Monday, 22 July 2013

EXCERPT - The Deepest Craving by Gena Showalter

Release Date: 30 July 2013

His skin prickled, and maybe he moved. Maybe he spoke. Her gaze lifted to meet his. Her lips parted on a startled exhalation. Could she see the rawness of his need? 
“Kane.” A breathy entreaty. 
           In that moment, the cry of the demon ceased to matter. The past faded, leaving only the present…the future, and the unstoppable tide of the pleasure to come. Every bone vibrated. He needed to get inside her. Here. Now. 
           It would be agony. 
           It would be ecstasy. 
           Tension coiled low in his gut, only to spring apart and jolt him into a stand. “Leave us,” he said, his voice a broken rasp. 
           No questions. No protests. The two seamstresses flittered from the room, shutting the door behind them. 
           The teapot shattered on the tray, dark liquid spilling everywhere, glass flying. Disaster’s newest attempt to deter him.
           Tinker Bell didn’t seem to notice, was too busy watching him. “I-is something wrong?”
           Silent, he stalked toward her. A predator with a purpose. He was done resisting. Done thinking about all the reasons why not. Today, he was taking something. 
           Perhaps sensing the dark, greedy urges driving him, she straightened with a snap. Her breathing quickened. “Kane,” she said. 
           “Tell me to stop.” He stood a mere heartbeat away, their gazes locked together, trapped. Nothing else would halt the madness. 
           “I…I can’t.”

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For those who missed the text exchange between Strider and William, I'm posting here.  This isn't in The Darkest Craving, but happened behind the scenes somewhere in the first 100 pages!  
Strider: DUDE
William: I know. Disaster has finally flipped his lid
Strider: Try 2 talk him in2 stayin w/us
William: Did. Epic fail
Strider: When you say “did” do U mean “didn’t”
William: U know me so well
Strider: F-U.
William: Why don’t U try 2 talk 2 him?? by U I mean U
Strider: I like my balls where they R, thanks tho
William: If he leaves fortress 2 find this chick, he’s gonna get shanked—NOT in good way
Strider: There’s a good way?
William: Hells yeah. There was this one time, at band camp…
Strider: Blow me.
William: Told U be4 UR not hot ‘nuff 4 me.
Strider: Please. U want a piece of me SO bad
William: I’ve seen better
Strider: LIES! No one’s seen better. So what R we gonna do about Kane?
William: I’m sick & tired of looking this good AND saving the day. But fine. Whateves. I’ll go w/him & make sure chick’s not cray-cray. But U’ll owe me SO BIG
Strider: UR all heart—such a giver. I’d go but the old ball & chain has
William: UR wonderful glorious consort just stole UR phone, didn’t she?
Strider: Hello, Willy
William: Hello, Kaia. Tell the Stride-Man not 2 worry—I’m on the case
Strider: Poor Kane. Poor world
William: Well, look @ that. U know me as well as the Stride-Man. Save a kiss 4 me. I like a lot of tongue.
Strider: What U’ll get is a lot of fang—across UR carotid
William: Don’t you dare save a kiss 4 me. How does Strider live w/U?
Strider: Easy. He’d die w/out me
William: That kinda sick obsession is NEVER happening 2 me! Willy signing off. 

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