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REVIEW - Into the Fire (Hot Nights #1) by Amanda Usen

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Release Date: 10 June 2013
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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

She’s cooking up a recipe for revenge…

Heir to the Calabrese restaurant empire, Jackson Calabrese can buy whatever he wants—except creativity. He can craft perfect paella, but if his new restaurant is going to take New York by storm, he’ll need help. And there’s only one chef with the culinary creativity to reinvent their menu: former rival—and lover—Lila Grant. The one woman with all the right ingredients to drive Jackson wild. And damned if he doesn’t want another taste.

During their time at the culinary academy, Lila brought the heat in the kitchen and between Jackson’s sheets. Seducing her back into his bed—and his kitchen—should be easy. But after the way things ended between them, Lila isn’t giving anything away for free. Jackson may have made her an offer she can’t refuse, but she wants revenge, and she’ll take it served delicious bite at a time.

My Opinion  4 STARS

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Both Lila and Jack have a heated chemistry between them when they are close.  They are either bickering which seems to be foreplay to them or burning up the sheets.

Neither seem to be very good at talking however and the little bits they do say seems to land them in trouble with the other.  Lila is a good Chef, but ruins her chance at winning the end competition at culinary school when she chokes and Jack uses the opportunity to get the restaurant that he has always wanted.

 Six months later, Jack swallows is pride and finds a way to get Lila to work for him as he chokes on his own insecurities.  However neither of them see what will happen and that what happened all those months ago was actually a turning point for both of them.

After misunderstandings, good sex and feelings that they didn't see coming both react badly.  Luckily friends put both of them on the right path again for their HEA.

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