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REVIEW - Under His Command Series Book 1: Controlling Her Pleasure by Lili Valente

The Book
Release Date: 16 February 2015
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Controlling Her Pleasure
Under His Command Book 1 

* * Warning: This book features a big, tattooed, Dominant alpha male—give him your trust and he’ll command your pleasure. All. Night. Long.* *

Blake Roberts has everything he’s ever wanted—fame, money, and ownership of the hottest chain of tattoo parlors in the country. But he’s haunted by his first love, the matching tattoo they share a constant reminder of who he was before he learned how to control his emotions, his desire, and a woman’s pleasure. 

He needs to purge her from his heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be free.

Erin Perry’s been burned by love and she’s not ready to put her body under a man’s control, let alone her heart. But then Blake shows up, the only man she ever truly loved. Blake is ruthlessly handsome, and seething commanding energy that has her aching to submit.

To be pleasured, tamed, owned, and put under His control.

Cliffhanger Alert: This steamy read ends in a cliffhanger. If you don't like being teased, steer clear. The entire UNDER HIS COMMAND series, Erin and Blake's complete love story, will publish in February and March of 2015.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is the first book in a novella series and if you seriously don't like cliff hangers then I suggest that you do not read this series.  I was screaming when the book finish and feeling desperate to get my hands on the next one.

Straight off you feel the chemistry between the two when they meet, both still feeling the attraction that was between them when they are younger.  However Blake is pleasantly surprised at Erin's reaction to his Dom voice.  Although Blake has an ulterior motive for finding Erin, his initial plans change a little when the chemistry takes over.  However he is still very much up to doing whatever it takes to get what it is he wants.

We also get to see snippets of their past both together as teenagers and what has happened to them in the last few year.

We get one very hot scene before the cliff hanger, which will leave you really needing the next book NOW.

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