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Naked Edge by Charli Webb

The Book
Release Date: 9 January 2014

The first time Skylar and Rowdy give themselves to each other completely—heart, mind, body and soul—is also the night Skylar disappears without a trace. Rowdy promised to love her forever. But forever is a long time when you’re only seventeen.

After years of waiting, Rowdy gives up on Skylar and tries to purge her memory with cheap tequila and one night stands.

When Skylar finally returns, Rowdy is no longer the shy, sweet boy she fell in love with. He’s a gorgeous, hard-bodied, paramedic and an expert in just about every type of mountain wilderness rescue.

He’s also bitter, angry and determined to protect what remains of his shattered heart. Skylar’s determined to reclaim it, but first she has to put it back together.
My Opinion  4.5 STARS
** I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review**

When I first read the synopsis for this book I was like, yeah this sounds like something that I could read.  Boy am I glad that I was give a chance to read it.

This book pretty much has it all.  Broken hearts, love, the best of friends, awesome family members and crazy aced women.  Not forgetting attempted murder, blackmail and some seriously hot romance scenes.

Skylar was not afraid to go what what she wanted, but she was also sensible to take things slowly with Rowdy.  He in turn did listen to her explanations and did give her the respect and faith that a man in love should do.  At no point what-so-ever did he ever pressure her.

I loved the crazy step sister.  She really did have the right amount of crazy given to her so that you can't help but not like her.  She really does go completely nuts, not that she was particularly pleasant to begin with.

I was completely hook by the story and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series to learn more of Wade and Cherri, Derek and Boone.  That costa Rica spring break also sounds as if its going to be fun reading.  

BLOG TOUR - Getting Inside of V Series by Kate Lynne

The Book
Release Date: 18 September 2013

The name's V. I'm beautiful in every sense of the word physically. But on the inside, I'm a black pit. 

If you're expecting a happily ever after, a white picket fence and 2.5 kids; then this isn't the story for you.

There aren't any happily ever afters in the works for me or those whose lives I poison.

I hold the key to my pleasure and I'll be damned if I ever give it up again.

God forsake those that stand in my way of ultimate gratification.

You may regret me, but you'll never forget me.

Use or Be Used, there are no other options.

** Warning ** 18 years and up for adult situations, language, sexual content, and violence. * This story contains dirty words, dirty sex and an even dirtier twist. **

The Book
Release Date: 26 November 2013

You didn't honestly think you could get rid of me just yet, did you? 

New town, new faces and by far my biggest conquest yet. I will have him. There is no doubt in my mind.


His name rolls right off my tongue and drips deep down to my core.

Tall, dark and undeniably handsome.

Seducing is the name of the game, but he’s not falling for it…Yet!

Of course that doesn't deter me. You should know me better by now.

The only thing left to do is up the ante’. My cold, dead heart at the center of the prize table, up for grabs to my next victim.

Until it suddenly starts to beat again.

Don't panic, I know I'm not. Temporary malfunction, that's all! Nothing more, nothing less.

My heart must be confused. Simply. Fucking. Confused.

* WARNING * 18 years and up for adult situations, language, sexual content, and violence.

The Book
Release Date: to be announced

My finger is on the tigger.

Steady. Aim. Fire.

I'm determined to finish what I've started.

I am a lot of things, but a quitter isn't on the list.

I'm not asking for love, hope or even pity.

In fact, if you give me any of those things, it may be you with the gun aimed at your heart.

All I've ever asked is to be understood.

Unfortunately, for the person that finally does, they'll be the one to take the bullet.

* WARNING * 18 years and up for adult situations, language, sexual content, and violence.

About the Author
23 Years Young.
Manager for an assisted living program working with mentally challenged adults.
Currently pursuing my degree in Music Therapy.
Loves Music, writing and reading.
Has a cockapoo dog named Jezebella that is closest thing I have to a child. She's a handful, but I love her.
Currently resides in Michigan, USA.
Addicted to Lip Gloss, Oreos and Sleep.
Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon US

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Guardian For Hire (For Hire #2) by Christine Bell

The Book
Release Date: 4 January 2014

Psychologist Sarabeth Lucking’s life is turned upside down when the upscale couples’ retreat she works for winds up embroiled in the biggest scandal of the year. With her reputation in tatters, she can’t imagine things getting worse, until her former co-workers are murdered, one by one. A bad-ass, ex-Army Ranger might be able to keep her safe, but something tells her she’s getting more than she bargained for...

