Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Tycoon and the Texan - Phyliss Miranda

The Book
Release Date: 5 September 2013

Seven Days to Texas

With a name like Nick Dartmouth, and the fortune it comes with, it's hard not to have a reputation for getting everything you want. So when his former secretary steps onto his foundation's charity auction block, Nick has the perfect opportunity to woo the stunning beauty from Texas. But aggressive counterbids force him to make an extreme proposition. Except money itself doesn't guarantee a blissful ride off into the sunset, especially when being won goes against the willful nature of McCall Johnson. Intent on showing Nick they come from two very different--and incompatible--worlds, she's surprised by how well he can handle a horse. For a girl from Texas, that speaks volumes about a man's value. Maybe there's more to this playboy than she expected. . .

My Opinion  3 STARS
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Nick Dartmouth is a rich man who works hard at his construction company and his mothers foundation, but he has a bit of an attitude and is always fighting with his mother.  He  doesn't do commitment and the only time he proposed to someone his mother ran her off.

McCall Johnson is a shy girl who is working to pay for her mothers tombstone and has paid for all the medical bills.  Both her father and mother are dead leaving her with just her grandma.

McCall is forced into helping the charity foundation by being one of the girls that they auctioneer off.  When Nick bids an obscene amount for her she is angry at him for embarrassing her as she does not feel that she deserves such a price.

Nick has paid three thousand pounds for a week of her time and makes sure that he gets his week with her trying to prove that they are not all that different from each other.

Forced into close proximity with each other sparks fly and they find that they do like each other and get on very well indeed.  He shows her what he likes and she shows him what she likes, and together they find things that work.

You can tell right from the beginning that his mother and Josie another employee have plotted to put these two together and the sparks do indeed say that they plan was a good idea.

My favourite part?  When she accidentally hooks Nick in the butt with a fishing hook!! :)

A light-hearted romance, perfect for a sunny day reading on the beach and a fairly quick read.

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