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REVIEW - Wrong Place, Right Time by Brooke Williams

The Book
Release Date: 9 December 2014
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As the bumbling town TV traffic reporter, Kate Covington is a constant source of entertainment, but Kate sticks with her dead end job because of her love for news anchor Brian Schaffer. When Brian spontaneously runs off to marry his high school sweetheart, Kate panics and quickly follows. She finds herself in a Las Vegas wedding chapel, desperate to tell her best friend how she feels before he makes a huge mistake and marries the wrong person. The mistake, however, is all Kate’s. 

As the scorned bride runs back down the short aisle, Kate quickly realizes she just interrupted the wrong wedding. The would-be groom, Chad Leida, explains the predicament Kate has caused him…he needs to marry before turning 30 in order to inherit his family fortune…and he no longer has a bride. 

When Chad asks Kate to marry him and promises her a million dollars for a year of her time, Kate isn’t sure what to do. She has a great deal of debt to her name due to caring for her ailing grandmother, but she also doesn’t want to let go of the idea of love and marriage going together. 

Kate’s impulsive decision changes her entire lifestyle…and her ideas about love. From Las Vegas to San Francisco and even to the Midwestern city of Omaha, Kate learns that even when she turns up in the Wrong Place, sometimes it is at just the Right Time.

My Review  3 STARS
**My thanks to The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a cute romance, however the last part of the book felt a little rushed and therefore was a little disappointing for me.

Things happen fairly quickly in the beginning, Kate has a crush on a guy who tells her he is getting married in Vegas and she goes to interrupt his wedding, however she interrupts the wrong wedding.

Chad is an ok guy, certainly not an alpha male, but he does look after Kate in his own way although at one point he does not give her the benefit of doubt that she well deserves.

Kate is actually a fairly strong character and does not fall apart, however she certainly has her flaws.

Not a bad read, but not something that i would rush to read again.

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