Gavin McClintock grew up on the streets of Edinburgh, and protecting prissy Dr. Stick-Up-Her-Rear isn’t high on his list of things to do. Still, a promise is a promise, and he’ll need a clear head if he’s going to keep her off the growing list of victims. He didn’t count on the fire in her, or how distracted he’d be by her. As the flames grow hotter, he starts to wonder if she’s the one who needs protecting.

Will Sarabeth and Gavin outrun a killer and give into the passion burning between them?

My Opinion  2.5 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

If I'm completely honest this book fell completely flat for me.  

Neither of the characters grabbed me and who entire romance fell short.  It didn't leave me wanting more, and I really struggled to read this book.  Even the romance itself fell flat.  Considering the leading lady was a psychologist, you wondered how she got there as she seemed to get dumber and dumber and just mill about.

Nothing about this story drew me and and with that I am completely disappointed as it doesn't take much to hold my interest.  Yes the story ticked along, ticked a few boxes, but its not a book I would recommend to anyone.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

COVER REVEAL - Only For You by Tista Ray

The Book
Release Date: February / March 2014

It is said that people’s lives are tales of two great journeys - the pursuit of happiness and the search for true love.

Edward seems to have achieved one of these ultimate goals by falling in love with Daisy.

But in his quest for true love, will he be willing to let go of his one special friend, and perhaps, sacrifice his chance for happiness?

If there’s a choice between love and friendship, would Edward sacrifice one for the other? Would he be able to live with his choice and never ask himself what if he chose the other?

Author Contact Information
Twitter    |     Facebook    |    Goodreads    |   Website

Giveaway Rules:
 (1)   Only those who purchases the book 'Only For You' and shows the purchase receipt to the author are eligible for winning the freebies.
 (2) Others will only contest for the giveaway to win a cameo appearance in the writer's next writing and a few sample chapters of the 'Only For You' (1 winner only).

Wife for Hire (For Hire #1) by Christine Bell

The Book
Release Date: 18 August 2012

He needs a wife for three weeks…

Owen Phipps is out for revenge. His mission? To expose the man who stole his sister’s money and dignity. All he needs is a “wife” who can play along. Too bad his last best hope is an actress who tries to mace him with perfume when he offers her the role of a lifetime.

Lindy Knight is a real sap. She loves too hard, feels too deep, and often finds herself saying yes when she should be saying “Let me think about it.” She can’t believe her good fortune when Owen offers her more than enough money to hold off foreclosure until she can find a job. Three weeks at a resort, money she desperately needs, and she gets to help bring a criminal to justice? Score.

It seems easy enough until the first time a couples bonding game turns intimate, and they realize how dangerous their mutual attraction could be. Can they keep their hands to themselves long enough to find the evidence Owen needs? Or are the close quarters more temptation than they can handle?

My Opinion  3 STARS
He needed a wife for three weeks and she needed money.

The first meeting between the two has comedy moments, but the rest of the book is fairly soft.

Owen's Irish language doesn't feature as much as i thought it would, which is a shame and Lindy showed herself to have a soft gooey center.

The end of the book gave decent closure to the task and with the couple, where we got a decent view of Owen's change of heart and feelings.

A decent read.

Friday, 24 January 2014

The Sheriff catches a bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek #5) by Cora Seton

The Book
Release Date: 12 January 2014

When county sheriff Cab Johnson gets a hunch, he’s learned to trust it, and his hunch tells him Rose Bellingham is in a peck of trouble. Bad enough he’s in love with her, bad enough she’s already engaged to Jason Thayer. He’s got to figure out what she’s hiding before he loses her for good.

Rose can’t stand one more person meddling in her business, even if that person is a handsome, eligible sheriff. She’s been controlled for far too long. But since her fiancé’s father is both her boss and landlord, she can’t dump Jason until she’s got somewhere to run. She’s found the perfect place: a patch of forest outside town. But with Cab watching her every move, she’s hard pressed to finish her hideaway so she can make her escape. Meanwhile, she’s not the only one with problems. Can she find a way to help her friends, too?

