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REVIEW - The Island by Alice Ward

The Book
Release Date: 10 July 2017
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One playboy billionaire. One gorgeous virgin. One deserted island...

The moment I lay eyes on Kendra Baxter, I know she has to be mine.

But the daughter of a Navy SEAL doesn't take orders. She’s been taught skills, strength, and integrity. And God, that’s hot.

So I do what any powerful billionaire CEO would do — I take her on as my intern and plan my aggressive takeover.

Only, fate has other ideas.

My perfectly laid out plan of attack is flawed, and our plane crashes on a deserted island.

Here, who I am doesn’t matter. Money and social power don’t matter. I’m not a CEO anymore. I’m just a man.

Something’s different, I’m different. I still want to claim her, but now I want to protect her too.

We are locked in a fight for survival, and maybe more.

And I will do anything and everything in my power to protect her and make her mine.

My Review 2 STARS
*My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I really struggled with this book as i really disliked Eli.  As a successful man i found it hard that he would instantly take one look at Kendra and basically sexually harass her until he got what he wanted and sulked until he did.  There was nothing about hi i liked until around 73% into the book when he managed to redeem himself and be the type of man he should always have been.

Kendra, well considering all the things her father supposedly trained her with she was fairly pathetic at standing up for herself it the big bad world.  The fact that she had to clock in with her dad every day and that she told him everything made me wonder how under the thumb she really was.  Considering her up-bringing she had too many insecurities.

The only part of this book i actually liked was the last 20% or so when the characters started to be what i expected, however Kendra still somewhat annoyed me.  It seemed that it was really only Eli that changed.

Not a book that i will be revisiting.

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