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REVIEW - Living in Secret (Living In... #3) by Jackie Ashenden

The Book
Release Date: 24 February 2015
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She always tried to be good, but now he needs her to be bad…

Lawyers Connor and Victoria Blake had a high-powered marriage to match their meteoric careers—until a secret from Victoria’s past came back to haunt her. A year after it all fell apart, Victoria is ready for a new job, a new town.

Instead of signing the divorce papers, though, her husband has a tempting proposal—one week of no holds barred before moving on with their lives. She’s never stopped wanting him, but he’s always kept the deepest part of himself locked away.

Connor already endured one brutal betrayal in his life, and Victoria’s cut him to the core. But during a naughty game of one-upmanship with a sexy stranger, he sees a different woman, whose warmth and passion he craves like a drug.

In one week they expose dark passions that set them both free. But amidst searing desire that should fuse them together, Connor is coming to the brink of a decision to choose what’s more important. The last secret he’s holding inside, or the woman he can’t let go.

Warning: Contains a man coming to terms with his inner darkness, a woman ready to match him kink for kink, secrets, lies, and a marriage getting its sexy back. Could take readers on a one-way ticket to WTF city.

My Opinion  5 STARS
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This is the best book of the series by quite a long run.

I think it helps that this couple are currently still married but were in a loveless, marriage of convenience that worked for what they thought they wanted out of life.

After a year separation initialed by Victoria, she has now asked for a divorce however Connor is not yet ready to give up on their marriage.

Both are holding secrets close to their hearts, and after a clash of wills and in noticing that there is a lot more of the other hidden between the surface, Conner suggests a week of no holds barred sex before he will sign the divorce papers.

Neither expect to share their secrets, let alone for the feelings that pop up to get in the way and for things to get more complicated.  There are many layers to their story that come out and as these are stripped away you just know that they are perfect for each other.

We get to see a little bit of Eleanor and Kahu with Lily in this book, but it mostly just focuses on our main characters, however a new character is also introduced, Kahu's friend that wishes to buy the club.

Really glad that I got a chance to read this book.

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