Just when Cab solves one mystery, more pop up. Where does Rose keep disappearing to? What’s wrong with Mia Start? Why is Hannah Chatham lying to her fiancé? At least he’s let Rose know he’s interested. And if he’s not mistaken, she’s interested, too.

Rose’s hideaway is perfect, until her friends invade it to escape their own troubles. Can she trust them to keep its whereabouts a secret? Does she want to hide from Cab anymore? Now that Jason’s out of the picture, is it safe to follow her heart?

When two unexpected visitors arrive with secrets of their own, Chance Creek must brace for its deadliest night ever. Can Cab figure out the connections between all the mysteries fast enough?

Or will Rose and her friends pay the ultimate price?

My Opinion  5 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and One Acre Press for an honest review**

This book was better than the first. Soooo much happened and there was a slight edge of mystery that kept me hooked.

Both Rose and Cab were good characters and of course it was good to see the previous characters getting involved again.

New characters were added in the way of Mia and we got to see more of Hannah. Hopefully they get a story with a happy ending.

Some issues also get solved in the way of Aria Cruz and how she spent the money and we also meet Fila, an American captured by the Taliban at twelve.

Im sooo looking forward to the next series in which we get to know the Matheson brothers better.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

CHAPTER REVEAL - Be with Me (Wait for You #2) by J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

We are thrilled to get to share with you the first 5 chapters from BE WITH ME! This is the next book in the With You Saga by Jennifer L. Armentrout, writing as J. Lynn, and is being published by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins. These 5 chapters should get you ready because BE WITH ME releases on February 4th! Check out all of the information we have for you below, read the first 5 chapters, and then go pre-order your copy ASAP!

BE WITH ME Synopsis:
From the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Wait for You

Do Teresa and Jase have a real shot at getting together or will life get in the way?

Teresa Hamilton is having a rough year—she's in love with her big brother's best friend, but he hasn't spoken to her since they shared a truly amazing, mind-blowing, life-changing kiss. Then she got out of a terrible relationship. Now an injury is threatening to end her dance career for good. It's time for plan B: college. And maybe she'll have a chance to convince Jase that what they have together is real.

Jase Winstead has a huge secret that he's not telling anyone—especially not his best friend's incredibly beautiful sister. Even though he and Teresa shared the hottest kiss of his life, he knows that his responsibilities must take priority. He certainly doesn't have time for a relationship. But it doesn't help that all he can think about is kissing the one girl who could ruin everything for him.

As they're thrown together more and more, Jase and Teresa can't keep denying their feelings for each other. But a familiar danger looms and tragedy strikes. As the campus recovers, the star-crossed couple must decide what they're willing to risk to be together and what they're willing to lose if they're not. . . .

* Amazon * Barnes and Noble *

Jennifer L. Armentrout/J.Lynn:
# 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV.

She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

* Website * Twitter * Facebook * J.Lynn * Jennifer L. Armentrout * Goodreads *

The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire (The Cowboys of Chance Creek #4) by Cora Seton

The Book
Release Date: 5 November 2013

Bella Chatham will lose everything – her veterinary practice, her animal shelter, and even her home – if she can’t find another source of income, fast. So when her best friend signs her up for the hot new reality television show, Can You Beat a Billionaire, Bella accepts the challenge and hopes against hope she can win the ten million dollar prize. If she doesn’t, it’s bye-bye pet clinic and shelter, bye-bye Chance Creek, Montana, and hello to marriage to the billionaire for a year! 

Evan Mortimer, billionaire, can’t believe he’s reduced to competing in a television contest to win a wife. Unfortunately, it’s the only foolproof way to secure his position as head of Mortimer Innovations. At least he’ll be able to dump his “spouse” at the end of the year. He has no intention of getting hitched for life.

Bella doesn’t expect her adversary to be handsome – or funny, or compassionate – but Evan’s all three, and he’s proving a tough competitor, too. When they end up sharing a tent – and a sleeping-bag – her body betrays her with a longing so deep it cuts her to the core. Still, this cowgirl must stay strong. If Evan uncovers her secret fears, he’ll use them to win the contest – and then he’ll own her for a year. She’ll be out of luck, out of cash, and stuck being Mrs. Mortimer until he kicks her to the curb. Too bad she can’t decide which is worse – winning the show and losing Evan forever, or losing the show and only being his temporary wife.

