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REVIEW - Desired by the Deep (Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins #2) by Lyra Fawn

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** Part Two of a five-part serialized Paranormal Romance **

On the run with two virile and heroic Dolphinae princes...

Torn by the constant rivalry between the Herakli and Atlanti Pods, Mona proposes a ménage arrangement to Dario and Lucan that might permit the Dolphinae to finally unite against their dreaded, common enemy: the Mordentes.

But as danger mounts, Mona finds herself embroiled within a squabble between backbiting ex-lovers and the politics of their two high-profile, international organizations.

Will her two alpha dolphins, both steeped in tradition, shake off the bonds of their inhibitions to accept the logical solution and act in time?

'Desired by the Deep' is the second 22,000 word serial installment to the BBW paranormal romance, CLAIMED BY THE ALPHA DOLPHINS.

Explicit language and mature, uncensored love scenes are featured throughout. Periodic moments of romance, intimacy and lovemaking involve multiple partners actively participating in their human or supernatural forms. Discretion is advised as this novella is only for readers over the age of 18.

My Opinion  3 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

So. Part two starts off exactly where part one left off with Mora, Lucan and Daria on the run after the Mordant came after them.

Although both are possessive they work together to keep her safe, but do not seem to like the idea that she does not want to choose between the princes.

Mora meets other Dolphinae that do not warm to at first. We are told of Moras natural peacemaking abilities and at one point slightly preached to about the pollution of the ocean.

Again this novella ends on more of a cliff hangar when Mora comes face to face with an enemy of the Dolphinae race, leaving us wanting more and to see how the two princes will rescue her from her current predicament.

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