but only when she has broken up with Grant and Cainan can tell her more of the truth.

Each Winter Renshaw book seems to get better and better and i liked the way that this story panned out and that there was a little from tbeyond the grave mystery to it too.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

REVIEW - Royal Package by Lili Valente

The Book
Release Date: 7 April 2020
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The Royal Package is a legend in its own time, a pleasure-giving national treasure I’m far too generous to keep to myself.

But I have one rule: No good girls.

And they don’t get much nicer than sugar-and-spice Princess Elizabeth.

You’d think a woman who designs lingerie would be sexy and fun.

You would be wrong. 

My fiancée is a dreary little mouse, and I have no doubt we’ll make each other miserable if we go through with our arranged marriage.

But I can’t dishonor my grandfather’s dying wish.

 Which leaves me one choice—make my sweet fiancée so miserable during our engagement festivities that she calls it quits.

Operation Prince Charmless will get her out of my hair. And then I'm back to Sexy Single Ruler business as usual.

Or that’s the plan… 

But my fiancée is feistier than I remembered. Sexier, too. And she loves spur-of-the-moment adventures as much as I do. 

And did I mention that she hates my guts?

Looks like the Royal Package and I are in for more than we bargained for…

My Review  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I really enjoyed reading this book and the chemistry that Sabrina and Andrew had together, even though Sabrina was pretending to be her twin Elizabeth and Andrew was being a turd.

Sabrina is a triplet, but has an identical twin sister Elizabeth.  Elizabeth has been betrothed to Andrew since the pair were little and have had regular phone calls.  Elizabeth designs and makes underwear and asks Sabrina to take her place for a month for the Engagement celebrations.  It ends up harder than Sabrina thinks, especially having to try and be her sister who stutters.

Andrew decides he wants Elizabeth to back out so tries to change her mind, meanwhile Sabrina keeps being more herself, but trying hard to keep everything on track.

When Sabrina realises whats happening, she takes matters into her own hands, when Andrew thinks that the twins have switched, her changes thing up.

In the end both end up somewhere they didn't expect and fall for each other hard.

I really enjoyed the story and the way these two played around with each other along with the respect for duty and others they have.  Both characters are well suited and will certainly bring the best out of each other.

Another really well written book by the author.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

REVIEW - Unconventional by Krista Wolf

The Book
Release Date: 11 September 2019
Goodreads Link

They were three ripped, gorgeous studs. Drawn together by a common goal, and a willingness to share absolutely everything... including me. 

I never expected to end up in Scotland, renovating a castle of all things! But fate landed me here, just as it brought me two sizzling construction workers and a breathtaking, tattooed stonemason. Three fellow Americans hellbent on helping me keep the property from going back up for auction. 

But something sinister has been showing up at night, out near the woods. And when outside forces start aligning against me, my three amazing saviors propose a very unorthodox, unconventional arrangement... involving the three of them, and me

First Julian, broad-shouldered and gargantuan, deliciously tattooed and alpha beyond my wildest dreams. Noah, the Brooklyn-raised transplant, shredded and beautiful yet harboring a mysterious past. Finally, Chase - Green-eyed and gorgeous, with model good looks. The jawline of a Greek god, and a smile that would set off an explosion of butterflies in any girl's stomach. 

Together we're an unstoppable team; an insatiable maelstrom of dripping hot chemistry, with me lost in a sea of rock-hard abs and rippling muscle. 

But Castle Westgate also hides its own forbidden secret. One so incredible, that if finally revealed, could intertwine all four of our lives forever... 

UNCONVENTIONAL is a sizzling, stand-alone reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and molten hot action, in single and multiple partner scenes, hot enough to melt your kindle. HEA guaranteed! 

My Review  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

The story for this book is based in Scotland, however there are a couple of times that i can tell that it's an American author as at least once the word connection was not right.

Madison is originally from California, but moved to Scotland two years ago when her uncle became ill and needed her, when he dies, her leaves her a castle that needs to be fixed before a deadline or the castle will be sold to someone who will fix it as it is a heritage place.

Madison has slowly be letting go of hired employees to fix the castle as she is running out of funds.  There are just three people left, stonemason Julian, Chase and Noah and all three are men that Madison giggles and flirts with as she brings them lemonade once a day.  All three of the men work long hard hours to help fix the keep and castle.