Evan can’t believe he’s falling for the one woman who doesn’t want him. This cowgirl’s not impressed by his money, his name, or his inability to sleep in a tent with her for an entire night, but every look and touch she gives him sends his desire through the roof. With a director determined to use his claustrophobia to make him look like a fool, and an adversary so sexy he can hardly see straight, he’ll need all his savvy to come out on top. Too bad he’s going to lose no matter how this show turns out. If he beats Bella, he’ll destroy the first woman he’s ever loved. If he doesn’t beat her, it’s bye-bye Mortimer Innovations.

Will either of them remember in time that it’s not who wins or who loses – it’s how they play the game that really counts?

My Opinion  3 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and One Acre Press for an honest review**

Although Bella is from Chance Creek, Montana, the majority takes place in a national park in Canada and away from our beloved our residents of Chance Creek.

As the other members of the community were not really involved i struggled a little with this book. It quite literally focused on our two characters and their trials in regards to the TV competition they have entered.

Evan finds the tasks fairly easy other than his claustrophobia, but the stakes seem slightly biased on his behalf and the both find hurdles to overcome.

I was disappointed in the ending. I found that when Bella got home it was all a little rushed so that we missed out on reunions and i felt left out.

I also found the eventual physical getting together of the couple unrealistic it happened all so fast.

Never-the-less it was a good book, just not as good as the books before it.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Cowboy Imports a Bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek #3) by Cora Seton

The Book
Release Date: 3 September 2013

Rob Matheson's a fighter. Flattening enemies with his fists or with his legendary practical jokes, he's a tough enemy, and a troublesome friend. But Rob doesn't know how much longer he can keep up the act. As his buddies get married one by one, he's left with his lonely life - and the sinking feeling he lost more than his dreams when he traded them for a thick skin. Now Rob's father has issued a challenge - he'll give 200 acres of prime Montana ranchland to the first of his four sons to wed. No conditions, no meddling. Could this be a chance to become the man he really wants to be?

Morgan Tate's worked for years to climb the ladder to a top job at Cassidy Wineries, but Duncan Cassidy, the boss' son, always stands in her way. Now he’s issued an ultimatum; marry him or he’ll make sure she never works in the wine industry again. Morgan wants marriage - and a family - but not with Duncan. A certain cowboy in Chance Creek, Montana, has stolen her heart.

When Rob offers Morgan a proposition - marry him and split the land - they both find themselves with an ethical dilemma. They don't know each other well enough to wed, but they can't lie about their intentions before God and man, either.

Now they've got sixty days to fall in love, and a passel of family and friends determined to keep them apart. The victims of Rob's previous jokes are lining up to get their revenge, and Morgan's half-sister, Claire, is stirring up their mother's past.

Will it take the biggest practical joke of all to convince the world - and themselves - that they're truly meant to be man and wife?

My Opinion  4 STARS
This book starts with Robs father putting a bargain on the table with his sons for a parcel of land.

Morgan and Rob had first had in interest in each other in book two and she is the only one he can see a marriage working with.

Poor working conditions and the possibility of owning her own vines along with lust make her agree to a marriage bargain, but with conditions. However not all are happy with their plans for the land and many arguments between the families ensue.

With Rob being a practical joker i had hoped there would be more of them in this book and was slightly disappointed they weren't there.

This couple also seemed stronger than the others even with the families tearing at them. They were a brilliant couple who stuck up for each other and their future.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Cowboy Wins a Bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek #2) by Cora Seton

The Book
Release Date: 28 May 2013

All Jamie Lassiter wants is to marry his best friend’s sister and settle down for the rest of his life in Chance Creek. He’s saved his money, bought into the Cruz Guest Ranch and he’s ready for that wedding, but Claire Cruz is nowhere to be found.

Claire’s too busy leaving Montana behind to care about cowboys or their wedding plans. She’s got plans of her own – a trip around the world. She’ll go as soon as she buys her tickets and she doesn’t care if she ever sees Chance Creek again.

Desperate to change Claire’s mind, Jamie proposes a bet: give him six weeks to convince her to marry him. If he can’t, he’ll pay for her round-the-world tickets himself.

Claire can wait six weeks if it means free tickets and a chance to get a little revenge on a man who once broke her heart. She’s got only one stipulation: Jamie can’t touch or flirt with her – or any other woman – while the bet is on.

