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REVIEW - Lawless (Mob Boss #3) by Michelle St. James

The Book
Release Date: 22 October 2015
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Angel Rossi is no longer the naive girl kidnapped by Nico Vitale. 

Now she’s the boss. 

Yet even as she takes control of her father’s empire, she mourns the loss of Nico. Whatever the circumstances of their meeting, she was in love with him. Then Nico reappears, and Angel is too furious by his duplicity to be happy he’s back. 

But when Angel is nearly killed, she’s forced to admit that someone wants her dead — and Nico, too. Soon the pair discover that a high dollar hit has been taken out on their lives by one of the only people they believed they could trust. 

Now Nico and Angel are on the run, desperate to get their hands on the one thing they can trade for their lives — and maybe a chance to begin again.

My Opinion  5 STARS
This book is just as good as the previous two and continues to build up the relationship between our main characters, however there is an awful LOT of sex between them.

We have another dilemma and another mission to complete that seems impossible, but that goes fairly smoothly considering and another baddie entering into the mist.

Nico comes back very early on in the book, but only because he has too, Angel always seems to need protecting.  We also see more of Luca (LOVE HIM), and there is a little more of Elia and Marco, who i hoped there would be more of.

The only thing we did't get was Nico's feeling on the fact and someone he had considered family had all but betrayed him.

After getting to see more of Luca though, I'm really looking forward to reading his story.  I SO want him to get a HEA.

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