All three men want Madison and it is only when she invites them for dinner once evening that everything changes as they decide that they want HER for desert.

Things also take on a suspense turn when supplies go missing, Madison sees strange things outside at night along with the fact that new additions keeps being added to the  list of improvements that HAVE to be done before she can keep the castle still within the time frame.  Someone also turns up who wants to buy the castle from her.

The guys through different circumstances end up staying with Madison and a new normal is begun.

It's a well written story with lots of smut and sexy timesaving with a keep you guessing story as to how they will get their happy ever after.  I also loved that at the end after the epilogue that you can download another epilogue further down the line t see how that they are all getting on.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

REVIEW - Forever, Jack (Butler Cove #2) by Natasha Boyd

The Book
Release Date: 25 November 2013

A feisty small-town girl and the Hollywood star who broke her heart

An all-consuming love threatened by fame

One last chance at FOREVER

Keri Ann Butler's life changed on the night she met movie star, Jack Eversea. She thought she knew a Jack that was very different from the man adored by fans the world over. In the wake of his betrayal and abandonment, Keri Ann has had to pick up and move forward with the life she was supposed to live and has put off far too long. 

Suddenly Jack is back, and his explanations for why he left seem more and more plausible, and his declarations more seductive. But being Jack's latest tabloid accessory isn't on Keri Ann's career agenda, no matter how much she is attracted to him. And how can she can ever trust him again?

Jack knows he let the only 'real' thing that ever happened to him slip through his fingers. And his hands have been tied to try and stop it. Until Now.

Jack is now fighting to save his relationship with Keri Ann, even as his crazy life threatens to tear them apart. Again. The question is, can he convince her she can have it all? And have him? Forever?

Read how it all began in “Eversea “…


Forever, Jack is the sequel to Eversea (released June 2013)

My Review  5 STARS
**Copy Provided by Netgalley and Headline Eternal for an honest review**

As usual when i have left a book on my kindle for too long and i finally get round to realigning it, i am now kicking myself for leaving it so long.

The book is told from dual point of view and it is really nice to be able to have Jack's voice as the relationship continues and Keri Ann and Jack get to know each other better, but to understand each others world a little more.

There is a lot of depth to the characters and the book has all the feels to it with the supporting characters being well rounded too.

Jack was certainly ready to fight to get Keri Ann back in life and would do what he needed to do for her to realise everything that he had done and would do to protect her and keep her in his life, whereas Keri Ann seemed to have a little push pull towards him, but wanted her own dreams too.  Keri Ann did annoy me a little but, overall, the pair really complimented each other.

Another really great instalment of this series.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

REVIEW - My Way to You (Canyon Creek #1) by Catherine Bybee

The Book
Release Date: 10 March 2020
Goodreads Link

A woman’s journey through tragedy leads to the discovery of love in a novel about hope and survival by New York Timesbestselling author Catherine Bybee.
When a wildfire nearly destroys Parker Sinclair’s family home, it’s just one more disaster to add to her mountain of stress. For the past two years, she has shouldered the responsibility of raising her younger brother and sister after their parents’ untimely deaths. Forced to leave college for a crappy job that barely pays the bills, Parker manages her family property, which consumes every aspect of her life. Now winter is coming and the forecast isn’t spreading sunshine on the dark cloud over her head. The last thing Parker needs is a mudslide destroying everything she has worked so hard to maintain.
Colin Hudson’s job as a public works supervisor is to protect Parker’s property and neighborhood from further damage. But it’s a little hard when the owner of the land is a control freak who tries to do everything herself. The hardworking, attractive young woman is far from the “hot mess” she claims to be. In fact, her tight grip of control is one of the things that attract him the most. It’s also the hardest to crack. Now Colin’s working overtime to help Parker open up her heart, trust him, and let him in.
As Parker and Colin work together to keep her home and neighborhood safe, they may be in for another disaster. Or they may just realize that sometimes it takes destruction to create something new.


“Excuse me?” 

Parker turned toward the sound of the male voice and brushed aside hair that had fallen out of her ponytail. The sun glared in her eyes, making it difficult to get a clear picture of the man standing on the other side of her gate. 

