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REVIEW - Fancy Free (Fancy Free #1) by Shelley Munro

The Book
Release Date: 1 March 2008
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Warning: Condoms were tested and a few harmed during the writing of this story. It's not every day a girl inherits a condom company, and to say accountant Alice Beasley is astonished and out of her depth is putting it mildly. For an almost virgin, she needs a quick education in all things condom because her inheritance is in danger. Someone is intent on sabotage and trying to destroy her new company. Alice is suddenly getting down and dirty with charismatic James, the factory manager, all in the name of business, testing new condom designs. The sex is hot. Mind-blowing. It's a dark thrill and an erotic journey. Yeah, it's a hard job, but a girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do. Alice wants James. She craves his talented touch and sultry kisses, she desires passion and physical pleasure on a permanent basis but first she must convince bad-boy James to give up his fancy-free ways.

My Opinion  3 STARS

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This book had some seriously funny moments that you can't help but laugh or snigger at, especially with the older members of the board of the condom factory that Alice inherits from her godmother.

Alice starts out almost prudish, with a very PC almost fiancĂ©, until the will is read and they discover what she has inherited.  Simon is NOT amused and wants her to immediately leave with him, but she wants to see what she has inherited and they break up.

She meets the oldies board that her godmother Alicia brought on board, she also meets the sexy as sin manager who has agreed to stay on board for the next six months just to help her out.

Of course the sexual attraction is off the charts and due to a leak on new products, they agree to test new products, which then leads the board to test out the products as well.

There is also a cult that has popped up near the town that are causing a pain as they do not believe in condoms and actively protest the use of them.  However apart from the leak, Alice is being targets by a clown and a dog, thats right, a clown and a dog and the keep scaring her.

In true fashion we can a who-done-it reveal along with a HEA, it just that the end happens so quickly it feels a little false.  Also it tends to sway more to the erotic side of things too much near the end.

The one thing that bugs me about the book the the way James seems to get angry that Alice and her money thinking ways are not right, but he still tests out the condoms?  That bit just didn't sit right with me.

Otherwise its another good Ellora's Cave erotic romance.

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