Thursday, 16 October 2014

REVIEW - Burn (Dragon Souls #2) by Penelope Fletcher

The Book
Release Date: 17 January 2014
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Something deadly lurks beneath the surface of Marina's skin, a wildness, a magickal creature born from fire and ice. After crossing dimensions to the fiery land of dragons, where not only is she a princess, but descendant from one of the most powerful dragons in existence, Marina has chosen to enter the tournamnet Aver to win the Frost Wreath. 

She must face four deadly quests to be crowned queen of the Ice Realm, and to win the right to hunt Koen Raad, her dragon mate. Between assassination attempts, the growing darkness in her adopted son, and the deadly quests of Aver itself, Marina's chances of survival grow dimmer by the day.

My Opinion  4 STARS
Even though there were some awful grammatical errors the main bulk of this story was really good.

Marina is still a feisty character who is going after what she wants and trains hard in order that she can get through the tasks asked of her.

There are a few stumbling blocks along the way and it doesn't take long before I start not liking Daniil after he was so nice in the first book.

This book although it has a cliff hangar ending does not end any where as abruptly as the first book, but I am annoyed at how long Marina has obviously waited to do something.

As this book took SOOOO long to come out after the first, I have no hope of the author producing book three within the next year.

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