“Hello,” she greeted him. 

“Do you live here?” 

Probably a neighbor, she thought to herself. They’d shown up constantly after the fire to see how close the flames had actually come to their homes. Many of them invited themselves in without knocking. That was until she paid to have someone come in and fix the broken gate and stop the trespassers. 

“I would hope so,” she said, waving the pruner in her hands. “I don’t think I would take this job for actual money.” The closer she got to the gate, the better the features of the man came into focus. He stood at least three inches taller than her, no easy task when she was five nine. Broad shoulders and arms that didn’t look like they slaved in an office all day. He wore jeans. It had to be over a hundred degrees, and the man wore jeans. 

And filled them out nicely, if she wasn’t too tired to notice. 

Parker forced her gaze back to his face, his eyes hidden by his sunglasses; his thick brown hair wasn’t covered by a hat. 

She stopped in front of him, the gate to the property a clear division. The intense set of his jaw softened slightly. “Is your, ah … husband here?” 

Three years ago, in a bar … or while out with friends, she would have instantly denied a lack of a husband. Out here, with a stranger … even an attractive one standing at her front door, she wasn’t about to correct him. “Who’s asking?” 

The man’s smile fell and he quickly removed his sunglasses. “I’m sorry. My name is Colin Hudson. Colin to my friends.” 

“What can I do for you, Mr. Hudson?” She wasn’t about to call him by his first name. 

“I work with the Public Works Department and wanted to see if you’d let me take a quick look at the wash that runs through your property.” He reached into his back pocket and removed his wallet. Out came a business card that he handed her through the bars of the iron gate. 

She had to move close enough to take the card, but retreated once she had it in her fingertips. 

He instantly shoved his hands in his front pockets and took a step back. 

The card looked legit. Parker reminded herself that anyone with a computer could make a business card. “Does your department work on Saturdays, Mr. Hudson?” 

“All the time.” 

She peered beyond the gate, didn’t see a car. “Did you walk here?” 

Mr. Hudson looked over his shoulder, pointed his thumb down the street. “I have a company truck. I parked around the corner.” 

“Ah-huh.” She wanted to believe him. His caramel brown eyes looked kind enough. “Even Ted Bundy was good-looking,” she said loud enough for him to hear. 

Parker looked up to find him staring, his mouth gaped open. “That’s a first.” 

“Sorry.” Not sorry. “By-product of being a lone woman on a large piece of property with a stranger asking to come in. Business card aside, you could be anyone.” 

He lifted his hands in the air. “Very wise. I hope my sister would do the same. I was just hoping to get an eye on the canyon before Monday’s meeting. But I can wait.” 

She relaxed her grip on the tree pruner. “What meeting?” 

“The city and county are meeting to discuss the concerns of the watershed after the fire. We’re developing a plan to preserve property during the winter. If I could take a quick look it would help.”

“You mean prevent mudslides?” 

Control mudslides,” he corrected her. 

She shifted from foot to foot. “You can do that?” 

“It’s a big part of our job.” He smiled, looked over her shoulder. “I can wait. I don’t want to make you uneasy.” 

Parker looked back toward the house. “Tell you what. You go get your company truck and I’ll grab a snake fork and show you the wash.” 

His eyes narrowed with an unasked question. 

“It’s summer. Rattlesnakes are a thing,” she explained. 

“You sure?” 

Yeah, she was sure. “I’ll open the gate. You can park inside.”

My Review  5 STARS
**Copy Provided by Netgalley and Montlake Romance for an honest review**

This book is what happens when authors have traumatic weather experiences in their lives, they use their experience to create yet another very realistic set of events that the characters have to go though and survive.

Parker Sinclair is only 26, yet after the death of her parents is the guardians of her brother and sister and the breadwinner, keeping the house together.

After a wildfire however, Parker now has to content with strangers on her property and heavy rains and the County trucks helping to contain the damage the rains are going to cause.

Parker is a very strong character and deals with the day to day, not really the future, especially her future. It is when the County come to her home to do damage flood control that she meets Colin.

