Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bound to the Sea (Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins #1) by Lyra Fawn

The Book
Release Date: 15 July 2014

Two brawny surfers from a foreign realm hold a secret that only she will share…

Thrust into a web of intrigue, Mona finds herself at the center of a centuries-old conflict between two rival pods of dolphin shifters known as the Dolphinae. Marked as a ‘Descendant of Neptune’, she first catches the eye of Lucan, a dark and handsome prince who admires her curves. But when his blond and regal companion, Dario, lays claim to her, the two suitors insist upon a duel of honor. However, a greater danger lurks beneath the sea, and Mona discovers she must reconcile the passion of the two alpha dolphins, or watch their entire race be destroyed.

‘Bound to the Sea’ is the first book in the BBW paranormal romance series, Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins.

Explicit language and mature, uncensored love scenes are featured throughout. Periodic moments of romance, intimacy and lovemaking involve multiple partners actively participating in their human or supernatural forms. Discretion is advised as this book is only for sophisticated readers over the age of 18.

My Opinion  3 STARS
**Copy Provided by NetGalley and Victory Editing for an honest review**

I'm on the fence with this one. Parts of it i loved, whereas others i didn't.

The series has promise and i loved the fact the world consists of shifter Dolphins, Sharks and orca's. So different from the other shifter books you get. The history given about the race was also interesting and well thought of.

Some things i didn't like: who follows home two strange fit looking men who shift into dolphins. No woman would do that. Who would just give up herself to a man who had been rude to her before and was only nice once her had seen her eyes, and why would she not even think of a condom. He's a stranger!

When told she would need to complete a trial at see where there was a 50/50 percent chance she would drown straight after she went? Not me thats for sure.

I'll read the rest of the series as i want to know what happens, but i almost expect it to carry on the love hate relationship.

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