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REVIEW - Hushed by Joanne Macgregor

The Book
Release Date: 26 March 2017
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* Hushed - a modern romance inspired by the classic tale of The Little Mermaid *

Would you sacrifice your voice for love?

18-year-old Romy Morgan desperately longs to escape the boring future her parents have planned for her, and explore the world.

When she saves her celebrity crush, superstar Logan Rush, from drowning, Romy is offered a job as his personal assistant. She strikes a deal to reinvent herself in exchange for entering the exciting world of the movies, and love sparks between her and this prince of Hollywood. But Romy soon discovers that she has traded her voice and identity for an illusion of freedom.

When she discovers a dreadful secret with the power to destroy Logan, Romy must choose between love, revenge and finding her own, true element.

If you like contemporary young adult romance with all the feels - and a twist of humor - then you’ll love this refreshingly modern and realistic spin on the classic tale of The Little Mermaid from award-winning YA author, Joanne Macgregor.

Note: this is not a fantasy novel – the only tails, fins and flippers in the story are those on sharks and whales!

Hushed makes great reading for fans of Stephanie Perkins, Jenny Han, Sarah Dessen and Gayle Forman.

My Review  4 STARS
Now i have read this book i can see why people have the idea that this is a very modern take on the Little Mermaid fairy tale.  This is not a paranormal book in any way and Romy and the supporting cast are very much human.

Romy is a sweet girl who is presumed by each of her parent to join them in a work placement in order that she can join them with them at their jobs.  Roy however does not know what she wants to do, but things move in ways that she never could have predicted.

Logan is a celebrity who does not like the way his career is going and nearly, accidentally kills himself, but Romy is there at the right time to save him and is actually very sensible for her age.

Both characters are warm, engaging and bring you into their stories, however this book does have an environmental message, but is not in your face about it like a few others i have read.

Its been a while since i read something other than an adult book and i must say that i really enjoyed this one.

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