Colin is from a very close family and we get to meet all of them and a cousin, all of whom seem really nice.  Colin is a little pushy and likes to get his own way with helping others, however Parker is no pushover and often forgets that she can ask for help, she just gets on and does things which frustrates Colin.

Colin shows that he is a constant and is always there for Parker, even when she doesn't know she needs it.

Its a brilliantly told tale and i really hope that Erin gets a happy ever after.

About the Author
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee has written thirty-four books that have collectively sold more than seven million copies and have been translated into more than eighteen languages. Raised in Washington State, Bybee moved to Southern California in the hope of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned the Not Quite series, the Weekday Brides series, the Most Likely To series, and the First Wives series. For more information on the author, visit

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REVIEW - Eversea (Butler Cove #1) by Natasha Boyd

The Book
Release Date: 4 June 2013
Goodreads Link

An orphaned, small-town, southern girl, held hostage by responsibility and self-doubt.

A Hollywood A-list mega-star, on the run from his latest scandal and with everything to lose. 

A chance encounter that leads to an unlikely arrangement and epic love affair that will change them both forever. 

When his co-star and real-life girlfriend is caught cheating on him with her new director, A-list hottie, Jack Eversea, finds himself in sleepy Butler Cove, South Carolina. Jack hopes the sultry southern heat in this tiny coastal Lowcountry town will hide him not only from the tabloids and his cheating girlfriend, but his increasingly vapid life and the people who run it. He doesn’t count on meeting Keri Ann Butler. 

Keri Ann has relied on herself so long, dealing with her family’s death and the responsibilities of keeping up her family's historic mansion, that boys and certainly the meager offering of eligible boys in Butler Cove, have never figured into her equation. But fate has other plans. Suddenly face to face with the man who played the movie role of her favorite fictional character, Jack has Keri Ann yearning for everything she has previously avoided ... and Jack must decide whether this funny, sassy girl is worth changing his life for, before his mistakes catch up to him.

My Review  5 STARS
This book ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, so if you don't like them this series may not be for you, but as the series has been out for a while it should pose no problems now.

Keri Ann is from a small costal town and when Hollywood star Jack Eversea turns up out of the blue hiding from his life for a while, she gets sucked into his orbit as he decides that she is the one that he will trust.

An agreement that she will get his groceries for handyman tasks around her house turns into more when the chemistry gets hotter and the attempt to stay away just proves too much for them.

Keri Ann has some good friends and people around her and they are there when she needs them the most, especially after Jack's ex turns up with devastating news.
The book is told from Keri Ann's point of view but at the end we do get a chapter from Jack's side of things.

There is good chemistry between the pair and Keri Ann is quite grown up in the way that she handles things, though Jack is slow to open up, he wants Keri Ann like know one before her.

I can't wait to see how things progress with the second book.

REVIEW - Make Me Whole (Montana Dudes #1) by A.K. MacBride

The Book
Release Date: 12 March 2020
Goodreads Link

I came to Walker Ranch hoping to heal my tattered heart and bruised soul. To find a quiet place to pick up the scattered pieces of my life.

Instead... I found him. 

With his dark hair and piercing blue eyes, Bradley set my pulse on fire with a single glance. Unable to resist the magnetic chemistry between us, we give in to temptation and lose ourselves in our passionate connection. 

As we become closer, I realize he’s just as broken as I am. Both of us haunted by our pasts. But it’s the demons of mine that push to the surface and threaten to destroy our newfound happiness.

Can I find a way to piece both of our hearts back together? Or will what’s left of mine be shattered beyond repair?

My Review  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the first book that i have read by this author and it certainly shall not be the last.

It's a slow burn book and both characters have little issues, however both have people around them to help them past their problems and it is Bradley that steps up and pushes Hailey past and into the future.

It is Bradley's whole family and his sister and her friend that bring Hailey out of herself and into a world that accepts her for who she is, past problems and all.  They accept and just take her at face value as we all make mistakes.

Bradley has never had committed relationships, a by product of his mother leaving when he was young, however when he meets Hailey, something changes in him and he finds himself wanting more and doing things he would never have done with other woman before.

With his father making more of an effort at a relationship Bradley gets a more stable family life and Hailey finds that with the acceptance of her last she can finally let go and face a future with happiness.

A really great read and certainly one i would recommend.