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REVIEW - Playing the Pauses (Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll #2) by Michelle Hazen

The Book
Release Date: 5 March 2018
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Rock Star Dom + his Queen of the Spreadsheet employee = KRYPTONITE

Kate is a globe-trotting tour manager who can’t be tied down.
Danny is a Dominant rock star and tattoo artist who needs her help to explore his true kinks.

Kate just got her big break, running an international tour for a rising band. Her job is everything to her…at least until she meets the band’s enigmatic bass player. 

After they collide in one unforgettably erotic night on a hotel balcony, he comes to her with a proposition. As a former BDSM club performer, Danny’s spent so long fulfilling other people’s fantasies that now he wants to reclaim his own—and he says she’s the only one who can help. 

Getting caught in bed with her rock star boss could cost her career, and yet there’s something about Danny’s quiet intensity that she can’t resist. He steals her heart, hard. But the end of the tour is approaching, and their jobs are headed two different directions. 

To be together one of them will have to stop touring, but the only thing they crave as much as each other is music. 

Escape into the Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll series, which follows Danny’s band from dive bars to the big time. Click now to meet the band!

Book 2 of an NTRWA award-winning series

**This book can be read and understood as a standalone, but does contain spoilers for earlier books in the series.**

My Review  4 STARS
Although this is book is part of a series it can totally be read as a stand alone.  It is also the first time that i have read anything by this author.

A few things seem to get a little lost  in this book, such as Danny wanting to find himself in his Dom ways, yet it always seems to be on Kate's pleasure, also being a Dom in bed, Danny is a bit of a push over otherwise, never really standing up for what HE wants rather than what other people want.

Other than Kate and Danny there is a great cast behind them, drummer Jera with her boyfriend Jacob, we have Jax who is almost on self destruct mode and the roadies behind them.

The first half of the book has them on tour together as the band, Jera, Jax and Danny are on tour with their band The Red Letters.  Kate has taken over as tour manager and gets together with Danny.  The next half is with them as a couple but doing their own thing with the push and pull of the slightly dysfunctional dynamics between them.

We do get a Happy Ever After but it takes a long time getting there and we end at the point that they have both made their decision.  An epilogue would have been good as the ending did feel a little lacking.

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