Sunday, 13 April 2014

Resisting the Rancher (Three River Ranch #4) by Roxanne Snopek

The Book
Release Date: 14 april 2014

She's his best friend's sister, but he's ready to break all the rules…

Country veterinarian Celia Gamble is in trouble. A misunderstanding from her past is rearing its ugly head and the only person she can turn to is Jonah Clarke—her family’s lawyer and, as it turns out, her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush. She always wanted Jonah to see her as a bona fide woman, but as a woman who’s being blackmailed for seducing a married man? Not on her life.

Jonah is happy to help Little CeeCee Gamble, if only she’d come clean about why she’s being blackmailed. But with his best friend Zach’s wedding on the horizon, and Zach’s fashionista fiancĂ©e Desiree giving CeeCee a makeover, the little duckling Jonah remembers is turning into a definite swan. And the unwritten law on sisters is clear—hands off. Jonah must resist or lose the only true family he’s ever known.

My Opinion  3 STARS
** Copy provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

Ok… This book had me crying at one point when Celia went to speak to her family lying everything bare.

This can be read as a stand alone story, but is better if read within the series to better understand some of the other characters mentioned and how they have changed.

CeeCee is a very strong woman, she just doesn't see how strong of a person she is.  She still wants approval from her brother and family.  It is both her almost sister-in-law and Jonah that shows her the person she is underneath where she finds that not only is she strong, but she's pretty.

Jonah has been alone for too long distancing people unconsciously and it is his bossy assistant and CeeCee that show him what he really wants.  He too finds a few things out about himself.

I only wish that they had sorted themselves out sooner and we had more sizzle between the two and that we had more than just the idea that they had been intimate.  Something the author seems to shy away from.

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