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REVIEW - Roommating (Preston's Mill #1) by Noelle Adams

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Release Date: 7 September 2016
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Forget all those other roommate romances you might have read.

Heather and Chris don't hate each other...very much. And they don't have sex all the least not at first. Chris doesn't go around shirtless, flexing his muscles and driving Heather wild...too often. And he doesn't get jealous and possessive every time she goes out with another man...well, maybe occasionally.

But they definitely don't fall in love...right away.

When Heather comes back to her hometown, she plans to take over her father's historic restoration business and move into a beautiful converted apartment in Preston's Mill. Then she finds out she'll have to partner up with the one man she can never forgive. Chris Dole, who abandoned her father and betrayed her trust three years ago.

It gets even worse. They don't just have to work together. They have to become roommates for six months to prove they can get along. That means Heather will have to play nice with Chris and put up with his obnoxiousness, his drop-dead sexiness, and his ugly recliner named Flo.

She'll do what she has to do out of loyalty to her father, but she isn't going to like it.

At least not much.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a cute read in which the girl has a chip on her shoulder in regards to the guy, however in order to get a partnership with the guy of her fathers business, they have to share an apartment for six months.

Chris is sweet and has a little fun in teasing Heather, but teasing and arguments soon lead to steamy make out sessions.

The father is a coy man in pushing these two together as it is definitely planned on his part.  But the partnership goes well.

The neighbour next door to them (Estelle) is funny in her own meddling nosey way, quite a character to live next too.

We also get a glimpse of another neighbour who may well be thinnest character in the series to have a happy ever after.

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