Monday, 21 July 2014

The Soldier's E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek #2) by Cora Seton

The Book
Release Date: 22 July 2014

Staff Sergeant Austin Hall has a brilliant record in the Special Forces—except for one disastrous decision that cost his best friend’s life. Now he’s heading home to Chance Creek, Montana, where he’d like to spend the rest of his days in the obscurity of his family’s ranch. Too bad Great Aunt Heloise won’t hand the ranch over unless all four of the Hall brothers marry and one of them produces an heir within the year. Austin is too broken to marry for love, so he places an online ad for a fake wife. What could possibly go wrong?
Ella needs to leave Hollywood—fast. It’s bad enough another actress stole her fiancĂ©—on national television. Now she’s ruined her comeback by decking her ex on a morning talk show. Pursued by paparazzi, Ella needs a new life, a new name and someplace to hide. When she reads Austin’s ad for a stand-in wife, she knows she can act this part perfectly. To the rest of the residents of Chance Creek, they’ll be a happily married couple. In private, they’ll just be roommates. In a year when she’d old news and the Hall brothers secure the ranch, she and Austin will quietly divorce and she’ll go on her way.
Or will she?
Austin’s already finding it hard to remember his promise never to love again. Ella’s finding it hard to keep her hands to herself. But when they’re asked make a back-up baby, Ella realizes she may have stepped into a lifetime role.
Can this pretend marriage go the distance?
My Opinion  5 STARS
** Copy provided by Netgalley and CrushStar Multimedia LLC for an honest review**

Another book that follows the tried and tested winning formula by Cora Seton.

Army man Austin Hall has suffered terribly with survivors guilt since the mission he and his friends were killed on of his best friends Ben Donovan.  He always thinks he should have been able to save both of his friends and therefore is only living a half-life.

Ella has been utterly betrayed by her fiancĂ© in front of everyone at the Oscars and has fled Hollywood to get away from all of the press getting into her private business.

The pair team up after he places his own add for a wife and it very soon becomes apparent that they have some very explosive chemistry that simply will not got away and they constantly find themselves losing themselves to it, even if they say it will never happen again.

Of course, along the way we get them falling in love, family members and other members of Chance Creek pop up and introduce themselves again and we watch their journey from strangers to lovers that could never love another partner as they do each other.  Both also do a bit of soul searching and growing up and help each other along the way to get to the place that they really want to be.

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