Sunday, 18 August 2013

Love on the Back Burner - Barbara Oliverio

The Book
Release Date: 4 April 2013

Youngest in an Italian-American family that includes one brother who is a rock 
singer-turned-priest and another who successfully manages the family business, 
Alexandria D’Agostino wanted to stand out, so she moved from her small hometown and is enjoying a successful marketing career in Denver. 

On the advice of her best friend Keira, as well as office pals Natalie and Elliott, she uses the cooking skills learned from her immigrant grandmother and studies the cuisine of each prospective boyfriend’s background to improve her chances at love. 

Alexandria encounters comical mishaps along the way including one unexpected dinner for three and a meat-focused dinner for a vegetarian. After a corporate restructure somehow driven by new office heartthrob Cameron Grayson, she flies back home for counsel. 

Will she come back to Denver? Or should she re-evaluate the boy next door from high school? Should she finally admit that being a chef is her true dream? And how does Cameron fit on the menu? BONUS: INCLUDES RECIPES FEATURED IN THE BOOK!

My Opinion  3 STARS
My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy for an honest review.

This was a good first book from the author, and to top it off we got some authentic recipes provided in the back. Not an american or an italian i will certainly be trying out some of the recipes.

In this book we get to see our main character Ali, who also had many other full and nicknames go through a host of bad dates in which she had cooked for them knowing that she could cook well and was just doing her italian thing. 

She would then take the leftovers to work and tell of her disastrous dates to her two colleagues Elliot and Natalie who as also close friends with hers.

Her BFF friend however is away on business for the main part and they Skype and talk most days on the phone with her friend being her main voice of reason calling the drama queen down.

Cameron joins the company on a temp basis to cover in the IT department and immediately Ali seems to have a bee in her bonnet about him. She is constantly rude to him or trying to ignore him. Her friends do not understand why, when she can be so nice tooters that she is acting this way with him.

After a shock happens within her job, she goes back home early to help prepare for her nieces baptism and talks with her family, primarily her father. It is there that she finally realises that she actually wants to be a chef.

Without giving away the ending, lets just say there is a slight twist and its really sweet. I certainly was not expecting quite such an ending, but I did get part of it right

An excellent first novel.

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