Monday, 28 July 2014

Girls Out Late (Girls #3) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Book

No. 167 - The BIG Read

Ellie has a boyfriend! Interested in her - not in her best friends, Magda and Nadine! She and Russell are made for each other - drawn together by their shared enjoyment of art. If only Dad thought Russell was perfect too... And as Ellie runs into trouble with a parent who thinks his daughter is too young for after-dark trysts in the park with oh-so-gorgeous Russell, Magda has a crush on a teacher - and Nadine's falling for slimy Liam again. What they need is a girls' night out - Girls Out Late!

My Opinion  3 STARS
Another quick read, where the series picks up where it left off in the last book.

Maga is still totally boy crazy, Nadine has that who emo thing going on and Ellie is there for her friends but still feeling very much fat and frumpy.

Ellie gets her first boyfriend and gets the inevitable 'who me' when he wants to talk to her and not her friends.  Although her friends don't seem so supportive in the beginning they are they when she needs them, and even help her in her rough patch.

All the girls find themselves in trouble and it is only with Ellies quick thinking that get them out of it, however there are in trouble with their parents the next day.

It has the inevitable growing up problems of wanting to be independent at south a young age, you feel like an adult and want to do all the adult things, however, you only find that maybe you were a little too young after all.

I would so hate to be this age again!

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