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REVIEW - Relinquish (Balm in Gilead Book 1) by Noelle Adams

The Book
Release Date: 10 May 2017
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She was supposed to be taking a break from work to rethink her future. She wasn't supposed to be falling in love with her boss.

He was supposed to be resting at a beachside retreat and unwinding from the stress of his job. He wasn't supposed to be wanting her in ways that had nothing to do with the job

Betsy has worked with John Davenport for four years, and she's always been an efficient, practical member of his crisis response team. He might be brilliant, attractive, and good-hearted, but he's also driven, rather grumpy, and emotionally unavailable. Plus, he's never looked at her with any interest other than a friend and co-worker. No one has ever really been interested in her. She's never been the kind of woman that men fall for.

No matter how much she loves her job with an international relief organization, she knows she can't do it forever. But as soon as she begins thinking toward a different future, John starts to respond to her in a completely new way.

Maybe it's just a temporary feeling, prompted by some much needed downtime. Or maybe they've had more in their hearts than they've ever admitted.

Relinqiush is the first book in the Balm in Gilead series, a spin-off from the Willow Park series about couples who fall in love in a physical and spiritual rest center on the North Carolina coast called Balm in Gilead.

My Opinion  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a spin off of the Willow Park series which i loved and this no doubt will become another series that i love.

Both of these series loosely originate along the christian faith and the couples doubts and struggles as they find their way through their own troubles and into a happy and successful relationship with both God and a spouse.

John and Besty have been working together as colleagues abroad for years, but are taking a sabbatical, of which John's is forced.

Betsy is strong and has to tell John that he has been duped, but it does not take very long out of their normal lives that things start to change in the way they see each other and the way they start to treat each other.

This is another solid book and i was really happy that we got to see some of the characters from the Willow Park series in the book, long may it continue.

Can't wait for the other books to come out!

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