Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bad Cop (Immortalis #2) by Angela McCallister

The Book
Release Date: 28 October 2013

A woman jaded against dirty cops...To Alice, Ian is just another bad cop as detestable as the one who destroyed her family. Regardless of her attraction to the charming man, she has no respect for the way the vampire threatens his way into her agency’s murder case and no trust in him when it’s obvious he’s hiding something.

A cop who tosses the rule books to get his way…Ian doesn't care for Alice’s judgmental opinions on the way he goes about obtaining justice. They are polar opposites, and her humanity makes her off-limits, but that does nothing to weaken his overwhelming desire for her.

A truth that could tear their new love to shreds…When the new case raises the ghosts of an old case Ian believed long dead and buried, his law-bending ways and the secret that haunts him could end with his execution. The second Alice becomes a target, his heart that he’d thought murdered along with his maker flares into blinding existence. But following the law for her sake could end with a devastating repeat of his past.

My Opinion  5 STARS
** Copy provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

Ok I loved Kade by the end of book one, but now I love Killian McCready (Ian).  He has just the right amount of naughty an nice, and just like Kade he has a bit of a dirty mouth along with a sweet soft side.  His long term friendships are a joy to see as they rib each other as only the best of friends can do, they are also there for each other in all the ways that matter.  Even if it means helping them out to see the bigger picture.

Alice was a very strong character and although things have been tough for her it has never pulled her down.  She is also very good at her job.

The chemistry between the two was brilliant, especially the way they kept insulting each other. 

We only got to see a little bit of both Val and Kade, but we did get to see a lot more of the team, and got to know each one of them a little better.  We Ezra and Dec mainly, and I can't wait for their stories to be told.

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