Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Healed (Scarred 2) - J.S. Cooper

The Book
Release Date: 25 March 2013
Lexi Lord has dreamed of dating Bryce Evans for years. And now that her dream has become a reality, she is no longer sure that he is the man for her. When tragedy strikes in their lives, they take a good hard look at their relationship and their very existences.

There are some ties that can never be broken, but Lexi and Bryce have to decide what love can heal them from their scarred pasts and what love they have to let of of. Sometimes letting go is the greatest gift of all.

My Opinion  1.5 STARS
I was really disappointed with this story.

I mainly only read it due to the way the last book ended but really wish i hadn't wasted my time even though this was more like a short novella.

The is a decent story underneath, however the writing really brings it down. The feelings do not feel real, sometimes their conversations are to advanced for people of their age and the romance scenes.... God where do i start. 

The romance scenes leave a lot to be desired. At times i was crying out REALLY? You wanna write it like that? I couldn't relate to them, they felt forced and were poorly written. Either hint at what they do or write it properly otherwise it just doesn't work. It really helped to bring the book down.

I am sorry to say i will probably not read another book from this author.

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