Thursday, 30 January 2014

Naked Edge by Charli Webb

The Book
Release Date: 9 January 2014

The first time Skylar and Rowdy give themselves to each other completely—heart, mind, body and soul—is also the night Skylar disappears without a trace. Rowdy promised to love her forever. But forever is a long time when you’re only seventeen.

After years of waiting, Rowdy gives up on Skylar and tries to purge her memory with cheap tequila and one night stands.

When Skylar finally returns, Rowdy is no longer the shy, sweet boy she fell in love with. He’s a gorgeous, hard-bodied, paramedic and an expert in just about every type of mountain wilderness rescue.

He’s also bitter, angry and determined to protect what remains of his shattered heart. Skylar’s determined to reclaim it, but first she has to put it back together.
My Opinion  4.5 STARS
** I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review**

When I first read the synopsis for this book I was like, yeah this sounds like something that I could read.  Boy am I glad that I was give a chance to read it.

This book pretty much has it all.  Broken hearts, love, the best of friends, awesome family members and crazy aced women.  Not forgetting attempted murder, blackmail and some seriously hot romance scenes.

Skylar was not afraid to go what what she wanted, but she was also sensible to take things slowly with Rowdy.  He in turn did listen to her explanations and did give her the respect and faith that a man in love should do.  At no point what-so-ever did he ever pressure her.

I loved the crazy step sister.  She really did have the right amount of crazy given to her so that you can't help but not like her.  She really does go completely nuts, not that she was particularly pleasant to begin with.

I was completely hook by the story and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series to learn more of Wade and Cherri, Derek and Boone.  That costa Rica spring break also sounds as if its going to be fun reading.  

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