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REVIEW - The Navy SEAL's Christmas Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek #2.5) by Cora Seton

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Release Date: 16 December 2014
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It’s Christmas time at Crescent Hall, but don’t expect peace, harmony and goodwill among men. When Mason Hall and his wife, Regan, invite their friends to stay for the holidays, sparks fly in an epic battle of the sexes, military style!

Navy SEAL Dan Hemmins goes head to head with soldier Sarah Metlin to prove once and for all that woman can’t possibly qualify for an elite branch of the military, but when Sarah proves she’s not just one of the most qualified warriors he’s ever met, she’s also one of the smartest and sexiest, too, he’ll do whatever it takes to get close to her, even if he has to challenge her to another contest…or three…or five!

My Opinion  5 STARS
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I loved this series and couldn't wait to get my hands on this novella and it did not disappoint.

The Halls are celebrating the Christmas period and have invited a couple of friends to help them celebrate.  Ex-SEAL Dan has only recently left the services and has the idea of setting up a facility where men can experience the elite training that the special forces go through.

Sarah has put her paperwork in to leave the army and has had to fight for equality from not only other colleagues but from her family.  

Both seems to love the competition that starts up between them as they both find something in the other that they didn't quite know that they were looking for.  The completion brings up lust and their competitive spirits.

Its a very high paced novella and I enjoyed the story so much I wish that the novella was a full length book instead.  Really looking forward to reading Zane's story now :)

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