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Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe (Serafina's #3) by Marie Treanor

The Book
Release Date: 29 October 2013

Delicious, deadly distraction...

Jack Urquhart, over-qualified and underpaid researcher for Serafina's Psychic Investigations, has a big decision to make: stay in his fun, dead-end job, or grow up and join the family firm. On his way to give the family his decision, he's delighted to be side-tracked into the case of a rock singer's mother who vanished into thin air before several admittedly wasted witnesses, leaving behind only a half-made shoe. 

But Sinead's disappearance isn't the only weird happening at Roxy's housewarming party in the Scottish Highlands. There's satanic rock band, Grimm and the Reapers, plus ghosts, banging walls, a zombie dog, and, very probably, migrating leprechauns. Most worrying of all to Roxy, quiet, clever Jack excites her muse and all her senses as no other man ever has. Meanwhile, hedonistic rock star Mike Grimm is determined to get Roxy back in his bed by any means.

It takes the combined might of Serafina's to defeat the forces haunting Roxy's house and find Sinead. And it takes the sexy, wise, turbulent Roxy to get under Jack's skin and make growing up and risking his heart not only necessary but fun.

My Opinion  3 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Marie Treanor for an honest review**

This book was on a par for me as book one, but was not as good as book two.

Again the are a lot of POV's in this novel, but they give a good rounded picture of the story that the author is trying to portray.

This book at the ending however felt as if the series was finished with happy endings, however I get the feeling that there will be another book in the series.

Lots of emotions were rolling around and all of it was centred on Roxy Mays house in Scotland, however it wasn't as exciting as the last book, and I certainly didn't like Mike and his band friends.

I also would have loved to feel more angst between Roxy and Jack and with Jack and the possibility on his leaving for the family job.  Things with the job were dealt with far too quickly for my liking.

On the whole however, the book was entertaining and a decent read.

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