Now Jamie’s on the run from a bevy of cowboy-groupie ranch guests, and Claire’s learning she cares about the ranch – and Jamie – more than she dreamed possible.

Maybe it’s time to lose that bet.

As long as Jamie loses it first.

My Opinion  4 STARS
This book takes place straight where book one left off. On the lawn getting ready for the wedding of Ethan and Autumn.

Lots happens in this book. Ethan and Autumn get married where there is proposal. Ethan and Claire get a surprise visitor, and a group of women decent on the ranch as the first paying guests.

As you can imagine the woman are a little rambunctious and cause a little havoc, especially as Jamie is on a bet with Claire where he has to keep his hands off her and not flirt with another woman. He is determined to keep true to his word, even when at times he is severally tested.

All the boys play a part, Ethan, Cab, Rob and his brothers. All the single and unattached men help out with getting the paying guests happy and settled with their week. Even making the personal touch where required. :)

Claire has a lot from her life to sort through, her emotions, her job and Jamie. She learns what she really wants in life and see's that her anger has fuelled her past decisions. It is the man she grew up with that helps in showing her what she really wants in life, even if she kinda already new but was to afraid to say.

A really sweet tale with new characters thrown in for us to get to know.

The Cowboy's E-Mail Order Bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek #1) by Cora Seton

The Book
Release Date: 30 April 2013

Ethan Cruz should be mending fences on his Montana ranch, but instead he’s driving to the Chance Creek, Montana, airport – to pick up the bride he didn’t know he had. This latest salvo in his ongoing practical joke battle with his best friend, Rob Matheson, has gone too far, and Ethan plans to send his “bride” right back home, then get busy plotting his revenge. One look at Autumn Leeds changes his mind, however. Perhaps he needs a bride, after all. A breathtakingly beautiful city bride.

Autumn Leeds needs a story – fast – or she’s going to lose her lucrative contract with CityPretty Magazine, so when she sees the crazy video plea for a modern mail-order bride for a cowboy, it sounds like the story of the century. Making a video of her own, she casts herself as the perfect mail-order bride for a rancher, but when she finally reaches Montana, she’s surprised to find Ethan’s the perfect cowboy husband-to-be. Against her better judgment, her plan to keep her handsome groom at arm’s length disintegrates into a night of passion spent in his arms.

Ethan knows he can’t keep playing this game – he has to come clean with Autumn and tell her the truth; about the practical joke and about the state of his ranch. He’s about to lose it all because of the debts his mother racked up before his parents’ deaths. Now his sister, Claire, wants to sell the ranch and collect what little money they can. He’ll be out of a home and a job, and in no shape to support the bride he desperately wants to marry, after all.

Autumn’s in bigger trouble than ever. Not only has she fallen in love with the subject of her expose – she might be carrying his child. If she doesn’t write this article and secure her contract for another year, she’ll lose everything – her career, her apartment, and more importantly, her family’s approval. The only alternative is to stay and marry Ethan. But how can she trust a man she’s just met when she knows too well that men always let you down?

Can a love based on lies last?

My Opinion  5 STARS
I really liked this story and it is a perfect book to read on a warm summers day.

I loved the idea that a match was found over You Tube because of a joke played by friends. 

Both autumn and Ethan seemed really nice individuals and it was nice that Autumn did not have any hangups from the way she was raised by her mother. I also loved how soft Ethan really was on the inside. 

Hot male body with a soft gooey inside.... Yummy.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe (Serafina's #3) by Marie Treanor

The Book
Release Date: 29 October 2013

Delicious, deadly distraction...

Jack Urquhart, over-qualified and underpaid researcher for Serafina's Psychic Investigations, has a big decision to make: stay in his fun, dead-end job, or grow up and join the family firm. On his way to give the family his decision, he's delighted to be side-tracked into the case of a rock singer's mother who vanished into thin air before several admittedly wasted witnesses, leaving behind only a half-made shoe. 

But Sinead's disappearance isn't the only weird happening at Roxy's housewarming party in the Scottish Highlands. There's satanic rock band, Grimm and the Reapers, plus ghosts, banging walls, a zombie dog, and, very probably, migrating leprechauns. Most worrying of all to Roxy, quiet, clever Jack excites her muse and all her senses as no other man ever has. Meanwhile, hedonistic rock star Mike Grimm is determined to get Roxy back in his bed by any means.

