Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mistletoe in Maine (Holiday Brides 3) - Ginny Baird

The Book
Release Date:  20 November 2012

Single mom Carol Baker has the goal of providing an old-fashioned, white Christmas for her two kids. She's been divorced and the kids' dad, sadly, hasn't been the most attentive father. So, Carol takes her crew to New England, hoping for a happy holiday and a chance to make her small nuclear family feel whole. Little does she know that a series of mishaps and adventures will land her in the handsome innkeeper's arms, and cause her to rethink the meaning of faith.

With his only child headed to college, innkeeper Paul Love plans to sell his establishment and take an early retirement in Montreal, where he can live out the solitary life of a bachelor. Though his son and mom have other plans, including a surprise visit from Paul's old high school sweetheart, Beth. But it's hard to focus on Beth, when an offbeat brunette from Virginia captures his imagination. After so much time alone, can Paul open himself up to a little Christmas magic? What's more, can he convince Carol to believe, as well?

My Opinion  2 STARS
Another quick holiday novella, but this one was even worse than the last one and just didn't feel believable.

It all felt far to rushed even if the description was great.

Not a series i will continue with.

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