Sunday, 23 November 2014

REVIEW - Living in Sin (Living In... #2) by Jackie Ashenden

The Book
Release Date: 18 November 2014

Her temptation...his salvation

At twenty, Lily Andrews has already lived a lifetime. Her battle with leukemia put her three years behind her ballet career, and now that the grueling treatment is behind her, she’s eager to put her dancing shoes back on—literally and figuratively.
One man has been her personal light at the end of her tunnel, the one man she’s sure will help her rekindle her passion for life. Kahu Winter. And she’ll let nothing stand in the way of having him—not even Kahu himself. 

When Kahu catches Lily sneaking into his club, the desire in her eyes tells him it’s more than a delayed act of youthful rebellion. Her lively spirit calls to him, but Kahu is too cynical, too jaded, too broken for a sweet young thing like her.
But Lily won’t take no for answer so he’ll make her a deal: She’s got one month to seduce him and after that, he’s moving on—figuratively and literally.
There’s just one thing he forgot to keep out of her reach. His heart…

Warning: This book contains a hot older man in need of some anti-cynicism pills, a snarky younger woman who’s going to get past his defenses and make him beg, more forbidden lust, and naked ballet dancing. Advanced WTFery for experienced users only.

My Opinion  5 STARS

**Copy Provided by Netgalley and Samhain Publishing for an honest review**

20 year old Lilly is a girl on a mission is this book, and her mission is to seduce the man that has intrigued her since she was a little girl as she want to know what passion is.

We met 39 year old Kahu in the first book.  He is a very jaded man with many issues and has created a massive wall to keep everybody out.  Even to a degree his friends.

Many feelings are expressed through the book and when they eventually get to it, the sex is explosive and that one night changes both  of them.

Its another book that looks a taboo subjects, but gives them a new life in a way that you can't help and fall in love with the characters and believe that they are so right for each other.

Can't wait for the next book.

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