Monday, 12 August 2013

Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls 5) - C.C. Hunter

The Book
Release Date: 23 April 2013

Kylie Galen's life hasn't been the same since her world was turned upside-down in Born at Midnight, Shadow Falls #1, and now an epic conclusion to her journey—not to mention a tough choice between two guys!—is brewing in Chosen at Nightfall:

When Kylie Galen left Shadow Falls, she thought it was the hardest decision of her life. Heartbroken and separated from everyone she loves, she has to embrace her abilities and what it means to be a chameleon. But as Kylie's journey comes to a close, she must return to the camp that started it all...and she must finally chose between the two boys who love her. The werewolf who broke her heart when he chose his pack over her, and the half-fae who ran from their intense attraction before they ever really had a chance. For Kylie, everything will finally be revealed and nothing will ever be the same.

My Opinion  3 STARS
I loved the cover of this book, as I have loved all the other covers. However the love triangle angle in this book did wear a little thin.

So did Kylie's up and down emotions over Lucas. It was all a bit heh.

Kylie got little more information in regards to her species but we didn't actually learn that much about the Chameleons. 

I did love Burnett and Holiday though. I thought that they made a lovely couple but thought that Holiday needed to treat them less like little sisters.

Kylie's mother, I didn't like at all as she acted more like a spoiled brat than the mother she was supposed to be.

I had hoped there would be more about the Death Angels, but again there was very little information given about them. 

I do hope however that there are other books involving some other the other camp members getting their happy endings like Miranda and Perry, Derek and Jenny. A little more closure would be nice.

Although it was a decent book to close the series, I had hoped for more.

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