Monday, 24 April 2017

REVIEW - Down to Puck (Buffalo Tempest Hockey #2) by Sylvia Pierce

The Book
Release Date: 19 April 2017
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“No touching, beautiful. I warned you. Tonight, I’m only using my mouth.”

As the NHL’s sexiest, surliest bad boy, Kyle “Henny” Henderson basically wrote the book on awkward morning-afters. But nothing prepares him for the hat trick of waking up naked, hungover, and hard as hell with his face between a luscious pair of breasts he doesn’t recognize…

Because those soft, oh-so-lickable curves belong to his completely off-limits best friend.

After a devastating breakup, Bex Canfield moved home to Buffalo to put her life back together, not cause another train wreck. But that was before. Before the hockey fight that led to Henny’s suspension that led to the tequila that led to… Oh, God.

Bedroom? Trashed. Dignity? Obliterated. Best friend? He’s… wow. Seriously packing.

Looks like last night was one to remember, but neither of them has a clue what happened. So maybe they should try it one more time—sober—just to get it out of their systems. Okay, two more. Three tops. Because nothing says train wreck like a wild, uninhibited, toe-curling, wall-banging sexcapade with your oldest friend… 

Except for maybe falling in love.

Down to Puck is a hilarious best-friends-to-fuck-buddies-to-enemies-to-lovers standalone hockey romance that’s so hot, when it’s over, YOU’LL need a cigarette!

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I loved these characters!

The autor manages to put enough sass and humour into the book that you can't help but fall for the characters and really hope that they get the happy ever after that they deserve.

We meet Henny initially in the first book of the series, Naughty or Ice, however we get to see the devoted friend with a brilliant sense of humour in this book along with strong loyalty.

Bex is a strong character, but both have issues that they need to resolve before they can finally set themselves free.

Another awesome read in the series. 

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