Thursday, 16 February 2017

REVIEW - Royal Stripper ( A Secret Baby Romance) by Sienna Valentine

The Book
Release Date: 8 February 2017 
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It seemed like the perfect cover. Crown Prince or not, I was tired of all of the pressures back home. Get married. Start a family. Ensure the royal bloodline remained intact. Do your duty. It was too much stress and almost led me to trusting the wrong woman. It would have been a catastrophic mistake, and one that I vowed never to make again. So I escaped to America and found a job that ensured I would stay surrounded by beautiful, horny women that wanted nothing more than to have a good time with no expectations about anything long term. Everyone got what they wanted. I was like the Robin Hood of sexual desire, doling it out to those in need. Like I said, it was the perfect plan. Until I met Ally.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the first book that i have read by this author and with a male stripper and a librarian, you may think this has been done before, however, have you read about the royal stripper and the librarian?

Matthias is a crown prince escaping his future in America, a place where it is easy to be lost with his bodyguard and to feel right at home he lives in a not so nice area and gets a job as a stripper in order to meet woman who are not out for his money.

Ally is at a bachelorette party and spies Matthias.  He is not the type she goes for but the charisma is there and she is pulled to him even if she doesn't want to be.

Its a good read where the male character finds that he has to chase the woman for a change and secrets are kept, then exposed.

Certainly will not be my last book by this author.

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