Tuesday, 23 May 2017

REVIEW - The Chocolate Comeback (Love at the Chocolate Shop #7) by Roxanne Snopek

The Book
Release Date: 6 April 2017
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Fame, fortune and fashion: that’s aspiring model Deirdre Cash’s ideal life. But when her splashy New York career dries up, she swallows her pride and returns to Marietta, Montana, desperate for any work she can find.

Isaac Litton doesn’t want the intrusion of a home care aide for his brother, Mark. But when the young man takes a shine to DeeDee, Isaac decides to give her a chance. He can’t help but be impressed when DeeDee changes his brother’s life around, by rewarding his healthy habits and exercising with treats from the Copper Mountain Chocolate Shop. Gorgeous and opinionated, DeeDee stirs everything up in the Litton household, including an attraction that Isaac can’t deny.

As DeeDee and Isaac start to fall for each other, an unexpected opportunity arises that could launch DeeDee back into the modeling scene. It’s her chance to achieve everything she’s ever wanted. But taking it would mean letting down her friends at the chocolate shop, her family who believes in her, a boy who adores her, and a man who thinks she’s already perfect, just the way she is.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I can't say that i have read the whole series, but i have read the other book in this series by Roxanne Snopek and i loved that book too.

Deirdre (DeeDee) is the twin sister of Maddie who is in her previous book and she has returned home as her modeling career has not taken off the way in which she had hoped.  Re-evaluating her life she meets Issac and his brother Mark.

A push leads her into looking after Mark who has Downs Syndrome and making all of their lives better.

Issac is more reserved, but DeeDee brings all of them out from the shadows and their preconceived ideas to new beginnings and new friends.

DeeDee finds more than friends on her return home.  She reconnects with family, finds a man and his brother she turns out to love, but more importantly, she finds herself.

Loved this book.

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