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REVIEW - My Stepbrother, My Lover (My Stepbrother, My Lover #1) by Alice Ward

The Book
Release Date: 4 May 2015
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"My Stepbrother, My Lover" is a Hot New Adult Stepbrother Romance by Alice Ward.

This is a Full Sized (approx. 430 Pages) Standalone Novel with NO Cliffhanger!

I should have known better. 

The moment Jackson Montgomery III showed up for his tutoring session, I knew he was trouble, but I ignored my intuition. 

Soon, I couldn't get my mind off him and he had no trouble letting me know that he wanted more than lessons from me. 

The only problem was, he was the heir to a family fortune and I was the product of a single, feminist mother and working to supplement my financial aid at Harvard. 

We shouldn't have been together, but I'm proof that opposites attract and I was definitely attracted to him and wanted him in a bad way. 

Temptation weakened my resolve and I ended up having the most erotic night of my life with Jackson, but by the next afternoon everything took a turn for the worst. 

The sexy frat boy that just rocked my world was in his ex's arms and I was devastated. 

Then, a surprise engagement announcement from my mother revealed yet another unbelievable turn of events. 

She's marrying Jackson's father, and the man I hated and wanted more than anything was now going to be my new stepbrother! 

This book is intended for a mature audience, 18+ only.

My Opinion  2.5 STARS
I had a hard time at times in reading this book as both characters gave me whip lash with their personalities.  One minutes they were nice, the next they were nasty to each other.  It just didn't sit right with me.

Kennedy seemed really immature.  One minute she really disliked Jackson, the next she wanted to jump his bones.  One minute she wants to make their relationship public, the next she wants to keep it quiet.

Jackson also came across as kinda stalker like and not at all alpha like.  He was easily ploughed over and he too also seemed quite childish.

This could have been such a good book, but fell down in a few too many areas for me.

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