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REVIEW - Apollo's 11: A Filthy Rich Single Dad Romance by Anna Collins

The Book
Release Date: 16 May 2017
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The moment I saw Calista Cohen, I knew I was screwed. She looked so much like the girl on the painting. I had to find out more. 

I was so intrigued to meet the woman who had the nerve to say exactly what she thought of my manuscript that I had to see her in person. 
Her review was so insightful, as if she already knew me. It almost felt like a window to my soul. 
She should definitely be worth checking. 
Suddenly I find myself in her house and I am mesmerized by her sight. She looks divine and sexy as hell. And at that moment, I already know. 
I have to have her. 
Calista Cohen is going to be mine and there is no way around it. 
I am Apollo Irons and I always get what I want. 
But I have to be careful. No one must find out my most precious secret. 

No one must find out about my son. I can't risk losing him over anything. 

*Apollo's 11 is a steamy, yet sweet STANDALONE contemporary romance with a scorching hot alpha billionaire single dad. I don't enjoy cliffhangers or cheating, so I don't include them in my books. I can also guarantee you a super sweet happily-ever-after ♥ Please note this contains a bonus book, both books are full-length novels.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Apollo Irons is writing his autobiography and has sent it out to a select few to get feedback.  It is only Calli that returns negative criticism which has Apollo wanting to meet her and hiring her to ghost-edit his book.

Calli is already in a relationship but Apollo decides that he wants to pursue her,regardless that she has been in a stale relationship for four years.

The chemistry between the two is instantaneous and is purely PG until the inevitable breakup of Calli's relationship with her boyfriend.

The Irons family seem fairly close, well Apollo and Perseus, with their sister Helen only a good thing when she is around.

We get backstabbing wanna be lovers who are friends, business adversaries and a whole lot of angst as to the relationship as to what their "relationship" is.

The writing is good and had me turning page after page, although there are some issues that we sorted a bit too quickly for my liking.

I will certainly be picking up other books by this author.

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