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REVIEW - Son of Thunder by Libby Bishop

The Book
Release Date: 25 July 2016
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Rune is the grandson of Thor, and just as strong. Exiled to the realm of Earth for nearly killing his brother–it was a little misunderstanding– he has to find a way to redeem himself so he can get back to Asgard. And when he lands—literally—in the bed of a fiery redhead with an FBI badge, he realizes that she may be the key to going home. But helping Liv hunt a killer has one big consequence—chemistry. He can’t keep his hands off her, and there’s no way they can ever be together.
Six years ago, FBI Special Agent Liv Winter’s best friend was murdered. Since then, she’s taken a two-week vacation around the anniversary of the death to try and solve the case. She’s used every available resource. Yet, her friend’s killer is still on the loose. She refuses to give up—willing to do almost anything to bring the person to justice.
Apparently, almost anything includes trusting a god. And while she might need Rune’s help with her case, there’s no way she’ll ever trust him with her heart.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Hmmm a dirt talking alpha god?  Sign me up!!

This book had me from the words, 'Grandson of Thor'.  It didn't disappoint in that it had a fair amount of norse mythology and the fact that he actually acted like a god might.

Rune was kinda cute in the way he boggled Liv's body and the way in which he explained what he could whilst trying to keep the godly secrets that he was unable to spill.  He helps Liv with a cold case she has been working on for years, purely to earn his place back in Asgard after a little disagreement with his brother.

Liv finds she has no option but to trust and take the help of the god that lands on her in her bed.  The attraction between them is strong and the love of the hunt keeps their emotion heightened and the lust turn into much more very quickly.

Its a very fast paced, but cute read that had me wanting so much more and desperately hoping that this is going to be the start of a series.  I could read so many more of these :)

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