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BLOG TOUR (Review + Giveaway) - The Lost Tycoon - Book Five in Baby for the Billionaire Series by Melody Anne

The Book
Release Date: 24 February 2014

Fighting to survive, Mystic Elton takes one look at the man standing in front of her and knows she needs to make a decision – does she want to live? Discovering that her boyfriend is storing enough drugs to supply a small country, she looks for an escape route. He’s standing in the doorway – standing in the way of her freedom. 
Mystic has nothing left – no family, no friends, no one she can rely on. She is all alone and frightened. Managing to get past her ex, she flees, running to the other side of the country, landing in Seattle, she changes her appearance, her name, her life. 

After a year, she begins to feel safe. Her ex won’t find her. She’s beginning to pick up the pieces of her once shattered existence and carve out a new world for herself. 

That is, until a tall, well-dressed man shows up at her job and tells her they need to talk – and he knows her real name. Fleeing to get away from him, she rushes to the back room and grabs her Taser. When she hits him with it, she thinks she’s home free. 

She’s not. 

All Mystic has done is really tick off Bryson Winchester, and all he’s trying to do is help her by getting her scum of an ex off the streets. 

Mystic has a choice to make. Is this a man she can believe in? Is any man worthy of her precious trust? She’ll find the answers, though they may not be what she expects or wants – her entire world is about to be turned upside down, because not only will she find there are some men out there worth trusting – she will find out the secret of her birth – the reality of who she really is. 

Some things should stay in the past – and others… Other things will come back with a vengeance. 

My Opinion  4 STARS
** I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review**

Yet another brilliantly turned out book from Melody Anne.

I really got her feelings of mistrust, her fear, desire and lack of confidence.  At times she could be incredibly strong where others may well fall and at other times she seemed broken, yet she still had a fighting spirit.  Misty has learnt that the only person she can count on is herself and trust is a hard won thing to get from her

Misty has overcome the system.  Abandoned at a young age, put into the foster care system and having some really crummy foster parents, only to be picked up by Jessie.  A cop gone really bad with a love of hurting women weaker than him.

No surprises then when Bryson walks into the scene that the girl does not trust the FBI agent and tasters him.

The only thing I wish there was more of however was monologue.  There was plenty of narrative and description, just not enough of the characters actually talking to each other.

I also wanted more from the ending.  Yes the epilogue wrapped things up well, but I wanted more.  I wanted to hear about their great love, the marriage and where they had placed their home along with how she was coping with her new found family.

About Melody Anne: Melody Anne is the author of the popular series, Billionaire Bachelors, and Baby for the Billionaire. She also has a Young Adult Series out; Midnight Fire and Midnight Moon - Rise of the Dark Angel. She's been writing for years and published in 2011. She hold a bachelors degree in business, so she loves to write about strong, powerful, businessmen.

When Melody isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She lives in a small town that she loves, and is involved in many community projects.

See Melody's Website at: www.melodyanne.com. She makes it a point to respond to all her fans. You can also join her on facebook at: www.facebook.com/authormelodyanne, or at twitter: @authmelodyanne.


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