Monday, 5 August 2013

Demon's Veil (Veil Prophecy 1) - Brandice Snowden

The Book
Release Date: 15 July 2013

Powerful veils hold Earth apart from realms mortals believe are merely tales of myth and legend. They are opening again, leaving humans vulnerable, and the monsters ready to strike.

Marie Leveau prefers to remain alone and anonymous, for she knows what goes bump in the night, and sacrificing others isn’t part of her personality. But life isn’t always about getting what you want.

Contracted by The Organization, a shadow government agency, Marie is assigned a new Special Ops team, one she must introduce via Paranormal 101 to the very monsters they didn’t believe existed. Marie and her team are sent to Asia in search of an ancient relic, leading them into the jungle and tests of a fragile new bond. Despite the initial distrust, and an unholy battle with a demon-god, the team survives, their lives forever changed and woven into an unbreakable tapestry.

Returning home, the new friends sense the very people responsible for their safety are willing to sacrifice them all in the name of power.
They learn of a prophecy, and The Paladin, the one person able to close the veils and keep the mortals safe.

With few clues, the team must unravel the prophecy and figure out how to close the veils. Or the monsters will use Earth as ground zero, innocents be damned.

My Opinion  1 STARS
**Provided by Netgalley and Curiosity Quills Press for an honest review**

To be honest this book was a struggle to read for me. I mean it has the supernatural and adventure in it, but it did absolutely nothing for me.

I found that the book did not flow well and there was no break to show that we were jumping to another persons POV other than a paragraph break. It was hard to follow.

Also the tenses get getting mixed up and it was constantly changing from a third persons POV for the first persons POV. 

In the end I was just skimming the book as I just couldn't get a handle on it. I was definitely disappointed with this book as it held such promise.

The only good thing about it was the concept, it was just written badly for me and I couldn't overcome that.

Not a series that I will be continuing with. :(

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