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REVIEW - The Cottage Next Door by Natasha Moore

The Book
Release Date: 16 September 2014
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It's tough to grasp a second chance at love when you re holding on to the past.

After his wife died in a car accident, bestselling author Hunter McCaffrey stopped writing—and stopped living. He's rented a beachfront cottage to try to get his head on straight, and start the long climb up from his pit of despair.

Instead of pounding out a first draft, though, he runs the beach, drinks away his pain, and tries to ignore the vibrant woman in the cottage tucked next to his.

Still floundering months after the loss of her adventure-junkie husband, Sylvie Chase hopes some beach relaxation will help her decide what to do with the rest of her life. Instead she's wondering what to do about her unexpected attraction to Hunter, who makes her body long for the feel of his arms around her.

As Sylvie drags Hunter back to the land of the living, soon they're agreeing to a short fling. Just to get past their sorrow, not because it means anything. But when emotions get in the way, it's a struggle to leave the past behind and dare to love again.

Warning: This story has plenty of sun and sand, with an energetic golden retriever thrown into the mix. Prepare to laugh and cry and cheer for two people who deserve a second chance at love.

My Opinion  5 STARS
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This book is perfect for a lazy day in the sun on the beach especially as its so short.

Two people who have lost their marriage partners find themselves right next to each other in cottages on the same stretch of the Florida coast.

Hunter is still in a slump two years after the death of his wife and has not written another novel since.  Whilst  Sylvie is getting over the death of her husband six months ago after an accident just days after Hunters wife died.

Both find unexpected attraction and the easy of talking to each other ends up getting them closer and closer together.

I love the interaction between the two characters and the dog especially as they start falling for each other.

I do wish however that the epilogue had been a little longer.

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