Friday, 17 January 2014

Serafina and the Virtual Man (Serafina's #2) by Marie Treanor

The Book
Release Date:  11 April 2013

Real man versus dead man - no contest!

Dale Ewan, the wealthy owner of Genesis Gaming, has a serious poltergeist problem. In desperation, he calls on Edinburgh's unique psychic investigation agency, Serafina's.

But Sera and her hacker friend, the beautiful and aggressive Jilly, find more than one spirit haunting the ugly country house. While Sera fights the poltergeist, Jilly encounters what appears to be the ghost of Dale's brilliant ex-partner, Genesis Adam, trapped in his own new virtual reality system.

Jilly delves headlong into Adam's mystery. How did he get there? Why is he more exciting and attractive than any of the real men in her life? How are Jilly's own criminal brothers involved in his death? And what are Dale and his wife Petra hiding? Apart from the body buried in their garden...

While Jilly falls in love with the sexy, virtual ghost, Sera has problems of her own, not least the shadowy presence of the undead Founder that seems to threaten Sera, her vampire lover Blair, and all her friends.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Marie Treanor for an honest review**

This book was much better than the first, however the very multiple points of view was slightly annoying.  But I got over that enough to enjoy the book and the suspense/mystery as to what was going to happen.

I love Jilly as a character and think that both her and Genesis Adam make a lovely couple.  It was nice to see her get a happy ending although there seemed less danger in this book than in the previous one.

I look forward to reading Jack's story and hope to see as much of the other characters in the next book as in this one.

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