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REVIEW - Country Nights by Winter Renshaw

The Book
Release Date: 27 June 2017
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Sixty country days and sixty country nights—that’s all I wanted.

I needed to get away from the city, away from the hot mess that had become my life.

When I stumbled upon my childhood home on, I took it as a sign, cleaned out my life savings, and hightailed it to the only place that ever meant something to me, a place I hadn’t seen since a lifetime ago.

Only when I arrived to the familiar South Dakotan farmhouse, I was met by a brooding, we-don’t-take-kindly-to-strangers cowboy by the name of River McCray, who insisted this was his house and most definitely not a rental property.

I’d been internet scammed.

And that cocky, smart-mouthed stranger had the nerve to make me a humiliating offer: I could stay in his house for the next two months rent-free, but I had to work for him.

He’d be my boss. And my roommate.

With no money and nowhere else to go, I agreed. But nothing could have prepared me for the tension, the attraction, and the bombshell revelation that changed … everything.

My Review  4 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I really enjoyed this book and the will she won't she between two possible contenders for her heart.  The surprise between the two male characters had me nodding, as i didn't see that one coming, but i though with the missing keys that something was not right with Seth.

River was a good brooding cowboy with a sweet heart, and i was happy to see that he had good people looking after him, even though he could be a bit closed off.

Leighton did seem a little naive to begin with and i am still wondering if it was Seth that put the advert up to get money and play a trick on his brother.  

The relationship between the two certainly starts a little prickly, but is soon warms up to epic proportions as Leightons goodness permeates through River and he is powerless but to let her in.

I was happy they got their HEA and that River got a second chance at a happiness that he deserved.

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