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REVIEW - Just My Luck (Shamrock Falls #3) by Kelley Vitollo

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Release Date: 10 June 2013
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Her friend. Her boss. Her husband?

 Betsy Harris has always known Jace Macnamara was off-limits. Not only is he a close friend, he also happens to be her boss—making him doubly forbidden. Betsy’s too timid to ever admit her crush, nor ‘fess up to the fact that she’s secretly drowning in her mother’s medical bills.

Jace just found out he needs a wife and needs one now. His childhood home—the last reminder he has of his deceased parents—can only become his if he gets married, but Jace, ever the playboy, never dreamed of settling down for real. Neither Betsy nor Jace wants to ruin their friendship when their fake marriage inevitably ends, so they vow to keep things light, professional, easy. But as Betsy comes out of her shell, Jace begins to see his “wife” for the beautiful, caring woman she is. Can he risk their past for a future together?

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to NetGalley and EntangledPublishing LLC, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I have been looking forward to Betsy and Jace's story since book one and I was not disappointed.

Betsy has shown us little moments of her character where she can be more outgoing, however we get to see SOO MUCH MORE, yet she still has her very shy moments.

Jace also shows us more of his personality, how giving he is anyhow patient he can be.  He really helped bring Betsy out of herself and stood up for her quite a few times.

A marriage of convenience turns friends into closer friends and then lovers and of course we get a misunderstanding before the great big HEA.

A great finish to the end of the series.

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