It takes the combined might of Serafina's to defeat the forces haunting Roxy's house and find Sinead. And it takes the sexy, wise, turbulent Roxy to get under Jack's skin and make growing up and risking his heart not only necessary but fun.

My Opinion  3 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Marie Treanor for an honest review**

This book was on a par for me as book one, but was not as good as book two.

Again the are a lot of POV's in this novel, but they give a good rounded picture of the story that the author is trying to portray.

This book at the ending however felt as if the series was finished with happy endings, however I get the feeling that there will be another book in the series.

Lots of emotions were rolling around and all of it was centred on Roxy Mays house in Scotland, however it wasn't as exciting as the last book, and I certainly didn't like Mike and his band friends.

I also would have loved to feel more angst between Roxy and Jack and with Jack and the possibility on his leaving for the family job.  Things with the job were dealt with far too quickly for my liking.

On the whole however, the book was entertaining and a decent read.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Serafina and the Virtual Man (Serafina's #2) by Marie Treanor

The Book
Release Date:  11 April 2013

Real man versus dead man - no contest!

Dale Ewan, the wealthy owner of Genesis Gaming, has a serious poltergeist problem. In desperation, he calls on Edinburgh's unique psychic investigation agency, Serafina's.

But Sera and her hacker friend, the beautiful and aggressive Jilly, find more than one spirit haunting the ugly country house. While Sera fights the poltergeist, Jilly encounters what appears to be the ghost of Dale's brilliant ex-partner, Genesis Adam, trapped in his own new virtual reality system.

Jilly delves headlong into Adam's mystery. How did he get there? Why is he more exciting and attractive than any of the real men in her life? How are Jilly's own criminal brothers involved in his death? And what are Dale and his wife Petra hiding? Apart from the body buried in their garden...

While Jilly falls in love with the sexy, virtual ghost, Sera has problems of her own, not least the shadowy presence of the undead Founder that seems to threaten Sera, her vampire lover Blair, and all her friends.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Marie Treanor for an honest review**

This book was much better than the first, however the very multiple points of view was slightly annoying.  But I got over that enough to enjoy the book and the suspense/mystery as to what was going to happen.

I love Jilly as a character and think that both her and Genesis Adam make a lovely couple.  It was nice to see her get a happy ending although there seemed less danger in this book than in the previous one.

I look forward to reading Jack's story and hope to see as much of the other characters in the next book as in this one.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hollywood Blackmail (Seacliffe Medical #1) by Jackie Ashenden

The Book
Release Date: 4 January 2014

Lizzie Kent needs to forget the past. She lives in total anonymity, immersing herself in nursing to help her forget. But when a man from her previous life turns up in her clinic, the life she’s tried to create for herself may come toppling down.

Ash knows what he wants and he wants Lizzie, the girl who left him all those years ago. As Hollywood's greatest action superstar no one says no to him, but when Lizzie refuses to acknowledge their shared past, he has to resort to a little old fashioned blackmail.

Will Lizzie revisit her past to enable her future with the man she loves, or do old wounds run too deep?

My Opinion  4 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

Awwww, that ending was so sweet!!  For the first time in a while I found a book with a decent ending and it actually felt finished.

We had a hot alpha male and sharp feisty leading lady all with a brilliantly sizzling chemistry tearing up the sheets with tenderness beneath it.

Lots of interesting characters from the Seacliffe Medical centre were introduced, so i'm hoping with the next character we still get to see a nit of Lizzie and Ash with them continuing their story.

Certainly a good book to read on a rainy day to lift your spirits.

COVER REVEAL - Shifter Seduction (6 author Boxed Set presented by Amira Press)

The Book
Release Date: 15 January 2014

6 Bestselling Amira Press Authors in one major bundle for a limited time only!

Defying Pack Law - Eve Langlais
Dana fled her pack and their laws to live on her terms, but the price of defiance was her happiness.  Could it be t hat now older and wiser, she can accept the Lycan menage way of life?  Or will jealousy and fear send her running again?

