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REVIEW - Big Hard Stick (Buffalo Tempest Hockey #3) by Sylvia Pierce

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Release Date: 22 November 2017
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“Pleasure isn’t a dirty word, gorgeous. Not unless you want it to be.” 

Thanks to an epic playoffs loss and a somewhat regrettable bachelorette party video starring half the team and a can of whipped cream, Buffalo Tempest captain Roscoe LeGrand is on serious PR duty this summer. His assignment? Organize a youth hockey clinic and clean up the team’s tarnished image before the season’s first face-off.

But one look at the hot-as-hell hockey mom storming the ice, and Roscoe’s thoughts slide right back into the gutter…

Ally Heinz is afraid of everything—with good reason. Three years ago, her husband died in a freak workplace accident, leaving Ally behind with their only child and a mountain of grief. Now, keeping her child safe is all that matters. Letting the kid play hockey? With all that hard, slippery ice and no onsite medical team? Not happening.

If only the sweet, sexy NHL player in charge wasn’t so good at charming the pants off her. Um, literally…

Despite Ally’s reservations, it’s not long before her kid’s rocking the rink, and Roscoe’s rocking her world, unlocking pleasures Ally has denied herself for years. Hat tricks in the bedroom are one thing, but when it comes to winning the hockey mom’s wounded heart, Roscoe’s going to need a lot more than a big, hard stick…

My Review  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Holy cow, Roscoe Le Grand is one truly swoon worthy guy.  Seriously, everyone needs to get their hands on a guy like this one. 

Ally is another tough little cookie.  After the death of her husband she carried on, looked after her daughter in her darkest of times, has moved across the country and has even started a job after spending so many years as a full time mum.

Yes at times the romance can seem a little too good and a little too sweet, however, we do get enough ice hockey thrown in that it also gives us something else to grasp onto as well as old friends from the previous books in the series.

I really do hope that we get more books in this series.

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