Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Holiday Bride (Holiday Brides 2) - Ginny Baird

The Book
Release Date: 1 November 2012

A sweet traditional romance and classic amnesia story, with a holiday twist! 

Book #2 in Ginny's Holiday Brides novella series.

Waitress Lucy West is down on her luck at the diner. A fan of late-night television reruns, she’s always dreamed of a nineteen-fifties style happily ever after. But, in reality, she’s opted to settle. Barely scraping by on her meager salary and tired of going it alone, she figures marrying affable, yet distractible, Mitch as making the right move. Little does she know that Christmastime—and Santa—have other plans in store...

Bachelor dad William Kinkaid has his hands full with a young teenage son and a five-year-old daughter. Since losing his wife to cancer three years before, William’s worked hard to keep things as upbeat and normal for the family as possible. After his child makes a special Christmas wish, William’s stunned to awaken Christmas morning to find a beautiful blonde on the sofa. The woman can’t remember a thing, and his kid thinks Santa brought her. Can William solve the mystery about who she really is, without giving away his heart?

My Opinion  2.5 STARS

This book started out ok, but fell very flat, especially the ending.

Although it would make an ok christmas read i have read a lot better and would choose something else. 

Certainly not a book to remember.

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