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REVIEW - Lumberjacked by Alexandria Hunt

The Book
Release Date: 18 January 2017
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Aaron Remington 
I needed the money. That’s the only reason I ever signed up for that stupid reality TV show. I wasn’t looking for a wife, I wasn’t looking for love, and I certainly wasn’t interested in any of the bimbo contestants they picked out for me. 

I was set to live with ten girls in a mountain retreat near my hometown in Alaska for a month. I was supposed to fake it until I found my “bride”, film the final episode, and walk away a free man with a hundred grand cash in my pocket. 

Just enough to pay the back taxes owed on my family’s lumber mill and keep running things for them. 

But I hadn’t counted on meeting her. A slick Hollywood TV producer who somehow managed to steal my heart, mess up my plans, and bumble the entire thing by being infuriating and so goddamned irresistible. 

Reagan Black 
I needed this job so bad I could do anything for it. So what if it was taking place in some dirty little town in the middle of no man’s land, Alaska? Who cares if it meant leaving my life and friends and LA behind for a month? 

I had to prove that I could do this on my own and succeed not just because my daddy was Pavel Black, the biggest movie producer Hollywood had ever seen. 

What I didn’t expect was to find myself out there in the middle of the woods in the strong, muscled arms of a big, bearded lumberjack. 

And I never expected to be put in a position where I had to choose between the maddeningly sexy star of our hit show and the career I had always wanted. 

Can love win? 

**This is a full-length (56,000 words) standalone happy ever after. That being said, it also contains angst, some humor, a cute little dog, a hot alpha lumberjack, an uptight LA princess and some pretty steamy sex it's best left to those 18+.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a cute read and i really enjoyed it.

We have a bearded, muscled lumberjack who is only in LA to get the money that his little brother owes to him and a producer who's last show completely flopped and desperately needs a hit show to propel her career and gain her fathers approval.

Right from the start there is a magnetic pull of lust and attraction, but takes a while before both of them finally do anything about it other than just flirting.

They are worlds apart from each other but they just mesh well.  One brought up in LA in a rich household while the other is now managing a lumber mill.  

This is the first book that i have read from this author, but i have a feeling that it will not be my last.

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