Surrounded by Pleasure - Mandy Harbin
Attorney Krista Owens hopes to lose some inhibition and maybe, finally, her virginity, but she doesn't know the men she'll be staying with are mountain lion shifters whose instinct to mate with any available woman can turn deadly, or that the moment Toby Woods sees her his feral side will stop at nothing to have her.

Juneau Heat - Tressie Lockwood
Shiya's been chatting up Birk Rider online and agrees to meet him face-to-face in Juneau, Alaaska.  When Birk suggests a threesome with her taking on him and his buddy Kotori Munro, she can't say no to the sexy bear shifters, even if her family of hunters wants them dead.

Lycan Lover - S.K. Yule
A party turns deadly, and Karen is stalked into the dark night.  Ancient lycan, Anthony, saves her, and an instant, undeniable chemistry ignites between them.  But will the fire last after Karen sustains a bite from a rogue, and she finds out Anthony is something she thought only existed in horror stories?

Three Fur All - Crymsyn Hart
October has escaped her kidnappers only to run into the arms of two very sexy wolves.  The more Mika and Elliot fight their growing attraction to her, the more they desire to show October a howling good time.  Together they will risk everything to save the woman they love before everything explodes around them.

Theirs to Claim - LeTeisha Newton
Zelina thought she was sworn off dating - until she woke up between a naked set of twins.  Rion and Quin are determined to prove that Zelina is their mate in any way they can.  If that means keeping her in bed - under them, over them, or between them - so be it.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door by Gwen Hayes

The Book
Release Date: 4 January 2014
Online dating columnist Dane Martin has no plans to give up his reign as bachelor extraordinaire. He has a reputation to uphold, especially with the upcoming release of his book Coming on Strong.
Holly Winters, everyone’s favorite girl next door, thanks to her blog of the same name, gives advice, but she doesn’t always take it. When she meets Dane Martin, every fiber of her being warns her to turn tail and run. Instead, she risks her future as an authority on relationships, jeopardizing her upcoming self-help book for women struggling to find commitment among the Virile sycophants.
Has the Girl Next Door tamed the most Virile man alive, or is she just another notch on the bedpost?
My Opinion  3 STARS**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**
We have two relationship bloggers, the Girl Next Door and Mr. Virile, both are set up on a date by their agents on a bet. However as the surprise meeting ends up in the gossip column of a magazine, it is decided that perhaps they should be publicly seen to be dating to help each others books which are coming out.

I wanted to like this book more than I did. In its way, it was OK, however, for some reason it fell a little flat, even though the story line was good. Yes there was sexual tension, yes there was good banter, but something just didn't quite click for me.

On the whole I would have to say that this is a slightly flat average read.

Single by Saturday (The Weekday Brides, #4) by Catherine Bybee

The Book
Release Date: 7n January 2013

She enjoyed her fake marriage…until she fell in love with her brother-in-law.

Catherine Bybee serves up excitement and dizzying romance in Single by Saturday, the sequel to Fiancé by Friday and the latest entry in her bestselling Weekday Brides series.

Karen Jones: The petite blonde married a Hollywood star, yet she’s the one who spends every day playing a part: the part of a happy wife. A year ago, she agreed to wed a famous actor to diffuse rumors about his personal life. Now, her divorce sits just around the corner, along with a five million dollar payout. However, as she prepares to exit her fake marriage gracefully, her drop-dead-gorgeous brother-in-law walks through the door…and into her heart.

Zach Gardner: Dark-haired, blue-eyed hunk Zach crashes Michael and Karen’s fancy one-year anniversary party, determined to meet the wife his brother hid from their family. But sparks fly the moment he and Karen see each other. When the famous couple decides to visit the whole Gardner clan, Karen must keep Michael’s secret under wraps in front of his questioning relatives…including Zach, the man who could be the real love of her life.

My opinion  4 STARS
**Provided by Netgalley and Montlake Romance for an honest review**

Another sensation from Catherine Bybee.

This story is told from a multiple POV's. The man characters are Karen and Zach, Michaels brother.

The books has a fairly fast pace and just sweeps you up with it.

I feel sorry for Becky and its nice to see people helping her and Nolan. It also liked the tease of Judy and Rick. I'm so hoping that they get a book :). After helping out Neil he deserves it.

Loved that Michael and Karen are on such friendly terms and when everything broke out his first concern was to protect her.

This is a series you will want to keep re-reading :)