Sunday, 21 April 2013

Angel's Flight (Angels' Pawn 0.5, Angels' Judgement 1.5, Angels' Wolf 4.5, Angels' Dance GUILD HUNTER) - Nalini Singh

The Book
A new Guild Hunter anthology featuring the long-requested print edition of Angels' Pawn; a reprint of Angels' Judgment (originally featured in theMust Love Hellhounds anthology); and a new novella, Angels' Dance, featuring Galen and Jessamy.

My Opinion  5 STARS
Angels Pawn #0.5:
A good story to introduce the relationship between Ashwini and Janvier. I loved how the two interacted and flirted a little with each other. 

I would definitely loved to read more about them and so hope that they eventually get together.

Angel's Judgment #1.5:
The story of how Sara and Deacon met. 

I would love me some Deacon. A large, lethal, protective male with a generous heart. 

Sara. She may be little, but she radiates authority and sticks to her guns, always open for the truth and taking no bullshit.

Angel's Wolf #4.5
The story of Noel and Nimra.

After reading this sweet story i hope we get to see more of them. Noel with his protecivness of the angel, and nimra of her humanness and kindness and love of small fluffy animals.

Both bring the best out of each other and compliment the others strengths.

Angel's Dance #4.75
The Story of Jessamy, the scholar and angels teacher with Galen the blunt, fighting expert.

I love how possessive Galen can be even though he wants Jess to have everything she wants, even flying her around so that she can experience what her own wings cannot give her. Flight.

Galen pursuit of her opens her eyes to see that it has only been her closing herself off from others that has caused her to walk alone for so long.

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